The Eastside’s 5 Hottest Neighborhoods of 2017

The Eastside’s 5 Hottest Neighborhoods of 2017

Many areas across the Eastside experienced boundless growth, and are expected to grow into 2018, albeit, at a lesser rate. Windermere’s Chief Economist, Matthew Gardner, gave us insight into what 2018 might have in store for homeowners and home prices. You can read the entire article at


The Eastside and Seattle offer their own set of unique offerings, but people are looking at much more than local amenities and locale for their newest home purchase. While location is key, come are prospecting outside of local major metropolises for their purchase. Why? Because outside of major cities, like Bellevue, Seattle or Redmond, you may find more bang for your buck. More home for your dollar – and that is crucial, especially when you’re searching for a family home.

Area #5 WEST BELLEVUE experiences a 16% increase, which is still staggering on its own.

West Bellevue is at the heart of the city’s center. The name “Bellevue” is French for “beautiful view”. In 2014, Bellevue was ranked as the 2nd best place to live in the nation by USA Today. The addition of many new high-rise condominium and apartments over the past decade has changed the scene in downtown Bellevue making it a very hip, walkable, and vibrant part of the Eastside. Many highly-desirable, longstanding and well-maintained single-family neighborhoods snuggle in to the north and south of downtown. Click here to read the entire article.

Area #4 KIRKLAND saw a 16.7% increase, in year over year prices.

Kirkland, a community of over 80,000 people, is fortunate to have a vibrant downtown area located on the waterfront of Lake Washington. Its proximity to I-405 and 520 provides easy access to Seattle, Bellevue and the Eastside. Kirkland has so much to offer residents and visitors: the arts, outdoor recreation, vibrant dining options, and unique local shops. The award-winning Lake Washington School District serves the residents of Kirkland with outstanding local schools. To read the entire article, click here.

Area #3 MERCER ISLAND homes experienced a 17.1% increase.

Centrally located between Seattle and Bellevue is the beautiful city of Mercer Island. Home to 22,000+ residents, Mercer Island is the most populated lake-bound island in the United States. While it is an island, it is directly connected to Seattle and Bellevue city centers via Interstate 90. Mercer Island’s location in Lake Washington tops the list of attractive attributes regarding the “Rock” and makes Mercer Island a premier Puget Sound community. The north end Town Center offers a dynamic urban village vibe with shops, restaurants, coffee cafes, and professional service providers amidst and upscale condo and apartment residences. To read the entire article, click here.

Area #2 The EASTSIDE SOUTH, including neighborhoods like Newport Hills and Somerset, saw a 17.4% increase in prices, year over year.

The Bellevue neighborhood of Somerset, with its iconic perch overlooking not only Bellevue surrounds, Lake Washington and Seattle—but also Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains in the distance on a clear day—is a favorite vantage point to take in panoramic views of Bellevue and Seattle. Click here to read about Bellevue.

Area #1 The most dramatic increase over the region was in EAST BELLEVUE, who saw a 20.4% increase – a larger increase than Seattle’s highest year over year, which was BEACON HILL/MOUNT BAKER at 20%.

The Woodridge neighborhood, located in the City of Bellevue, is just south of downtown and east of Interstate 405. Characterized by quiet no-through streets and comfortable homes – many with views of Lake Washington, downtown Bellevue and Seattle, this community is truly just off the beaten path. Woodridge Elementary School, a part of Bellevue School District, is just at the top of the hill. Local parks include Bannerwood Ballfield Park, Kelsey Creek Park, Norwood Village Park, and Woodridge Water Tower Park. Click here to read the entire article.

Overall, the lowest eastside increase was East Lake Sammamish, which saw a 13.2% increase year over year – which is almost double the national average at 6.7%. The Greater Seattle area, and surrounding regions, are experiencing seemingly limitless growth.


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Have Family Coming to Town? These are 5 of Seattle’s & 5 of Bellevue’s Most Highly Regarded Hotels

Have Family Coming to Town? These are 5 of Seattle’s & 5 of Bellevue’s Most Highly Regarded Hotels

The holidays are stressful enough without having the added pressure of dealing with the hotel you’re staying at. You’d assume it would be easy. You book the room and the show up and settle in, but we’re heard horror stories of ruined holidays or last-minute cramped quarters as twenty people share one four-bedroom home.

We’ve done through dozens of reviews, articles, and exposes and we’re here to share our findings – and just in time, too!


