Eastside Farmer’s Markets Are Starting! But, Where Are They?

Eastside Farmer’s Markets Are Starting! But, Where Are They?

Farmers Markets are a great way for local farmers to get into our communities, meeting their patrons face-to-face. Farmers Markets are also a great way for everyone to get involved in the community and help their communities grow and flourish in a sustainable and healthy manner.

Why choose farmers markets? Farmers Markets are great for our local communities, including job creation, local economy stimulation, increased nutrition awareness and access to fresh ingredients and supporting healthy families on both sides of the table. Want to know more?

Starting from the south, Renton holds their Farmers Market on Tuesdays, June through September/October from 3pm-7pm. This year, in 2018, the Farmers’ Market opens June 5th, 2018. Join them at the Piazza Park in downtown Renton.

Though their 2018 Season hadn’t been released yet, their 2017 should give you an idea of their awesome lineups to come! Check back frequently, as we’re still a couple months away from the start date!

In May, the Issaquah Farmers Market opens on Saturdays – rain or shine! Open from 9am-2pm between May 5th to September 29th, the Issaquah market is a great place for children and family activities, cooking demonstrations, handmade arts and crafts, live music and entertainment, and of course, farm-fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables!

The Mercer Island Farmers Markets runs on Sundays between the months of June and October, from 10am to 3pm, making them a break activity for morning breakfast and lunch or a family-friendly morning out of the house!

The weekly schedule is on their website, so feel free to check it out to get a feel how each week will vibe – and don’t forget about their special events, where they hold food and drink tastings, giveaways and live music!

Celebrating 15 years of fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables, the Bellevue Farmers Market operates on Thursdays, every week from May through October. Enjoy fresh-cut flowers, meats and one-of-a-kind artisan foods.

Whether you want to stop by for the entire event or a just a on-the-go snack, this small group of local farmers create a vibrant marketplace for farm-fresh products, closing the gap between harvest and consumer. They’re open on Thursdays, between 3pm and 7pm starting May 17th through October 11th!

The last market on our list for Eastside Farmers Markets is the Redmond Farmers Market, which is held near the Redmond Town Center, making parking a breeze! Open May through October from 9am to 3pm, their Saturday market welcomes their 43rd season this year with a special event – the Redmond High School Pep Band will kick off the season with a “rousing performance!”

Sometimes Seattle markets are harder to get to and offer little in terms of parking opportunities and while they’re just as thrilling, sometimes we don’t want the small hassle. These Eastside markets are great opportunities for the same amazing and local quality, but without the hustle and bustle of the city.

Didn’t find the one you were searching for? Check out this mega-list of Puget Sound markets!


$1,398,000 • 3821 82nd Avenue Southeast, Mercer Island • MLS# 1277791
4 Bedrooms • 2.5 Bathrooms • 3,700 sq. ft. • 11,645 Lot Size

For more information, please contact Anni Zilz or Julie Wilson
AnniZilz@Windermere.com • 206.390.5723 • AnniZilz.com
Julie.Wilson@Windermere.com • 206.225.1500 • JulieWilsonRealEstate.com

$1,350,000 • 9245 SE 59th Street, Mercer Island • MLS# 1272528
5 Bedrooms • 3.75 Bathrooms • 3,600 sq. ft. • 15,263 Lot Size

For more information, please contact Doug McKiernan.
Doug@Windermere.com • 206.369.3949 • WindermereDoug.com

$1,295,000 • 18724 High Rock Road, Monroe • MLS# 1281037
4 Bedrooms • 4.5 Bathrooms • 3,688 sq. ft. • 235,224 Lot Size

For more information, please contact Charlie Sirianni or Erin Sirianni.
SirianniGroup@Windermere.com • 206.992.6151 • SirianniGroup.com
ErinS@Windermere.com • 206.992.5272 • SirianniGroup.com

$850,000 • 15001 NE 66th Street, Redmond • MLS# 1280288
4 Bedrooms • 1.75 Bathrooms • 1,820 sq. ft. • 11,932 Lot Size

For more information, please contact Donna Cowles.
DonnaCowles@Windermere.com • 206.947.1737 • DonnaCowles.com


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4 Up & Coming Ways to Commute Around the Greater Seattle Region

4 Up & Coming Ways to Commute Around the Greater Seattle Region

Seattle’s commute has proved horrendous for a while, but what are we doing about it? And how can we make it better?

