The Eastside’s 5 Hottest Neighborhoods of 2017

The Eastside’s 5 Hottest Neighborhoods of 2017

Many areas across the Eastside experienced boundless growth, and are expected to grow into 2018, albeit, at a lesser rate. Windermere’s Chief Economist, Matthew Gardner, gave us insight into what 2018 might have in store for homeowners and home prices. You can read the entire article at


The Eastside and Seattle offer their own set of unique offerings, but people are looking at much more than local amenities and locale for their newest home purchase. While location is key, come are prospecting outside of local major metropolises for their purchase. Why? Because outside of major cities, like Bellevue, Seattle or Redmond, you may find more bang for your buck. More home for your dollar – and that is crucial, especially when you’re searching for a family home.

Area #5 WEST BELLEVUE experiences a 16% increase, which is still staggering on its own.

West Bellevue is at the heart of the city’s center. The name “Bellevue” is French for “beautiful view”. In 2014, Bellevue was ranked as the 2nd best place to live in the nation by USA Today. The addition of many new high-rise condominium and apartments over the past decade has changed the scene in downtown Bellevue making it a very hip, walkable, and vibrant part of the Eastside. Many highly-desirable, longstanding and well-maintained single-family neighborhoods snuggle in to the north and south of downtown. Click here to read the entire article.

Area #4 KIRKLAND saw a 16.7% increase, in year over year prices.

Kirkland, a community of over 80,000 people, is fortunate to have a vibrant downtown area located on the waterfront of Lake Washington. Its proximity to I-405 and 520 provides easy access to Seattle, Bellevue and the Eastside. Kirkland has so much to offer residents and visitors: the arts, outdoor recreation, vibrant dining options, and unique local shops. The award-winning Lake Washington School District serves the residents of Kirkland with outstanding local schools. To read the entire article, click here.

Area #3 MERCER ISLAND homes experienced a 17.1% increase.

Centrally located between Seattle and Bellevue is the beautiful city of Mercer Island. Home to 22,000+ residents, Mercer Island is the most populated lake-bound island in the United States. While it is an island, it is directly connected to Seattle and Bellevue city centers via Interstate 90. Mercer Island’s location in Lake Washington tops the list of attractive attributes regarding the “Rock” and makes Mercer Island a premier Puget Sound community. The north end Town Center offers a dynamic urban village vibe with shops, restaurants, coffee cafes, and professional service providers amidst and upscale condo and apartment residences. To read the entire article, click here.

Area #2 The EASTSIDE SOUTH, including neighborhoods like Newport Hills and Somerset, saw a 17.4% increase in prices, year over year.

The Bellevue neighborhood of Somerset, with its iconic perch overlooking not only Bellevue surrounds, Lake Washington and Seattle—but also Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains in the distance on a clear day—is a favorite vantage point to take in panoramic views of Bellevue and Seattle. Click here to read about Bellevue.

Area #1 The most dramatic increase over the region was in EAST BELLEVUE, who saw a 20.4% increase – a larger increase than Seattle’s highest year over year, which was BEACON HILL/MOUNT BAKER at 20%.

The Woodridge neighborhood, located in the City of Bellevue, is just south of downtown and east of Interstate 405. Characterized by quiet no-through streets and comfortable homes – many with views of Lake Washington, downtown Bellevue and Seattle, this community is truly just off the beaten path. Woodridge Elementary School, a part of Bellevue School District, is just at the top of the hill. Local parks include Bannerwood Ballfield Park, Kelsey Creek Park, Norwood Village Park, and Woodridge Water Tower Park. Click here to read the entire article.

Overall, the lowest eastside increase was East Lake Sammamish, which saw a 13.2% increase year over year – which is almost double the national average at 6.7%. The Greater Seattle area, and surrounding regions, are experiencing seemingly limitless growth.


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2737 77th Ave SE, Mercer Island, WA 98040.

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Bellevue & Mercer Island School District Information: January 2018 Edition

Bellevue & Mercer Island School District Information: January 2018 Edition

This will be a week of schools, as we head into the new year and another season of change. When home searching, schools may be at the top of your mind – especially if you have school-age children.

Being in a good school district has more to offers than premier schools, extracurricular activities, and high test scores. A decent school district, such as the Bellevue and Mercer Island districts, can also combat lags in real estate or can be the selling point for a potential buyer. And if you have or are planning on having children, they’ll only benefit from top schools.

The Bellevue and Mercer Island School Districts are highly regarded in the area for high mathematics and English scores and overall college readiness – and it’s safe to say both areas offer fabulous housing, are great for families, and decent employment opportunities.

Mercer Island School District

Total Students: 4,513
College Readiness: 59.3%
Proficient in English: 83%
Proficient in Mathematics: 84%

Complete MISD Information

Mercer Island High School
Graduation Rate: 93.5%
Total Students: 1,484
Total Teachers: 82
Average Years of Teachers Experience: 13.5
Teachers with at Least a Master’s Degree: 73.2%

Bellevue School District

Total Students: 20,461
College Readiness: 70.1%
Proficient in English: 71%
Proficient in Mathematics: 78%

Complete BSD405 Information

Bellevue High School
Graduation Rate: 87.3%
Total Students: 1,624
Total Teachers: 91
Average Years of Teachers Experience: 12.5
Teachers with at Least a Master’s Degree: 76.9%

Big Picture High School
Graduation Rate: 83.3%
Total Students: 350
Total Teachers: 35
Average Years of Teachers Experience: 7.8
Teachers with at Least a Master’s Degree: 65.7%