Hyatt Hotels is a world-renowned legacy, marked by outstanding service, profound understanding and knowledge of the surrounding area(s), and offering all the conveniences of home. In Bellevue, Hyatt Hotels offers two locations, one in downtown Bellevue, the Hyatt Regency, and on in the Eastgate neighborhood, the Hyatt House. There’s also one in Redmond!

The Hampton Inn & Suites is another popular Hilton endeavor. Friendly and “highly recommended” this location is right outside downtown Bellevue, meaning you get all the convenience, without all the traffic and city hubbub (don’t worry – you’re only two blocks away!)

The Westin Hotel in Bellevue, proves a premier experience at it’s finest. Consistently top notch, they’re a quarter-block away from Bellevue’s premier shopping experience, including the Bellevue Collection, Lincoln Square, Shops at the Bravern, and the Bellevue Connection.

Mariott Hotels also offers a getaway in Bellevue Downtown District. Excellent location and an overall comfortable stay make the holidays an easy experience! Add in some fabulous dining, their fitness center, and other amenities, the Courtyard by Marriott in Bellevue proves an excellent option!


With how expansive Seattle is, there’s bound to be tons of excellent hotel options – and that’s definitely the case here. Don’t worry – we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 go-tos!

Self-touted as “hip and urban, funky and fun,” Hotel 5 is at the top of our “Seattle” list. With their pup-friendly package, “there’s no need to ruff it without your furry friend!” This ultra-modern hotel has set its sights higher and offers a plethora of amenities – and a 1100% smoke-free environment.

Another fabulous option is the Loews Hotel 1000. Each location is uniquely modern and contoured to the Seattle community – including awesome pup and children specialties. Check out their Spaahh for award-winning products and treatments, while their Seafood & Oyster Bar and Bell Lounge offer expert dining experiences.

Another Seattle experience, highlighting the human-dog friendship that’s so brightly invigorated around the Puget Sound Region. The Kimpton Hotel Vintage is one of Seattle’s boutique hotels, offering an urban retreat for anyone within the sound of their voice. Want to get spoiled and pampered? Delight in their in-room spa experience, complimentary hotel bicycles, plus their partnership with Washington wine partners and their morning coffee + tea service. Love the hotel you’re in!

Stay in the heart of downtown, at the Kimpton Alexis Hotel. Another unique endeavor, similar to their Hotel Vintage location, this luxury stay was rated “#1 Hotel in Seattle” by Conde Nast Traveler, RCA 2017 and “Best Seattle Hotels” by U.S. News & World Report, 2017. Curious why? Phenomenal experiences. Exceptional services. “Because you’re worth it.”

Enjoy classic Seattle shopping at the new Pike Place Market and stay at the Inn at the Market. Savor the views of downtown, Pike Place Market, Seattle’s waterfront experience, the Puget Sound, and the Olympic Mountains beyond – and depending on your preferences, there are different suite options to choose from!


But Seattle and Bellevue, though the premier cities of the area, aren’t the only one’s with decent digs! Kirkland also offers two premier hotels, if that’s a bit closer to your family!

The Woodmark Hotel & Still Spa is located just north of Bellevue, on the edges of Yarrow Bay. With great reviews, dashing views, and awesome activities, they’re on this list of classic Pacific Northwest experience.

 Another Kirkland abode away from home is the Heathman Hotel. Totally #PNW and luxurious, and only a hop, skip and a jump into Woodinville, this hotel is ideally located near downtown Kirkland shopping, eating, and their beautiful waterfront.

Do you have a have a favorite place to stay in-town, or while you’re visiting the Seattle area? Let us know!

4 Up & Coming Ways to Commute Around the Greater Seattle Region

4 Up & Coming Ways to Commute Around the Greater Seattle Region

Seattle’s commute has proved horrendous for a while, but what are we doing about it? And how can we make it better?

According to an October 2017, GeekWire article, Seattle has the sixth longest average commute time, at 54.22 minutes – and, believe it or not, that number has actually reduced from an earlier February figure from King5. Though we’re still behind cities like Washington, CD, San Francisco, CA and New York, NY, the figure in minutes is only about a 6-minute difference. According to that same article, however, Seattle falls to number 17 in commute-related stress.

While vehicle transit makes up a large majority of Seattle’s average commuter, there are tons of other options coming down the pipeline.

One of the largest options in the newspapers are the Light Rail Expansions, and although it’s not settled to be “complete” (as per current projects) until 2039 for its furthest reaching, Tacoma expansion, and projects headway can be seen across the I-90 bridge and 2041 for the Kirkland-Issaquah service.