According to an October 2017, GeekWire article, Seattle has the sixth longest average commute time, at 54.22 minutes – and, believe it or not, that number has actually reduced from an earlier February figure from King5. Though we’re still behind cities like Washington, CD, San Francisco, CA and New York, NY, the figure in minutes is only about a 6-minute difference. According to that same article, however, Seattle falls to number 17 in commute-related stress.

While vehicle transit makes up a large majority of Seattle’s average commuter, there are tons of other options coming down the pipeline.

One of the largest options in the newspapers are the Light Rail Expansions, and although it’s not settled to be “complete” (as per current projects) until 2039 for its furthest reaching, Tacoma expansion, and projects headway can be seen across the I-90 bridge and 2041 for the Kirkland-Issaquah service.

It seems a far in the future, but the 62 new miles, coming in at 116 miles total, of light rail is projected as one of the “most ambitious transit expansions this country has ever seen,” noted Snohomish County Executive, Dave Somers.

King County Metro has spoke about expanding bus service and boosting their late-night schedules. With 240 more trips each weekday, 100 more Saturday trips, 153 additional Sunday trips and the hiring of more than 2,800 transit operators, the metro system is confident to bolster service throughout the region.

Water Taxis are making a comeback as new options come to light. A fast-ferry has also been proposed for foot-traffic between Tacoma and Seattle. According to Curbed-Seattle, Tacoma’s City Councilor, Ryan Mello, there’s “a lot of regional interest” in the idea, but regulation bars them on a state level, leaving it up to the local governments to run with the idea. If this were to take effect, it could reduce the averaged 30-minute commute by 10-minutes.

Another fast-ferry could be on it’s way, connecting Seattle to Renton, Washington, via Lake Washington. Though this is the idea of a private developer, they hope to be up and running in 2020 – only a couple short years away!

Since so many other land-routes are clogged and bogged-down throughout the day, and especially during peak hours, water seems like the right way to go about reducing congestion.

Seattle’s Bicycle Master Plan was also implemented earlier this year (2017). The 2017-2021 plan, is a vision that bicycle riding throughout the region proves comfortable for people’s day-to-day life, for all ages and all abilities. Stay up to date on the Bike Master Plan page.

Ferries, buses, biking… they’re all the usual, but a huge way you can cut your commute in the meantime is to rideshare. Whether through private organizations or with your best buds, this is a great way for you to take advantage of perks, like cutting fuel cost and consumption, cheaper parking, use HOV/HOT lanes and avoid extraneous wear and tear on your vehicle.

Bottom line, many major metropolises are bearing a heavy burden, when it comes to its workers’ commute. Some drive times expanding 17-miles could take up to 90-minutes – or longer – in some cases. Something many agree on, is that solutions lie in data and technology, and “not necessarily in adding a big highway or building a big parking garage.”

What do you think about these potential or up and coming options? How drastically do you think they’ll reduce and relieve the average commute? Know of any more options? Let us know in the comments!

The Ultimate Trail Guide to the Greater Seattle Region

The Ultimate Trail Guide to the Greater Seattle Region

Even through the development and construction, Seattle and the Greater Seattle Area remain an idealistic place for outdoorspeople and our growing population of cyclists. Grabbing your bicycle and hitting a trail can be both exhilarating and allow you to explore a different side of the city.

The local enthusiasm for cycling isn’t misguided, as it serves multiple purposes and provides hours of entertainment and exercise. This ultimate bike guide will help you find the right one in your area – right outside your front door!