Interlake High School
Graduation Rate: 87.4%
Total Students: 1,627
Total Teachers: 101
Average Years of Teachers Experience: 10.2
Teachers with at Least a Master’s Degree: 78.2%

International High School
Graduation Rate: 100.00%
Total Students: 569
Total Teachers: 43
Average Years of Teachers Experience: 10.9
Teachers with at Least a Master’s Degree: 69.8%

Newport Senior High School
Graduation Rate: 94.4%
Total Students: 1,795
Total Teachers: 101
Average Years of Teachers Experience: 13.4
Teachers with at Least a Master’s Degree: 80.2%

Sammamish Senior High School
Graduation Rate: 84.2%
Total Students: 1,038
Total Teachers: 69
Average Years of Teachers Experience: 10.4
Teachers with at Least a Master’s Degree: 78.3%

Do your children in either of these Eastside school districts? Share your experiences in the comments below!


Data pulled from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) Washington State Report Card.


We earn the trust and loyalty of our brokers and clients by doing real estate exceptionally well. The leader in our market, we deliver client-focused service in an authentic, collaborative and transparent manner and with the unmatched knowledge and expertise that comes from decades of experience. | (206) 232-0446 |
2737 77th Ave SE, Mercer Island, WA 98040.

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3 Top-Rated Mercer Island Salons

3 Top-Rated Mercer Island Salons

Isn’t it about time for some pampering? If your anything like us, you’re busy, busy, busy with decorating, holiday parties, family get-togethers, and cooking, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take some time for yourself. The last few months are always chaotic and brimming with obligations, but remembering to take some for yourself can make the season all the more enjoyable.

Au Courant Salon & The DEN remains a fabulous island staple as both creative designer and specialized consultants. Locally owned, Au Courant is an “of the moment” designer service, specializing in visionaries and industry expertise. Aside from their typical services of hair styling extraordinaire, they offer POSH, a wardrobe & image consulting service.

With knowledge and expertise, the unique team at the Island Salon and Spa offer “no short cuts” on your salon and spa experience. From hair, to spa, tanning or massage, they have you covered for all your pampered needs – and their conveniently located in downtown Mercer Island: a quick stop from either Seattle or the Eastside, and excellent for island residents

Family owned since 2011, Hair Excel offers a value of an experience at an affordable price point. Consistently innovating, they leave “no hair out of place” at their family salon. Clean, efficient and attentive to detail.

Regardless of what you want, these awesome salons can get you what you’re looking for – and they’re conveniently located for Eastsiders, Seattleites and Mercer Islanders alike.

Grab your mother, sister, and best friend and head down for a holiday pampering! Or grab some gift cards for a New Year, and plan a spa day! Do you have a go-to salon on the island?

Feeling the Winter Blues? Try Exercising at Any of These 10 Mercer Island Fitness Centers

Feeling the Winter Blues? Try Exercising at Any of These 10 Mercer Island Fitness Centers

Working out is part of creating a healthy life. Whether you have a home gym, walk around the block, or actively participate at a local establishment, you’re boosting your energy levels, improving muscle strength and increasing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients throughout your system. Working out is great for you in many regards, but whatever your reason, we all tend to lag a bit during the holidays.

Is it the coma-inducing meals? The fact that we’re always a bit busier? Or, perhaps, that it’s been a long year and you’re looking to start fresh in the upcoming one.

Mercer Island is full of opportunities, both free and paid, to get you active and keep you coming back.

The Mercer Island Athletic Club has been touted as “impressive” in reviews and consistently offers the full-body experience in your daily workout. Tons of classes, personal training opportunities, and massage therapy sessions are ripe for the indulging!

Mercer Island Crossfit is a downtown establishment that consistently rates highly among its patrons. This welcoming atmosphere allows you to workout with their coaches, while simultaneously learning from the experience. They’ve got classes for children and adults, so be sure to bring the entire family!

212 Health & Fitness is another 5-Star, downtown establish. A great place to receive “personalized fitness,” they offer a unique vision “reflected through [their] own personal goals and beliefs”. Group fitness or personalized, they work with you to find your unique regimen.

The Island has several Pilates places, including Mercer Island Pilates and 5 Elements Pilates. Both of these options are conveniently located and offer ample support to help you on your path towards a healthier life.

Yoga is another popular form of exercise, and both the Daily Method and Yogabliss are great options to choose from. Both studios offer unique visions and classes to help you through your journey towards inspiration, community, and salubriousness.

A great for of exercise for all is dance, and the Creation Dance Studio on Mercer Island is a fabulous place to learn and get your creative juices flowing.

If you’re looking for something a little more… unique, look no further than Mercer Island’s Martial Arts studios, such as Mercer Island Martial Arts or Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios. Great for all ages and the whole family – try taking the whole family! Make friends in this active art, while learning new skills, gaining discipline and “re-defining family time”!

And, always remember, there are tons of free options around the island. Do you work or live near downtown? Try walking around Mercerdale’s quarter-mile, circular pathway. Four circles and you’ve gone a mile! There are also tons of activity at Luther Burbank Park, Aubrey Davis Park, Island Crest Park and all three of Pioneer Park’s quadrants.

What are your favorite workout places around the island?

4 Up & Coming Ways to Commute Around the Greater Seattle Region

4 Up & Coming Ways to Commute Around the Greater Seattle Region

Seattle’s commute has proved horrendous for a while, but what are we doing about it? And how can we make it better?