It seems a far in the future, but the 62 new miles, coming in at 116 miles total, of light rail is projected as one of the “most ambitious transit expansions this country has ever seen,” noted Snohomish County Executive, Dave Somers.

King County Metro has spoke about expanding bus service and boosting their late-night schedules. With 240 more trips each weekday, 100 more Saturday trips, 153 additional Sunday trips and the hiring of more than 2,800 transit operators, the metro system is confident to bolster service throughout the region.

Water Taxis are making a comeback as new options come to light. A fast-ferry has also been proposed for foot-traffic between Tacoma and Seattle. According to Curbed-Seattle, Tacoma’s City Councilor, Ryan Mello, there’s “a lot of regional interest” in the idea, but regulation bars them on a state level, leaving it up to the local governments to run with the idea. If this were to take effect, it could reduce the averaged 30-minute commute by 10-minutes.

Another fast-ferry could be on it’s way, connecting Seattle to Renton, Washington, via Lake Washington. Though this is the idea of a private developer, they hope to be up and running in 2020 – only a couple short years away!

Since so many other land-routes are clogged and bogged-down throughout the day, and especially during peak hours, water seems like the right way to go about reducing congestion.

Seattle’s Bicycle Master Plan was also implemented earlier this year (2017). The 2017-2021 plan, is a vision that bicycle riding throughout the region proves comfortable for people’s day-to-day life, for all ages and all abilities. Stay up to date on the Bike Master Plan page.

Ferries, buses, biking… they’re all the usual, but a huge way you can cut your commute in the meantime is to rideshare. Whether through private organizations or with your best buds, this is a great way for you to take advantage of perks, like cutting fuel cost and consumption, cheaper parking, use HOV/HOT lanes and avoid extraneous wear and tear on your vehicle.

Bottom line, many major metropolises are bearing a heavy burden, when it comes to its workers’ commute. Some drive times expanding 17-miles could take up to 90-minutes – or longer – in some cases. Something many agree on, is that solutions lie in data and technology, and “not necessarily in adding a big highway or building a big parking garage.”

What do you think about these potential or up and coming options? How drastically do you think they’ll reduce and relieve the average commute? Know of any more options? Let us know in the comments!

The Ultimate Trail Guide to the Greater Seattle Region

The Ultimate Trail Guide to the Greater Seattle Region

Even through the development and construction, Seattle and the Greater Seattle Area remain an idealistic place for outdoorspeople and our growing population of cyclists. Grabbing your bicycle and hitting a trail can be both exhilarating and allow you to explore a different side of the city.

The local enthusiasm for cycling isn’t misguided, as it serves multiple purposes and provides hours of entertainment and exercise. This ultimate bike guide will help you find the right one in your area – right outside your front door!


  • The Alki Trail. This 5.5-mile trail runs the peninsula of West Seattle along the water. Though patrons suggest you “watch for roots”, this trail is excellent for bicyclists in the city!
  • Though the Burke-Gilman Trail runs from Seattle to Bothell, this trail is a local mainstay. It’s 18.8 miles is not for the faint of heart, but it proves an exhilarating ride!
  • Comprised of asphalt, the Chief Sealth Trail is a 4-mile trail is great for urban-dwellers. If you live in South Seattle, you could probably walk to a trailhead from your home!
  • The I-90 Trail is one that is most frequented by commuters from or to the Bellevue or Seattle. At 8.8-miles, it gets in that morning exercise without setting back your days’ progress. It’s paved and well-maintained and offers wonderful views of Lake Washington.


  • The Cedar River Trail extends from Renton’s Cedar River Park into Hobart. At 15.7-miles, the trail is largely paved, but the last stretch passed the Maple Valley Trailhead comprises packed gravel.
  • This Bellevue trail, otherwise known as the Coal Creek Trail, is great for beginners who want to stay close to home. At 3.7-miles, this Bellevue to Newcastle hike comprises a dirt, grass, and woodchips surface along wide paths and a steep façade.
  • The Cross-Kirkland Corridor is in a forward trajectory, meaning the city of Kirkland sees a bright future in the form of corridor expansion. This trail currently rests at 5.8 miles and stays within the Kirkland limits.
  • The Issaquah-Preston Trail proves an endearing 4.8-mile trek through the urban wilderness. Though on the short side of Pacific Northwest trails, its largely unused and you can often find yourself the only person out!
  • The North Creek Trail is in Snohomish and stands at 7.8-miles. A step through nature, you can often birdwatch and see the abundant wildlife sifting through the underbrush.
  • Redmond is known for many things, including the Redmond Central Connector. At 2.4-miles, it’s a great way to connect the Sammamish River and Bear Creek Trails and enjoy a little loop into downtown Redmond.