  • The Alki Trail. This 5.5-mile trail runs the peninsula of West Seattle along the water. Though patrons suggest you “watch for roots”, this trail is excellent for bicyclists in the city!
  • Though the Burke-Gilman Trail runs from Seattle to Bothell, this trail is a local mainstay. It’s 18.8 miles is not for the faint of heart, but it proves an exhilarating ride!
  • Comprised of asphalt, the Chief Sealth Trail is a 4-mile trail is great for urban-dwellers. If you live in South Seattle, you could probably walk to a trailhead from your home!
  • The I-90 Trail is one that is most frequented by commuters from or to the Bellevue or Seattle. At 8.8-miles, it gets in that morning exercise without setting back your days’ progress. It’s paved and well-maintained and offers wonderful views of Lake Washington.


  • The Cedar River Trail extends from Renton’s Cedar River Park into Hobart. At 15.7-miles, the trail is largely paved, but the last stretch passed the Maple Valley Trailhead comprises packed gravel.
  • This Bellevue trail, otherwise known as the Coal Creek Trail, is great for beginners who want to stay close to home. At 3.7-miles, this Bellevue to Newcastle hike comprises a dirt, grass, and woodchips surface along wide paths and a steep façade.
  • The Cross-Kirkland Corridor is in a forward trajectory, meaning the city of Kirkland sees a bright future in the form of corridor expansion. This trail currently rests at 5.8 miles and stays within the Kirkland limits.
  • The Issaquah-Preston Trail proves an endearing 4.8-mile trek through the urban wilderness. Though on the short side of Pacific Northwest trails, its largely unused and you can often find yourself the only person out!
  • The North Creek Trail is in Snohomish and stands at 7.8-miles. A step through nature, you can often birdwatch and see the abundant wildlife sifting through the underbrush.
  • Redmond is known for many things, including the Redmond Central Connector. At 2.4-miles, it’s a great way to connect the Sammamish River and Bear Creek Trails and enjoy a little loop into downtown Redmond.

North End

  • This 7.25-miles, known as the North Creek Trail, proves a beautiful display of the PNW wetlands. Abundant with nature and wildlife, you’ll be sure to find the natural beauty and feel your pressures whisked away.
  • From Bothell to Redmond, the Sammamish River Trail connects the north end with the Eastside, via this 11-mile trail. It’s a proven love of local, depicted by its heavy weekend use and well-maintained passages.
  • One of the more bolstered trails on this list, the Snohomish County Centennial Trail rests at 30.5-miles. Some segments can be fairly busy, so make sure to keep an eye out for other patrons.

South End

  • This waterside trail offers beautiful Puget Sound views and the aroma of salty water and shoreside pine trees. The Des Moines Creek Trail connects various beachfront parks, where additional challenges and mountainous terrain can be sought.
  • Running from Tukwila to Kent, the Green River Trail runs the entre 19.6-mile span. Touted for it being a “great place for exercise” and “peaceful”, the trail is excellent for cyclists of all types.
  • The Foothills trails span from Puyallup to Enumclaw and comprise roughly 30-miles. It’s clean and great for any type of ride.
  • The Soos Creek Trail run 6-miles from north to south, in Kent, Washington. A well-paved and maintained trail, the Soos Creek offers tons of scenery and numerous trailheads – some very close to you Kent home!

Even Further Out…

  • Though not exactly in our backyard, this destination-bike trail is great for getting out of the city for a day. The Chehalis Western Trail is 21.2-miles and connects every major town in Thurston County, including our capitol, Olympia.
  • The Interurban Trail is one that spans a great distance, approximately 42-miles and from Everett all the way down to Fife, and is distinguished by a “North” and “South” designation. Largely comprised of asphalt paving, this trail is great for beginners, intermediate, and advanced cyclists.
  • The Cushman Trail is great for people looking for a challenge. Although it isn’t entirely challenging, it offers a bit of variety nestled between beautiful backdrops and the smell of northwestern pine.

The Pacific Northwest and the Greater Seattle area is abundant with cyclists, and our cities are further accommodation of a new favorite pastime. Endless more can be found on the local city websites and Washington State Trails Association website.

