From Puget Sound Business Journal: Check out the list of most expensive neighborhoods in the Puget Sound region

Every year, the Puget Sound Business Journal ranks the 30 most expensive neighborhoods in our region. The communities are diverse-ranging from high density urban settings in Seattle to large estates on acreage on the Eastside. Whether you are thinking of moving to one of these areas or just taking a fun excursion through the list, we hope you enjoy the link courtesy of Puget Sound Business Journal.

Included in each slide is the median home price for the neighborhood, its population density and median resident income.  Here on, we have community profiles built for many of these same neighborhoods, each filled with relevant information that only locals would know – like what are the best restaurants or which local parks include an off-leash dog park.

Here’s a link to the Mercer Island profile (spot #4 in the PSBJ slide show) and Medina (at spot #1) so you can read more about these communities, what makes them special and such desirable places to live!

Read the full article here.