North End

  • This 7.25-miles, known as the North Creek Trail, proves a beautiful display of the PNW wetlands. Abundant with nature and wildlife, you’ll be sure to find the natural beauty and feel your pressures whisked away.
  • From Bothell to Redmond, the Sammamish River Trail connects the north end with the Eastside, via this 11-mile trail. It’s a proven love of local, depicted by its heavy weekend use and well-maintained passages.
  • One of the more bolstered trails on this list, the Snohomish County Centennial Trail rests at 30.5-miles. Some segments can be fairly busy, so make sure to keep an eye out for other patrons.

South End

  • This waterside trail offers beautiful Puget Sound views and the aroma of salty water and shoreside pine trees. The Des Moines Creek Trail connects various beachfront parks, where additional challenges and mountainous terrain can be sought.
  • Running from Tukwila to Kent, the Green River Trail runs the entre 19.6-mile span. Touted for it being a “great place for exercise” and “peaceful”, the trail is excellent for cyclists of all types.
  • The Foothills trails span from Puyallup to Enumclaw and comprise roughly 30-miles. It’s clean and great for any type of ride.
  • The Soos Creek Trail run 6-miles from north to south, in Kent, Washington. A well-paved and maintained trail, the Soos Creek offers tons of scenery and numerous trailheads – some very close to you Kent home!

Even Further Out…

  • Though not exactly in our backyard, this destination-bike trail is great for getting out of the city for a day. The Chehalis Western Trail is 21.2-miles and connects every major town in Thurston County, including our capitol, Olympia.
  • The Interurban Trail is one that spans a great distance, approximately 42-miles and from Everett all the way down to Fife, and is distinguished by a “North” and “South” designation. Largely comprised of asphalt paving, this trail is great for beginners, intermediate, and advanced cyclists.
  • The Cushman Trail is great for people looking for a challenge. Although it isn’t entirely challenging, it offers a bit of variety nestled between beautiful backdrops and the smell of northwestern pine.

The Pacific Northwest and the Greater Seattle area is abundant with cyclists, and our cities are further accommodation of a new favorite pastime. Endless more can be found on the local city websites and Washington State Trails Association website.

Think we missed an important trail? Leave the name in the comments below!


4 Adventures Inside Kirkland, Washington

4 Adventures Inside Kirkland, Washington

The Pacific Northwest is brimmed with awaiting adventures and the City of Kirkland is no exception. A city nestled between the shores of Lake Washington and the Interstate 405 corridor. Though considered a relatively small city, the area is big on community and that urban, small-town field many local areas also strive towards.

Walking in downtown Kirkland offers both boutique shopping, local eats and a beautiful, urban refuge. Like many Washington cities, Kirkland emphasizes greenspaces and parks and Kirkland’s downtown area has four in close proximity, including Peter Kirk Park, Heritage Park, the Marina Park Pavilion, and the David E. Brink Park.

Similar to downtown Kirkland, the Juanita district offers a shopping area, though smaller, nestled between two major parks: the Juanita Beach Park and the Juanita Bay Park, including Nelson Point. Both parks are filled with recreation, including paddle surfing, natural trails, baseball fields, tennis courts, beach volleyball, and children’s play equipment.

Both parks proximity to downtown Juanita, make them the perfect place for a picnic or quick walk. Grab your meal from one of the many local restaurants, and head to the water!

The Cross-Kirkland Corridor passes through the city North-South and is currently a 5.75-mile trail through the heart of the city. The Cross-Kirkland Corridor’s Master Plan was adopted in June of 2014 and their interactive plan can be found online. Much of the pathway is made of crushed-gravel and is ten-feet side, making it an excellent multi-purpose route for walker, bikers, runners, and dog-walking. This interim trail perfectly depicts Kirkland’s city-wide vision of being “a walkable, livable, connected, and sustainable community.”

On the east side of Interstate 405, near Kirkland’s Central Houghton District, is the Bridle Trail State Park. Through a state and not a city park, the area locally known as Bridle Trails is a beautiful depiction of the local area. This 482-acre, day-use park comprises 28-miles of trails for bikers, hikers, runners, equestrians and dog-walkers.

Bridle Trails it regularly used and sports three arenas for horse shows and organized rides. Ever wanted to learn! You can here!