Think we missed an important trail? Leave the name in the comments below!


7 Downtown Issaquah Eateries to Check Out!

7 Downtown Issaquah Eateries to Check Out!

Downtown Issaquah is a happening place. Old architecture blends with the new, creating a rich and tree-line atmosphere. Classic Light posts line the streets, while small and local shops and eateries line the sidewalks. Looking to step into history? Or just a new restaurant to try? Issaquah’s downtown area has what you’re searching for.

From cafes to bistros and gastropubs to fine dining, downtown Issaquah offers a unique balance of it all.

Fins Bistro offers a seafood inspired lunch and dinner selection, including crab cakes, mussels, and black and blue ahi. Other options include pancakes, sandwiches, salads, and chicken marsala. This seafood plus steaks restaurant mixes small-town flair with worldly delights!

The Umi Café, pronounced YOU-ME, is another fusion of the young and the old. With an ambiance that appeals to the masses, they’ve created a haven for everyone to feel welcome. With a touch of culture and a dash of serenity, this restaurant whisks you away as a “poignant reminder of our childhood”. Their largely Asian-Fusion inspired menu, offers a blend of Japanese classics and American favorite – but with an extra touch. They’ve even got rice bowls and bubble tea!

A tad more casual, Flying Pie Pizza, offers that classic family-owned jibe. Located in the heart of downtown Issaquah since 1997, this local pizzeria is known for hand and homemade pizza dough (the best kind!), fresh cut vegetables, and that “everybody’s welcome” atmosphere. Gluten-free? Vegan? Or just prefer soy-cheese? They’ve got you covered!

Another local favorite includes Montalcino Ristorante Italiano. Renowned for their fine food and wine, each dish is prepared with passion and tradition, nourishing you with the freshest and most high-quality Italian ingredients. Locally owned, the family imparts the tradition of Italy with their Italian imported wines. Their menu comprises a tasty blend of unique fares with classics!

With a modern flare, Levitate Gastropub bursts onto our list. Their fresh focus serves in proper Seattle fashion, given their locally sourced and “scratch” made fares. Their menu is split between lunch/dinner and brunch, including classics like waffles, biscuits and gravy, and chicken wings, whiles their own flare is added in dishes like Levitate Benny, the Levitate Burger, and Volcano Pork Shank! Sounds fun, huh?

Rounding off lunch and dinner options is Bukhara Bar & Grill. Classic Indian cuisine comes alive with traditional Indian spices. Including dishes from all four regions of India, Bukhara offers a diverse and complete opportunity to taste the differences in region and terrain. Their lunch includes a buffet, allowing you a taste of everything, while another option is picking your known, savory favorite!

You’ll find a real dessert in Yum-e Yogurt. Their first store opened in Maple Valley, not only making it a local restaurant, just over the mountains from downtown Issaquah. This second location, in Issaquah, opened in 2013 – the following year after opening their flagship. This delightful shop boasts a quality espresso and smoothie bar, plus a delicious cold treat alongside 80+ toppings!

Whether you’re shopping, or searching for a nummy new place to eat, Issaquah’s downtown district has variety for all!

new this week from



4535 Providence Point Place Southeast #404, Issaquah • MLS# 1177808
$375,000 • 2 Bedrooms • 1.75 Bathrooms • 1,285 Square Feet

Providence Point at its finest! Light, bright & pristine top floor condo at The Lodge. Gaze at the forest from your deck, or head to the clubhouse for fitness, putting, swimming, classes, shuttle service, or a game of tennis. Entertain friends surrounded by luxe-upgraded finishes including granite counters, maple cabinets, gas cooktop, built-ins, ceramic tile, designer lighting and coffered ceilings.