According to an October 2017, GeekWire article, Seattle has the sixth longest average commute time, at 54.22 minutes – and, believe it or not, that number has actually reduced from an earlier February figure from King5. Though we’re still behind cities like Washington, CD, San Francisco, CA and New York, NY, the figure in minutes is only about a 6-minute difference. According to that same article, however, Seattle falls to number 17 in commute-related stress.

While vehicle transit makes up a large majority of Seattle’s average commuter, there are tons of other options coming down the pipeline.

One of the largest options in the newspapers are the Light Rail Expansions, and although it’s not settled to be “complete” (as per current projects) until 2039 for its furthest reaching, Tacoma expansion, and projects headway can be seen across the I-90 bridge and 2041 for the Kirkland-Issaquah service.

It seems a far in the future, but the 62 new miles, coming in at 116 miles total, of light rail is projected as one of the “most ambitious transit expansions this country has ever seen,” noted Snohomish County Executive, Dave Somers.

King County Metro has spoke about expanding bus service and boosting their late-night schedules. With 240 more trips each weekday, 100 more Saturday trips, 153 additional Sunday trips and the hiring of more than 2,800 transit operators, the metro system is confident to bolster service throughout the region.

Water Taxis are making a comeback as new options come to light. A fast-ferry has also been proposed for foot-traffic between Tacoma and Seattle. According to Curbed-Seattle, Tacoma’s City Councilor, Ryan Mello, there’s “a lot of regional interest” in the idea, but regulation bars them on a state level, leaving it up to the local governments to run with the idea. If this were to take effect, it could reduce the averaged 30-minute commute by 10-minutes.

Another fast-ferry could be on it’s way, connecting Seattle to Renton, Washington, via Lake Washington. Though this is the idea of a private developer, they hope to be up and running in 2020 – only a couple short years away!

Since so many other land-routes are clogged and bogged-down throughout the day, and especially during peak hours, water seems like the right way to go about reducing congestion.

Seattle’s Bicycle Master Plan was also implemented earlier this year (2017). The 2017-2021 plan, is a vision that bicycle riding throughout the region proves comfortable for people’s day-to-day life, for all ages and all abilities. Stay up to date on the Bike Master Plan page.

Ferries, buses, biking… they’re all the usual, but a huge way you can cut your commute in the meantime is to rideshare. Whether through private organizations or with your best buds, this is a great way for you to take advantage of perks, like cutting fuel cost and consumption, cheaper parking, use HOV/HOT lanes and avoid extraneous wear and tear on your vehicle.

Bottom line, many major metropolises are bearing a heavy burden, when it comes to its workers’ commute. Some drive times expanding 17-miles could take up to 90-minutes – or longer – in some cases. Something many agree on, is that solutions lie in data and technology, and “not necessarily in adding a big highway or building a big parking garage.”

What do you think about these potential or up and coming options? How drastically do you think they’ll reduce and relieve the average commute? Know of any more options? Let us know in the comments!

3 Delectable on-Island Breakfast Favorites for your Post Thanksgiving Feast

3 Delectable on-Island Breakfast Favorites for your Post Thanksgiving Feast

It’s only a few days after Thanksgiving cooking and the busiest shopping weekend ever, so do you really want to wake up at the crack of dawn and hash out eggs and sausage with a side of toast? Yeah, we didn’t think so either.

And remember, it’s already 9am – which means people are already stirring in their beds!

Imagine this… Taking a relaxing bike ride down Island Crest Way or a leisurely drive down East or West Mercer (be careful of the turns!) and making your way into Mercer Island’s beautiful Downtown District.

Mercer Island’s Mioposto offers a delightful array of Italian cuisine, cooked to perfection by skilled oveners. Their “open-flame ovens” are handcrafted locally and are the “only heat source in the kitchen.” Even though, it probably gets sweltering hot in there! Their dinner menu offers tons of shareables, pizzas, and pastas, but their breakfast & lunch menu is to die for.

A unique blend of palates, their menu offers delights such as the Bacon & Egg Breakfast Pizza, Shakshuka, Panenata, and others delights to enjoy!

Committed to serving authentic, original food, Bennett’s Bistro offers an blend of sweet and savory breakfast options. From pancakes with sweet cream butter, to Chiliaquiles, to Steak and Eggs, Bennett’s has long proven itself a favorite amongst the locals. Looking for something lighter after the holidays? Their Beet Salas or Roasted Delicata Squash and Arugula Salad are spectacular!

They’ve even partnered with another local, Seattle company, Beecher’s Cheese, to embellish the original take on Mac & Cheese. Whether you just want that original love, or want to try it with Kale & Mama Lil’s Peppers, you’re sure to enjoy! Also, check out their lunch and dinner menus for other small-town favorites!

Are you looking for something quick and on-the-go, before another day with family? Homegrown is always an option for nutritional and local foods – and they offer seasonal specials! While their breakfast menu comprises most warm bowls, sandwiches, and portage, they also offer their regular menu throughout the day! So, regardless of if you’re craving an Avocado, Egg & Cheese Sandwich or a Grass-fed Steak & Blue – they’ve got you!

Or, maybe yet, you’re just more of a morning, plus coffee kind of individual… The Island has an array of Starbucks and Tully’s coffee houses! The new market, New Seasons, also offers a local source of the caffeine-infused beverage.

Now that we’ve gone over Mercer Island’s breakfast hotspots, what are your favorite, local places to enjoy the morning?

Want to find out more about Mercer Island? Check out their informational page and any of the following links to get to know the real local-favorites!