In every corner, you can find an excursion or journey for yourself and your family. Whether you prefer urban adventures or the kind that takes into the wilderness, these places are surely the best cups of tea in Kirkland! Think we missed something, or somethings? Let us know!

11 Eats Along Kirkland, Washington’s Waterfront Oasis

11 Eats Along Kirkland, Washington’s Waterfront Oasis

A stroll down Central Way, in Kirkland, is unique. A casual blend between the old and new, Kirkland has seen a population boom since 2010, growing 80% between 2010 and 2016. In response to their rapid growth, they’ve expanded their downtown district with many newer condominiums and apartment complexes, accommodating their staggering numbers.

Because of their growth, they’ve surpassed other neighboring cities, such as Redmond, Bothell, Woodinville, and Kenmore.

In addition to beautiful homes, what else has been growing in Kirkland?

A boom in growth, usually demands a boom in other areas. Two areas one loves indulging in are restaurants and shopping. These local eats are a splendid example of Kirkland’s opportunities!

Thai Isarn Soul Kitchen has two locations. A newly opened location in Lynnwood, Washington and their flagship along the waterfront of Kirkland. With a rustic atmosphere, they combine Thai classics, with a love of beauty and display. Better yet, they offer gluten-free and vegetarian options!

The Milagro Cantina brings Mexican cuisine to Kirkland. The sight, sounds and aromas come alive inside this dimly lit cantina. With options galore, this fusion-style restaurant, offers variety with a specific Southern palate.

Searching for some seafood? Many of Anthony’s Restaurants offers the freshest variety, backed by family-friendly traditions for a uniquely local and seasonal experience. While their menu may change with the seasons, rest assured your food is top-notch quality with the sole purpose of exceeding your expectations!

Another unique restraint, Lynn’s Bistro offers a French experience in the heart of the Downtown Kirkland. Comprised of distinct fusions derived from Asian and French cuisine, this one-of-a-kind bistro offers signature delights, local favorites, and family classics!

Specializing in traditional south-Indian dishes, Dakshin South Indian Bistro offers a traditional experience bursting with unique flavors. Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or a full-service dinner, Dakshin South Indian Bistro has simple or elaborate dishes that fit your needs.

Beijing O’Chef offers all your favorite dishes in an open and simple environment. Each dish uniquely spiced, they offer delicious and healthy options for all to enjoy!

Crafted with both freshness and our changing seasons in mind, the Trellis Restaurant, offers a delicious experience that enthuses your taste buds. For breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or just sharing with your best friend, the Trellis has delightful options in a lively and welcoming atmosphere.

Bold flavors and innovation combine, creating Volterra in Kirkland. This Tuscan-inspired menu uses the “best local and imported ingredients” to ensure highest quality and traditional recipes. Acclaimed with numerous accolades, Volterra’s noted as one of “America’s Top Restaurants” by Zagat and the “city’s toughest reservation” by Bon Appetit.

A revered neighborhood hub, George’s in Kirkland continues their 40-year tradition of classic comfort foods, fresh ingredients, and a friendly atmosphere. The family-friendly establishments made its mark with their award-winning breakfasts, and are noted as a “great find in a Seattle suburb!”

This family-owned, French-style bakery offers sweet, savory, and everything in between! Aura Bakery delivers a warm and inviting atmosphere for gatherings or meetings. With an expansive pastry and lunch menu, they’ve everything from omelets, sandwiches, and your favorite design of crepe!

The Wild Rover is a relatively new restaurant, established in 2006. Started as a hub for good food, great conversation, and local music, Wild Rover has created a unique bridge between “passion, integrity, and technique.” Their expansive menu offers lunch and dinner options, with a wide array of meat and vegetarian delights.

What are your Kirkland favorites? Where do you enjoy lazy Sundays, last-minute weeknight dinners, or weekend brunch?

new this week from



6902 38th Place Northeast, Marysville • MLS# 1195752
$415,000 • 4 Bedrooms • 2.5 Bathrooms • 2,385 Square Feet • 7,405 Lot Size

Move right in to this lovely Wilderun West home, fresh and bright with new carpet, flooring and paint. Its ideal floorplan features elegant, soaring living and dining rooms for your next gathering. The island-style kitchen—with a walk-in pantry, planning desk & dining nook— opens to a large family room with cozy gas fireplace. Retreat upstairs to the luxury master suite, 3 more bedrooms and landing area. Sunny deck and level backyard, too!