For more information, please contact Emily Roberts.
EmilyR@Windermere.com • 206.225.5490 • EmilyRobertsRealty.com


2929 76th Avenue Southeast #305, Mercer Island • MLS# 1176525
$350,000 • 1 Bedroom • 1 Bathroom • 800 Square Feet

This immaculate, spacious 1-bedroom is ideally located just blocks to everything in Mercer Island’s growing downtown. New Seasons, farmer’s market, Pagliacci & Mio Posto are all right at your fingertips. Easy commuting from Park & Ride w/ Express buses to downtown & the Eastside (Light Rail now under construction). Unit features 800 SF of living space that flows seamlessly to private deck w/ views of the Cascades & Downtown Bellevue. Strong HOA with low dues, no rental cap, off-street parking & storage.

For more information, please contact Chad Dierickx.
Chad@Windermere.com • 206.854.3931 • ChadDierickx.com


7228 West Mercer Way, Mercer Island • MLS# 1175502
$1,595,000 • 4 Bedrooms • 4 Bathrooms • 3,380 Square Feet • 16,191 Lot Size

Nestled on over ⅓ acre of sun-drenched privacy, this home offers beautiful upgrades and all the right spaces. Elegant, light-filled gathering areas flow intuitively to the updated kitchen—its slab granite surfaces and stainless appliances make cooking a delight. Kick back in the huge, fireside family room, or spend summer days in the dream backyard with deck, level lawn & play structure. A gracious master suite with travertine bath, 3 more upstairs bedrooms, plus a main-floor den/bonus room with fireplace provide space and privacy for everyone.

For more information, please contact Kelly Weisfield.
KellyW@Windermere.com • 206.355.3863 • KellyWeisfield.com

4 Fabulous Cougar Mountain Trailheads in Issaquah, Washington

4 Fabulous Cougar Mountain  Trailheads in Issaquah, Washington

I know it’s summer, and activities are not in short supply, but are you searching for something that is both inspiring and challenging? If so, then the Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park might be what you’re searching for.

Overwhelming public support has kept this park upkept and growing since its inception. From its early years, the region become home to Native Americans, miners, and loggers. A plethora of wild edibles can be found among the ferns and evergreens, but don’t get too cozy with the habitat.

In the 1920s, miners and loggers worked the hills, creating a fresh economy in the area. In the 1950s, two active Nike missile sites were located within the park’s current boundaries (but, before the land was bought by the park). These sites were decommissioned, and Kind Count took ownership in the 1960s.

With so much history and culture lives within the regional park and many continue to visit, adore, and partake in the beauty, vastness, and recreation the area offers.

This 3,115-acre forest is open from eight in the morning, until dusk.

Four main trailheads circle the park, and intersect at multiple parts. Well-maintained paths give you optimal walkability.

Red Town Trailhead: Arguable one of the most popular trailheads, the Red Town Trailhead can be accessed in many places. Meaning, you can make your hike short or long, depending on your time constraints and mood.

Sky Country Trailhead: Used for hiking and horses, this near-Renton trailhead is awesome for anyone searching for a family-friendly loop-hike. Natural Washington forests create a serene backdrop to your wonderful afternoon. The trail is about 5.6 miles, with 1,145 elevation gain, so dress according to weather and bring daily necessities.

Anti-Aircraft Trailhead: An easy 2.8 miles, with 570 elevation gain, makes this loop-trail great for all skill levels. This trail features a lake and is accessible year-round. Leashed puppers are invited to enjoy this trail.

Wilderness Creek Trailhead: This trail has a little bit of everything, and for everyone. At 2.8 miles, with 1,056 elevation gain, it feels like a mix of the other trails. This “out and back” trail, features an intimate nature trip. Wild flowers, forests, views, and birdwatching makes this a pleasant experience. It’s distance, dog and kid friendliness makes this moderate hike fully featured.

For more trail information, check out their website here! 

new this week

from Windermere Mercer Island


529 Southwest Ellerwood Street, Issaquah • MLS# 1143059
$795,000 • 5 Bedrooms • 4 Bathrooms • 3,910 Square Feet • 22,503 Lot Size

Pride of ownership is reflected in this traditional two-story on over half an acre in a friendly cul-de-sac. Take in dramatic territorial views from its spacious, flexible living spaces. A soaring foyer leads to the bright dining room and inviting fireside great room. The kitchen simmers with sunlit garden views and French doors leading to the entertaining deck, large garden and play space. Four bedrooms are all tucked upstairs together, while the huge walk-out basement includes a 5th bedroom and rec room. Peace and convenience merge with a mountaintop feel that is still just a quick 5 minute drive to downtown Issaquah. Parks, restaurants and transportation are all close by, along with highly rated Issaquah, schools. Welcome home!