Seafair Weekend: I-90 Closures, Hydroplane Races, and the Blue Angels Air Show

Seafair Weekend: I-90 Closures, Hydroplane Races, and the Blue Angels Air Show

Seafair is this upcoming weekend, and I’m sure you’ve already heard the Blue Angels soar over the I-90 Bridge. A tradition since 1950, Seattle’s Seafair Weekend is host to a “kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, tastes, and action.” Boats race over Lake Washington, to the beat of live musical entertainment and delicious foods on the western shores of Lake Washington.

Blue Angles.jpg

Genesee Park plays host and offers spectacular, front seat views to the entire weekends’ air shows. While much of the water and land events center around the various hydroplane races, you can also check out the exhibitions, demonstrations, and various tests waterside. Saturday offers other experiences, including the Navy Band Northwest, Beach Water Polo Tournament, and BMX stunt show.

Expect parking to be chaotic, but they offer tips on their website, including where to park, closed and no-parking areas, rideshare opportunities. Biking is also an option, as the area is bicyclist-friendly and you can save 50% off admission and store your bike at their bicycle pavilion upon arrival. Discounts are also available for public transportation utilizers. All details are noted here.

Blue Angles - Split.jpg

During practices and shows, all you have to do is glance towards the sky to see the Blue Angels show. Their show takes them over Beacon and Graham Hills in Seattle, Mercer Island’s northern district, and the bustling waters of Lake Washington below.

Weekend weather is scheduled to be in the low-90s, high-80 with an excessive heat warning for the entire region. Ensure to keep water close by and steadily sip throughout the day.

If you’re planning on heading across the water, the aircraft schedule is below. I-90 closures are expected to cause delays across the region and other regional expressways. Check out their schedule below:


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3856 81st Avenue Southeast, Mercer Island • MLS# 1165975
$1,300,000 • 4 Bedrooms • 2.5 Bathrooms • 2,350 Square Feet • 11,645 Lot Size

Welcome home to one level living with the feel of a San Juan Island eco resort sophisticated, peaceful and rejuvenating. Reimagined by Johnston Architects and smartly implemented by local building legend Peter Davis in 2013, this home does not disappoint. Flexible spaces are inspiration for large gatherings yet are also perfect for intimate evenings shared with close friends. A breezeway connects you to lush gardens, an al fresco dining area and Finnish sauna building. You’ll love living just a stone’s throw away from tennis courts, Homestead Park, playfields, and award winning West Mercer Elementary.

For more information, please contact Anni Zilz. • 206.390.5723 •

Mercer Island’s Mercer Island Thrift Shop

Mercer Island’s Mercer Island Thrift Shop

Mercer Island is a large, family-driven community. This assertion is proven by the plethora of year-round activities, geared towards families and held of the benefit of the entire community. Founded in 1970 by the Mercer Island Youth and Family Services Department, their philosophy remains to assist, support, and develop the Mercer Island community.

The Mercer Island Thrift Shop remains a volunteer-powered organization that raises money to support to the programs and services of the Mercer Island Youth & Family Services department. They strive to provide quality goods, volunteer opportunities that enable people to become active in the community, as well as gain useful skills and pertinent experience, and allow a “place for Mercer Island residents to donate and recycle their household goods.”

They accept gentle used goods Monday thru Saturday, 9am – 4pm, except for a few holiday closures. While they accept clothing, shoes, household linens, jewelry, housewares, collectables, books, music & video games, art, some furniture & home décor, electronics, sporting goods, toys, games, and baby equipment, they no longer accept large appliances, building materials, and a bunch of other items. Their whole list is noted on their website.

Having a place where Mercer Island and other local residents can venture and support their community of amazing. As are some of the treasures you’ll find! Enjoy some time browsing the shelves, and then walk around downtown Mercer Island and play at Mercerdale Park! Their convenient location offers plenty of alternative recreation and dining opportunities!

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8429 Southeast 62nd Street, Mercer Island • MLS# 1165333
$1,395,000 • 4 Bedrooms • 1.75 Bathrooms • 2,030 Square Feet • 10,019 Lot Size

A property like this doesn’t come along often! This tastefully remodeled south end home sits on an over-sized, sunny lot near Pioneer Park, QFC, MICC & top-rated schools. Enter to a welcoming great room featuring an open kitchen with bar seating, quartzite counters & Wolf range. French doors lead to a 744 sq. ft. deck featuring an outdoor kitchen, gas heat & covered outdoor living space for year-round entertaining & grilling. Three bedrooms on the main floor plus a remodeled full bath. Fully finished basement includes family room, dedicated laundry room (with laundry shoot from upstairs), fourth bedroom or office & ¾-bath. New roof, siding & more make this a great place to call home!

For more information, please contact Chad Dierickx. • 206.854.3931 •

8212 SE 29th St Mercer Island 98040_001.jpg

8212 Southeast 29th Street, Mercer Island • MLS# 1166317
$2,285,000 • 4 Bedrooms • 2.75 Bathrooms • 4,390 Square Feet • 19,536 Lot Size

This masterfully crafted custom daylight rambler is nestled in a spacious setting with fabulous lake, city and mountain views. You will love its light, flowing and open layout.

Step from the foyer to a soaring living room with beautiful picture window, inset ceiling and elegant gas fireplace. The adjacent dining room makes entertaining effortless—dine alongside expansive garden view windows and a handy built-in buffet.

Hardwood floors flow into a stunning kitchen with massive cooking/seating island, slab granite surfaces, high-end stainless appliances and double ovens. Ample cupboard space, a butler’s pantry and built-in planning desk are sure to delight the chef.