For more information, please contact Doug McKiernan. • 206.369.3949 •


4029 91st Avenue Southeast, Mercer Island • MLS# 1195686
$1,300,000 • 4 Bedrooms • 2.75 Bathroom • 3,170 Square Feet • 9,450 Lot Size

Convenient Northend location, quiet street, half-block from Mercer Island High School, close to Pool, tennis courts & library. Wonderful quiet inviting garden, great outdoor entertaining space. Extra finished room with separate entrance could be nanny quarters, or rental opportunity. Oversized Master bedroom with ensuite bath and walkin closet- Glorious hardwoods in many of the living spaces. Enjoy new stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, bright skylight & charming backsplash. Perfect for your next move!

For more information, please contact Nancy LaVallee. • 206.383.9227 •


1401 5th Avenue West #106, Seattle • MLS# 1196247
$575,000 • 1 Bedroom • 1 Bathroom • 1,174 Square Feet

Move right in to this fantastic studio condo in the historic West Queen Anne School. Its spacious layout feels fresh and bright with new paint, tall windows and gleaming hardwoods. Entertaining is a breeze in open living & dining areas—French doors lead out to the private, landscaped patio area. Enjoy easy living with secure garage parking, great storage, an exercise room, and manicured grounds. Stroll to parks, markets, buses, the library, and Seattle icons such as Molly Moon Ice Cream & Top Pot Doughnuts.

For more information, please contact Fred Fox. • 425.785.3147 •

Kirkland Community Center + New Listing

Kirkland Community Center + New Listing

The Kirkland Community Center is a huge part of North Kirkland’s community commitment. Located at 12421 103rd Avenue Northeast, this center is conveniently located in the epicenter of Hubbard’s Crossing, near the I-405 – and not far from Juanita Beach Park.

Housing two main functions: a multi-purpose room, with a capacity of 245; and a meeting room, fitting 35 individuals. You can also rent out the facilities for special events. They have availability on Fridays (5pm-11pm), Saturdays (1pm-11pm), and Sunday (8am-11pm) – make sure to reserve at least a month in advance, as spots tend to fill up! You may also reserve during the week. To check out rates, days, times, and deposit/application information click here! Have a birthday coming up? They have a 2-hour packed deal! Check that out here (near the bottom of the page)! (Remember, there are resident and non-resident rates!)

Amenities at your disposal include 20 6′ tables, 12 5′ tables, 175 chairs, a full kitchen with refrigerator, dishwasher, convention & microwave ovens. With so much space, (free) parking, and a basketball court you’re doing to  have incredible fun!



10201 Northeast 129th Lane, Kirkland ♦ MLS# 1072903 ♦ $295,000

2 Bedrooms ♦ 1.75 Bathrooms ♦ 1,000 Square Feet

Beautiful one level 2 bedroom 1.75 bathrooms townhouse, with an individual detached garage, which is located just right next to the unit. Nice and quiet end unit, fenced backyard & patio with storage shed. Open floor plan with gas fireplace, vaulted ceilings and in unit washer-dryer combo. No one above or below and only one common wall. Close to Google, downtown Juanita, shops, Trader Joe’s, Evergreen hospital, Kirkland transit center and easy freeway access. Ample guest open parking. No rental cap.

Please contact Cherrie Lee for more information. ♦ 206.353.8899 ♦

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New Listing & Kirkland Community Event

New Listing & Kirkland Community Event

StoryBook Theater in Kirkland

This Saturday and Sunday, the StoryBook Theater presents a fun and silly play, The Emperor’s New Clothes. StoryBook Theater helps introduce young audiences to the life of theater, telling stories, and stretching the imagination – as well as focusing on life lessons and active participation. Geared towards ages 3-10, StoryBook Theater plays are always fun, never scary, and full of exciting surprises! Check out their website here for more details, or to purchase tickets!

New Kirkland Listing


This end unit condo highlights the epitome of convenient living. Complete with two bedrooms and one full bath, this condo has space and convenience wrapped up in one. Living spaces connect a pristine kitchen and light and bright dining area. Watch the sunset from an oversized balcony, perfect for relaxing days and BBQs. The master bedroom is complete with adjoining bathroom and walk-in closet. Two designated parking stalls are included with this unit, as well as ample guest parking spots.

Convenience is in your future with this condo: within walking distance to the Kirkland Google campus, Houghton Shopping District, Everest Park, blocks from I-405 on/off ramps, dining, and more!

Contact Cherrie Lee with the Cherrie Lee Group for more information. ♦ 206.353.8899 ♦