For more information, please contact Nancy LaVallee.
Nancy@Windermere.com • 206.383.9227 • NancyLaVallee.com

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2170 Northwest Stoney Creek Drive, Issaquah • MLS# 1140687
$800,000 • 3 Bedrooms • 2.5 Bathrooms • 1,840 Square Feet • 1,850 Lot Size

Welcome to this like new Burnstead home just steps away from the trails at Cougar Mountain Park. Its great room layout is ideal whether you’re gathering with friends or relaxing by the fireside. Luxurious yet inviting great room with stone fireplace, beautiful built-in shelving, tall windows and hardwood floors. Gorgeous kitchen features slab granite surfaces, gas cooktop, stainless steel appliances and prep/seating island. A covered deck off the dining area includes privacy lattice and a natural gas hookup for your barbecue. Oversize master suite offers vaulted ceilings and 5-piece bath with tile finishes and dual-head shower. Two additional upstairs bedrooms plus a spacious main floor den for extra flex space.

Extras include a two-car garage with additional storage, high efficiency natural gas heat and a HEPA filtration system You’ll love the rich hardwood and stone finishes, lofty 10-foot ceilings and great location just minutes to downtown Issaquah & I-90.

For more information, please contact Jay Agoado.
Jay@JayAgoado.net • 425.260.0715 • JayAgoado.net

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6 Spirit Ridge Summer Activities in Bellevue, Washington

6 Spirit Ridge Summer Activities in Bellevue, Washington

Summer is here… for the most part. Aside from our recent bout of cloudy weather, the last few weeks and forthcoming weeks are sunny, sunny, and sunny!

Whether you’re searching for a family-orientated park, running/walking/biking opportunities, or are a major sports fan, the Spiritridge neighborhood, and surrounding areas has you (and your family) covered!

Spiritridge Park: Located a short walk from the home noted below, Spiritridge park is a dawn to dusk park in Bellevue, Washington. Roughly 4.5 acres, this park features a tennis court, basketball court, children’s play area, picnic spaces, flower garden, and trails among the woods and green space.

Timberlake Park: The Timberlake Park Trail runs through Timberlake Park. A deeply forested space, this lakeside park is approximately .5 miles of flat trails.

Weona Park Trails: The Weoma Park houses multiple trails within its forested green space, including the Lake to Lake Trail and Weowna Park Trail. Beautiful lake views make this park, as well as miles of private trails.

Phantom Lake & Phantom Lake Park: This lakeside park, is water accessible for fishing along the small dock. A paved loop is approximately 2.4 miles long, and connects the neighborhoods to this beautiful wonder.

Phantom Lake Bath-Tennis Club: This member-owned swimming pool and recreational club, is located lakeside Phantom Lake.

Robinswood Park: This park features a plethora of recreational opportunities. Including a lit two soccer and one softball field(s), well-maintained green spaces, dog park (2017, pending approval), and a tennis & recreational center. Plenty of green space offers children’s play equipment, picnic spaces, and a small viewing dock off Robinswood Pond. Trails throughout connect the various portions of the park. Ample parking offers these features to all!

The best part? These fabulous public spaces are all within 2.2 miles of the home noted below!

The Greater Seattle Region is known for its greenery and scenic opportunities. These neighborhood destinations are few of many parks and open spaces for residents and visitors to enjoy. Sometimes, all you need is a few hours relaxing in the run, or the noise of a little league game whistling through the breeze.