The kitchen overlooks a cheerful breakfast nook and comfortable family room with cozy gas fireplace & beautiful built-in bookshelves. Open the sliding glass doors for parties on the back deck, where you can enjoy wide open views all the way to Lake Washington. The classic fireside study is a peaceful spot to catch up on work.

Steal away to the main-floor master suite, featuring a romantic fireplace, 5-piece en suite bath and private access to the deck. Three more bedrooms plus theater and rec rooms provide plenty of space to gather or relax. You’ll the big backyard with fenced play lawn and terraced planting beds. Enjoy convenient access to I 90, dining and shopping from this fantastic North End locale!

For more information, please contact Bonnie Sanborn. • 206.919.3501 •


2723 74th Avenue Southeast, Mercer Island • MLS# 1167790
$1,275,000 • 4 Bedrooms • 2 Bathrooms • 2,520 Square Feet • 18,132 Lot Size

Nestled in a peaceful and spacious setting just up the hill from downtown Mercer Island, this Mid-Century classic blends vintage quality with stylish updates for today’s lifestyle. Enjoy fireside chats alongside sweeping scenery in the living room, or host parties in the spacious dining room. The remodeled kitchen makes cooking a breeze with slab granite surfaces, stainless steel appliances and ample cupboards. Four bedrooms, a rec room and an office provide plenty of space and privacy for everyone. Step out and savor the outdoors from the patio and huge play yard—lushly landscaped to form a private oasis. Minutes to Mio Posto, Starbucks, Local Market and I-90 access.

For more information, please contact Marianne Parks. • 206.412.0038 •

5 Local Shops on Mercer Island You’ve Got to Check Out

5 Local Shops on Mercer Island You’ve Got to Check Out

Mercer Island is a small town, amidst two large cities. Bellevue and Seattle have their own style of local charm, much of which is derived from their rich history. But, what about Mercer Island?

In search of new novel? Island Books has been selling favorites since 1973, and are coined as the only independent bookstore serving Mercer Island. And have been such for over 40 years. Their quaint shop has classics, modern bestsellers, and a magical children’s’ section, complete with playhouse! PJ Story Times are a local, mid-week favorite! From crawling to running, many children (and grandchildren) have grown up wondering the halls of this local spot.

“Hip Clothing.” Those are two words that define this brick and mortar boutique: Hip Zephyr. Knowledgeable and honest staff will willfully help you complete your distinct style – whatever that style may be!

Chick’s Shoes & Service is another family owned and operated store, established in 1949. Over the years they’ve been recognized as a legacy of high quality, reputable, and full-service shoe shop. Attached to their shop repair, they have a retail section, serving brands such as Filson, Danner, Neos, and PW Minor.

Custom, pre-arranged, and wedding arrangements? The Mercer Island Florist has you covered! For over 55 years, the Mercer Island Florist has served Mercer Island and the surrounding areas. With an objective to continually surpass expectations, they handcraft the highest quality floral products. Like many regional retailers and restaurants, they make a concerted effort to support locally and domestic flower growers!

Featuring a spectacularly large selection of bird accoutrement, Denise’s Parrot Place is a one stop shop for everything bird-related: quality, organic foods, safe and creative toys, and new and innovative specialty products. But they don’t stop there! They also offer bird boarding, grooming, and in-store consultations.

Mercer Island is a community drive city, with “small-town” roots. Though their locale and population may argue, this true island community is consistent with preservation, quality education, and community engagement.

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7560 Southeast 71st Street, Mercer Island • MLS# 1188695
$2,189,000 • 5 Bedrooms • 3.5 Bathrooms • 5,040 Square Feet • 14,420 Lot Size

Plug and Play… just in time to enjoy all that our Pacific Northwest summers have to offer! This sun-drenched home has it all – protected western views, coveted neighborhood & flexible spaces galore. Situated on a third of an acre, this Northwest Contemporary home, designed by architect Reid Morgan, captures the expansive lake views with soaring ceilings, clean lines, and walls of windows which highlight the modern living and dining spaces that flow seamlessly to the expansive deck for graceful entertaining.

For more information, please contact Julie Wilson. • 206.225.1500 •

A Classic Mercer Island Tradition: Summer Celebration

A Classic Mercer Island Tradition: Summer Celebration

We hope everyone enjoyed a safe Fourth of July, but hope you didn’t expend all your fun-loving energy!

This weekend, Mercer Island hosts an annual tradition of Summer Celebration. This community wide event draws 20,000 to 30,000 people over the weekend, along with a new theme. 2017’s theme? Out of this World.

Summer Celebration is a Saturday-Sunday festival, that offers food trucks, live music, a parade and fireworks display, and much more. Held around the island, there are events at Mercerdale and Luther Burbank Parks.

Opening with a bang…

Summer Celebration will open with a grand parade and route through downtown Mercer Island. Staying true to this year’s Out of this World, the best theme incorporation is set to receive a prize! Their parade participants are outlined on their website!

An out of this world experience…

Area 51 is an Out of this World themed area, located adjacent to the Skate Park. Battling robots and hands-on Pacific Science Center explorations are only two of the things you’ll find here. Have a robot you want to try out in combat? An outdoor robot contest will be held on Saturday from noon until 6:30pm. Make sure to arrive early to sign up and qualify!

Illustrations in the sky…

Saturday evening, around 10pm, the show begins. Thousands of explosions light up the sky, but that’s not all there is. A shuttle can bring you from the Mercer Island City Hall to Luther Burbank Park from 6:30pm to 9:45pm, near when the show begins. Uncle Stinky will be on site, selling a variety of light-up and glow products. Live musical entertainment is brought to you by Brian Vogan & His Good Buddies from the Fireworks Stage, with an encore, from Oncore Music.

Inflatables and other entertainment before the fireworks display! And we hope you aren’t fireworked-out, because the show starts at 10!

Entertainment galore…

Live music is a huge theme during celebrations, and Summer Celebration is full of them. From open to close on Saturday and Sunday a musical accompaniment coincides typical festival functions. Their full schedule it outlined on their website.

Are you into cars? The Mercer Island Car Show is joining the Summer Celebration Street Fair with their 15th Annual Mercer Island Care Show! Automotive treasures and hidden gems will join us from across the region for you to enjoy! Classic, antique, custom, sports cars, motorcycles, and “project vehicles” are all welcome! So, check out their registration, bring it down, and make a new friend along the way!

As with any celebration, there will be food. As part of the Mercerdale Park main festival, a bunch of local trucks and vendors will be there to support all your cravings. Uncle Bucks will bring New York style Italian sausages and pastrami sandwiches, as well as Siracha chicken bites! Pon Proem, Delicious Asia, Curry House, Jeremy Westmoreland Concessions, Carlson Catering, Buns on Wheels, and Little Monkey.

The Mercer Island Chamber of Commerce will even be there with Haagen Daz ice cream bars; in addition to the Mercer Island Kiwanis Club complete with shaved ice cones. It’s bound to be a hot weekend, so relax with an icy dessert!

Planning on heading to the fireworks display at Luther Burbank? They’ve got your food needs covered there, too!

Other events include Sk8te the Rock 2017! event, the Children’s Fun Zone, the Arts & Crafts Marketplace, and Boat Rides Around the Island.

Gardening with Ciscoe Morris…

Windermere Mercer Island will be hosting our 12th annual My First Garden children’s event, emceed by Ciscoe Morris. Check out the event Windermere State at 2pm on Saturday. This article on our sister site, MercerIslandPulse, has a schedule of Windermere Mercer Island’s sponsored events.

With such an expansive array of celebrations, they’ve mapped out a schedule for you to stay ahead of the heat.

This year is set to be truly amazing and fun for the entire family. Whether you’re here for the food, the fun, or the entertainment – there’s something for everyone! Cars, music, food, children’s activities, gardening, and fireworks!

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2920 76th Avenue Southeast #401, Mercer Island • MLS# 1143509
$449,900 • 2 Bedrooms • 1.75 Bathrooms • 1,541 Square Feet

Nestled just steps away from Mercerdale Park in a coveted Mercer Island locale, this rare top floor end unit, offers over 1,500 sq. ft. living space. Vaulted ceilings & skylights bring brilliant natural light into the open living/dining area. Step out to savor sunrises and city/mountain views from the wide balcony. The spacious, sky-lit kitchen opens to a casual dining area for quick meals. Retreat to the vaulted master with en suite 3/4 bath. A second bedroom with built-in cabinets could double as an office. Stroll to shopping, restaurants and trails, or walk to the nearby park & ride for an easy commute!

For more information, please contact Fred Fox. • 425.785.3147 •


4830 88th Place Southeast, Mercer Island • MLS# 1152479
$1,395,000 • 5 Bedrooms • 4 Bathrooms • 3,520 Square Feet • 11,018 Lot Size

Let the good times roll in this custom, spacious home featuring a sports court, three decks and a sky-lit atrium with in-ground swimming pool. Entertaining is a breeze with a large kitchen, formal dining area and fireside living & family rooms. The fun continues downstairs in the huge bonus/game room. Spread out with a gracious master suite and 3 bedrooms up, plus one more on the main.

For more information, please contact Doug McKiernan. • 206.369.3949 •


3260 80th Avenue Southeast #60-4, Mercer Island • MLS# 1156688
$559,000 • 3 Bedrooms • 1.75 Bathrooms • 1,375 Square Feet

Tucked back away from the road in a peaceful and private setting, this rare 3 bedroom end unit awaits you. It’s ready for you to move right in with a stylishly updated granite/stainless kitchen and remodeled bathrooms. Relax or gather alongside the floor-to-ceiling fireplace in the living room. Serve meals beneath the designer chandelier in the dining room, or step out to the spacious, covered balcony with new rails and flooring—perfect for barbecues and enjoying western sunsets over territorial vistas. The peaceful master suite features a huge walk-in closet with California Closets organizers. With a walk score of 74, you can stroll to all of Downtown Mercer Island’s restaurants, shops, parks and the Park & Ride. Just minutes to Seattle or Bellevue!

For more information, please contact Julie Baker. • 425.644.2933 •


5 North End Activities in Mercer Island, Washington

5 North End Activities in Mercer Island, Washington

What is something we all cherish, but don’t always indulge in? Finding our perfect recreation spots as close to home as possible. Why not hyper-focus close to home?

Mercer Island is a community of close-knit families, all striving towards similar goals: quality education, preservation of our natural beauty, and family. Some of the many ways they accomplish these things, is by providing top-tier public education, numerous parks, open spaces, and scenic roadways, and the year-round family-focused festivals and celebrations.

But, what do you do with the rest of your time?

The town center of Mercer Island is diverse and serves as the city’s celebration epicenter. Alongside our humble, downtown area is Mercerdale Park, a trailed open space, with large, grass field for play, and summer and music festivals.