New From Windermere Mercer Island


3425 161st Place Southeast #52, Bellevue ♦ MLS# 1132327
$575,000 ♦ 3 Bedrooms ♦ 2.5 Bathrooms ♦ 1,822 Square Feet

The WOW Factor in spades! Soaring ceilings, clerestory windows, king size master, deck & patio, oodlesof- storage, granite & stainless kitchen, Loft office/library, and a 300+ square foot bonus/mancave/craft/media room getaway on the entry level. So if you have ever wanted to start your own design biz, have a model train setup that takes a lot of space, or own your own yoga studio while living in a gorgeous home upstairs this is it! Or maybe just coffee on the deck or lollygag on the sofa. It’s Saturday!

For more information, please contact Kathryn Buchanan.
KABU@Windermere.com ♦ 206.227.2227 ♦ KathrynBuchanan.com 

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Mountain Bike Adventures in Issaquah, Washington

Mountain Bike Adventures in Issaquah, Washington

Are you ready?

A dense evergreen forest, located on the Sammamish Plateau, is where Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park resides. Though the park is 120 acres, it is connected to more than 2,000 acres, including Grand Ridge Park, Mitchell Hill Forest, and Preston Ridge Park.

Access through Access Trail, off Southeast Issaquah-Fall City Road, it’s easy to travel to and from. On the edge of numerous Eastside neighborhoods, the Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park is also convenient.

With trails ranging from novice to expert, this park is ideal for anyone searching for building skill, strength, and having a grand time! Well maintained trails and challenges create an ideal environment to hone your abilities!

A 2.5 Central Clearing is known as the hub, where many of the main trails intersect. Dozens of varied-level- trails will keep you entertained for hours (years)!

There are tons of top-star reviews for this park, and naming Duthie Hill as a “great bike park to take the kids or family!” This “Northwest” outdoor activity is great for the whole family. With easy trail, alongside extreme trails, all skill levels and styles are accounted for!

New From Windermere Mercer Island


4151 248th Court Southeast #30, Issaquah ♦ MLS# 1130571
$369,900 ♦ 2 Bedrooms ♦ 2 Bathrooms ♦ 1,076 Square Feet

Nestled in the beautiful Skye Landing community, this homes offers a bright, open floorplan just a short stroll away from shopping, restaurants and services. Gather or relax by a dramatic gas fireplace in the soaring living room. Rich hardwood floors flow into the open dining area and light-filled kitchen with stainless steel appliances.

Step out for fresh air on the sunny front deck, or retreat to the vaulted master bedroom with full ensuite bath. A second vaulted bedroom and full hallway bath complete the main floor. Head downstairs to your private garage with overhead shelves for extra storage.

You will love loving in the community of Klahanie, perched at the top edge of the Issaquah plateau. Amenities include 25 miles of trails, two swimming pools, tennis & basketball courts, a lake, award-winning schools, and a shopping center to make picking up those last-minute things effortless. Enjoy painless access to I-90 for your weekday commute. On Saturdays, wake up and stroll to Starbucks.

For more information, please contact Andrew Jackson.
AndrewJ@Windermere.com ♦ 206.650.4939 ♦ AndrewJacksonRealtEstate.com

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Eastside Community Service + New Listing

Eastside Community Service + New Listing

CSD 2016_with logo.png

A hop, skip, and jump away from the Renton Highlands, is the town of Issaquah. Us at Windermere enjoying giving back to our communities, and Issaquah is home to an amazing organization, called the Eastside Baby Corner.

Founded in 1990, EBC’s Karen Ridlon housed a growing concern for the “large numbers of babies… that began life without adequate food, clothing, beds or safety equipment.” As a local pediatric nurse practitioner, she saw this first hand. Her commitment grew outside of the hospital she worked in, and so the Eastside Baby Corner began.

The Eastside Baby Corner holds many titles: diaper bank, clothing bank, food source, and stewards of good, to name a few. While they called the Eastside Baby Corner, they serve across King County, from the foothills of the Cascades, and from south of Renton into south Snohomish County.

Last year and this year, we at Windermere Mercer Island will be volunteering them organize, clean, and assist in anything they require. They provide the basics to over 500 children every week, and to do that, they need a ton of person-power.

Curious and want to learn more about this fantastic organization? Check out their website here!

New from
Windermere Mercer Island


4518 91st Avenue Southeast, Mercer Island ♦ MLS# 1124784
$1,300,000 ♦ 4 Bedrooms ♦ 2.5 Bathrooms ♦ 2,680 Square Feet ♦ 9,525 Lot Size

Come home at the end of a busy day, to the close-in convenience of Mercer Island. This quality custom home is tucked into an arboretum setting at the end of a level and quiet street. Soaring fir trimmed windows look out onto a sylvan view from the formal living and dining rooms for wonderful entertaining spaces, or evenings by the fire. Enjoy summer dinners on the back deck, surrounded by evergreens. Minutes from freeways, shopping restaurants and more. Welcome home!

For more information, please contact Jane Malone.
JaneMalone@Windermere.com ♦ 206.595.6100 ♦ JaneMaloneHomes.com

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4903 Northeast 24th Street, Renton ♦ MLS# 1121117
$528,000 ♦ 4 Bedrooms ♦ 3 Bathrooms ♦ 2,960 Square Feet ♦ 10,778 Lot Size

Tucked in a peaceful neighborhood, this home offers the ease of one-level living with a daylight basement for extra space. Gather or relax in the fireside living room. Hardwoods flow into the spacious, open kitchen with slab granite surfaces, stainless appliances and cabinets galore. Four bedrooms—including a luxurious lower level suite with 5-piece bath—plus a bonus room, den/office, and rec room provide ample flex-space to suit your lifestyle. Lovely, level play yard with deck and fruit trees, too!

For more information, please contact Katy Crouch.
Katy@Windermere.com ♦ 206.778.0367 ♦ KatyCrouch.com

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Featured Community: Issaquah

Featured Community: Issaquah
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Issaquah, named in 2011 as one of the “Best Towns” in the U.S. by Outside Magazine, is a terrific place to live and conduct business. It is a community of 30,000+ residents, and is conveniently located off the I-90 corridor, just 16 miles east of Seattle. Issaquah is a city dedicated to local traditions, hometown values, and award-winning neighborhoods. With one of Washington State’s top school districts, a series of thriving business districts and a growing arts, nightlife and recreation scene…Issaquah has it all!

Also known as the “Trailhead City,” Issaquah is in a prime location to explore the best of the great northwest because the city is centered within the “Issaquah Alps” (Cougar, Squak and Tiger Mountains). The lure of the clean mountain air and beautiful scenery attracts countless outdoor enthusiasts, hikers and even paragliders to Issaquah. Check out the city’s map portal for an overview of its parks and facilities.

The city is home to a Saturday farmers market, live theatre performances and a seasonal ArtWalk. In addition, the salmon hatchery and Cougar Mountain Zoological Park attract regional visitors. Every October, more than 150,000 people also travel to Issaquah for the annual Salmon Days festival.lake-sammamish-istock_000043626338_double

Issaquah Highlands is an award winning community where all new homes meet Built Green™ standards and are certified ENERGY STAR® or equivalent. The tree-lined streets and trails connect community parks with 1,400 acres of permanently preserved open space. Talus features four hundred contiguous acres of protected open space that form one of the final links in the Mountains to Sound Greenway.  Talus also contains a planned business center with 500,000 square feet of commercial office space, and 50,000 square feet of retail and common facilities. Timber Ridge at Talus, a state-of- the-art life care services community has spectacular views and first class service.

Because of its proximity to Bellevue and Seattle, Issaquah is a prime business location.  The city currently contains a mix of high tech firms, retail headquarters and small businesses. Microsoft Corporation and Siemens Medical Systems have offices located in Issaquah. Costco’s international headquarters is within the city, located at Pickering Place—a wonderful center that blends the charm of a historic dairy farm with professional space, retail, restaurants and entertainment. In addition, state-of-the-art medical treatment facilities are located in the city, including Swedish Medical Center Issaquah.