East of downtown is the Gallagher Hill Open Space. A heavily treed space, there are two short interconnecting trails that run through and alongside the I-90 Express.

Northwest and across I-90, you will find the renowned Luther Burbank Park. This massive park has room for all and spaces for everything. Whether you’re booking at room at the Mercer Island Community & Events Center, visiting and participating in the Mercer Island Pea-Patch Community Garden, playing tennis, or any number of other activities.

Remember when I said everyone? I think I’ve forgotten someone…

Luther Burbank is also equipped with a multi-acre off-leash dog park. The main portion offers a beachside area, in addition to a smaller small dog portion. Sand and the shores of Lake Washington provide ample activity for you and your furry best friend. Tired of the sand? Check out Calkins Point, or any of the large green spaces or miles of paved/gravel paths.

Even further west is the Aubrey David Park and the I-90 Lid Park. An excellent choice for the entire family, the Aubrey David Park bestows sweeping Seattle views, two softball fields, four tennis courts, 2 playground areas, 2 outdoor basketball courts, plenty of open space to roam, and a picnic shelter for gatherings.

Looking for a bite to eat? How about the Roanoke Inn? Originally built in 1914 by George Macguire, the Roanoke Inn holds the title of the oldest business on Mercer Island. Built a block away from the old ferry terminal, the inn served as hub for locals and visitors alike.

Built on a reputation of delicious delights, a welcoming atmosphere, and variety, the inn 1914 ethics, rings true today. Though it’s adapted through the years, it still acts of local attraction for locals and visitors from across the water and beyond. The Roanoke Inn was registered as a historical landmark in 1976.

Mercer Island is a city rich with culture, history, and beauty. Whether you live on-island or across the bridge, the island serves as a fabulous place to visit, live, and dream.

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Windermere Mercer Island


3607 81st Avenue Southeast, Mercer Island • MLS# 1134546
$1,100,000 • 4 Bedrooms • 2.5 Bathrooms • 2,780 Square Feet • 11,182 Lot Size

Set on the Island’s convenient Northend, this Lucas Hill daylight rambler offers an open, big-sky feel and partial Lake Washington views. Its large corner lot with level backyard ensures abundant privacy, captures all-day sun for your favorite garden projects and basks in golden sunsets. The possibilities to update this nicely maintained home or make plans to build new are limited only by your imagination. Stroll to downtown Mercer Island, parks, schools, restaurants and shopping. This location is also amazingly convenient to buses, the Mercer Island Park ‘n Ride and east/west I-90 access to Seattle or Bellevue.

For more information, please contact Peni Schwartz or Cynthia Schoonmaker. ♦ 206.718.7364 ♦ ♦ 206.683.2725 ♦


2708 70th Avenue Southeast, Mercer Island • MLS# 1131101
$1,395,000 • 3 Bedrooms • 1.75 Bathrooms • 1,670 Square Feet • 11,899 Lot Size

Feel on top of the world in this classic daylight rambler, perched on a beautiful lot with 180° lake, city and mountain views. Gather with friends in spacious living & dining rooms, or cozy up to the wood stove in the garden view atrium. The bright kitchen features ample cupboard space and a windowed breakfast nook. Two bedrooms are together on the main, with a third bedroom downstairs.

For more information, please contact Doug McKiernan. • 206.369.3949 •


4239 93rd Avenue Southeast, Mercer Island • MLS# 1134662
$1,250,000 • 5 Bedrooms • 2.75 Bathrooms • 3,120 Square Feet • 7,262 Lot Size

This immaculate one-story with basement is set in a great location on the north end of Mercer Island. Remodeled great room with newer hardwood floors, gas fireplace, built-in cabinetry and spacious dining area. Stunning new kitchen offers beautiful cabinets, center island, silestone countertops, prep sink, tile backsplash, stainless steel appliances (including two DCS ovens), designer lighting, and large walk-in pantry. Spacious master bedroom plus 4 additional bedrooms, with two featuring hardwoods under the carpeting. Huge lower level rec room with fireplace, plus an extra finished room for your office or workout room. French doors open to the new backyard with oversize patio, play lawn and in-ground sprinkler system. Move into a home that feels fresh and bright with an updated kitchen, remodeled great room and new backyard. Walk to the High School!

For more information, please contact Jay Agoado. • 425.260.0715 •

Mercer Island School District

Mercer Island School District

The public-school system is one thing many children have in common, and the Mercer Island School District has one of the best rankings in the nation.

The Mercer Island School District consists of 4 elementary school (Lakeridge, Island Park, West Mercer, and Northwood), 1 middle school (Islander), and 1 high school (Mercer Island). Additionally, there is an alternative school, called the Crest Learning Center.

In 2017 alone, they’ve received numerous district achievements, including the hold metal ranking for Best High Schools, but U.S. News & World Report, the 2016 Washington Achievement Awardwinning the regional robotics competition, and the Mercer Island High School Jazz Band earning the top award at the Spokane Festival. And that’s not including many other prestigious awards for individual graduates, or other clubs’ achievements.

The Mercer Island school district has long been known as one of the best in the Greater Seattle Region. According to U.S. News, the Mercer Island High School is ranked #419 in all the United States, which is out of 28,500 national high schools, and was awarded the coveted gold metal. MIHS is also ranked #7 in Washington State, and #139 in STEM high schools. In Science, English, and Mathematics, the MIHS ranks well-above the state averages.

On, most Mercer Island schools are rated a 10 out of 10, highlighted by various glowing reviews. With an average ratio of 20 children per teacher, 197 students her counselor, and 10% of teachers having three or more years of teaching experience, they are above state averages.

Mercer Island has a 94% graduation rate.

Though the Mercer Island curriculum is rigorous, 35% of all students take higher level or AP classes, with an average of 80% passing 1 or more AP exams.

Though these are recent 2017 results, the Mercer Island School District has a proven track record of placing a high importance on education, higher learning, and creating a balance between education and community services.

The Mercer Island School District has sought out to prepare their students for the rigor of life and their future higher learning. By creating a balance between traditional, digital, and innovative learning styles, they allow personalized learning for each child. Their district wide educational framework, is created to work together from Elementary, all the way to High School, ingraining tradition, passion, and drive.

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Windermere Mercer Island


7915 Southeast 67th Street, Mercer Island • MLS# 1134784
$1,598,000 • 4 Bedrooms • 2.5 Bathrooms • 3,030 Square Feet • 17,906 Lot Size

Set on nearly half an acre of sun-drenched privacy, this brilliant home awaits you. Genuine Buchan quality shines through the open floor plan. Elegant gathering spaces flow into the family room and open, island-style kitchen—cooking is a delight on stainless steel appliances and granite surfaces. Head down to the fireside rec room, enjoy sunsets on the west-facing ironwood deck, or get your game on in the lit sport court and expansive, level lawn beyond. Schools, parks & the shopping center are just a stroll away from this ideal neighborhood.

For more information, please contact Kelly Weisfield. • 206.355.3863 •

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3309 72nd Place Southeast, Mercer Island • MLS# 1134843
$1,250,000 • 4 Bedrooms • 2.25 Bathrooms • 2,420 Square Feet • 9,000 Lot Size

Available on the market for the first time! This custom-built home offers classic beauty and recent upgrades—move right in with fresh exterior paint, new flooring and new appliances. Double-door entry with new Terrazzo flooring opens to the light-filled living room—featuring iconic open-beam ceilings, clerestory windows and new hardwoods. Beautiful Shoji doors slide open to reveal a spacious dining area. Generous sky-lit kitchen offers new stainless steel appliances plus a breakfast bar and casual dining area. Fireside family room with integrated library shelving and vaulted open-beam ceilings. Spacious master suite plus three additional bedrooms; the 4th bedroom has a private ¾ bath for guests or a nanny. You’ll love the private First Hill location on a peaceful cul-de-sac near parks, restaurants, shopping and I-90 access.

For more information, please contact Jay Agoado. • 425.260.0715 •

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4106 78th Avenue Southeast, Mercer Island • MLS# 1136921
$1,978,000 • 4 Bedrooms • 3.25 Bathrooms • 5,060 Square Feet • 19,312 Lot Size

This stunning, custom built home is a testament to quality craftsmanship and timeless Northwest Contemporary design. Offering expansive spaces for gathering and relaxation, it is tucked privately back off the street and all focus is towards the serene, green backyard. A coveted Mercer Island location with top-rated schools and easy I-90 access to Seattle/Bellevue make this an ideal place to call home!

For more information, please contact Robyn Kimura-Hsu or Rachel Schindler. • 206.295.2247 • • 206.250.5622 •

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Mercer Island Recycling & Shredding Event + New Listing

Mercer Island Recycling & Shredding Event + New Listing

It’s that time of year again!

Spring Cleaning has jumped up on us, but we’re here to help! Windermere Mercer Island’s annual FREE Recycling and Shredding Event.

WHEN: Saturday, May 20th
TIME: 10 am – 3 pm
WHERE: Windermere Mercer Island
ADDRESS: 2737 77th Avenue Southeast, Mercer Island, WA

Accepted Items (working or non-working): electronics, appliances, water heaters, dishwashers, computers, cell phone batteries, bicycles, lawnmowers, freezers, printers, and so much more.

Click here for a full list of what is accepted!

1 Green Planet and Windermere Mercer Island collaborate.

Voluntary donations will also be accepted for Mercer Island Youth and Family Services.

If you’re looking to clear some baby and children’s items out of your home, consider donating them to the Eastside Baby Corner! This spectacular organization,  serves over 500 families every week, with food, clothing, safety equipment, and other essentials! Windermere Mercer Island will be there on June 2nd, 2017 to organize, clean, and assist in their day-to-day!


8470 Southeast 72nd Place, Mercer Island ♦ MLS# 1121506
$1,750,000 ♦ 5 Bedrooms ♦ 3.5 Bathrooms ♦ 3,722 Square Feet ♦ 12,849 Lot Size

Welcome—you found it. The perfect setting—a peaceful and sunny neighborhood where neighbors stop to chat, kids ride their bikes and all the amenities of Mercer Island Country Club are a stone’s throw away. The ideal home – remodeled to perfection for today’s lifestyle including a stunning gourmet kitchen, spacious master suite, sophisticated finishes and a thoughtful open layout.

Relax by the fireplace or gather with friends in the light & bright vaulted living room with a wall of windows. The recently renovated kitchen is an epicurean dream with custom cabinetry, stainless appliances, Dacor 5-burner gas cook top with pot filler, double ovens, appliance garage, granite surfaces, and center seating island. Serve dinner in the fireside dining area, or experience seamless indoor/outdoor living through the double sliding doors to the new sun-drenched deck. An intimate seating area is also open to the kitchen and features a beautiful new built-in window seat and desk.

Upstairs, your new master suite awaits you with vaulted ceilings, a romantic fireplace, dual closets, and travertine and marble 5-piece bath. Four more bedrooms plus an office and large rec room provide ample space to spread out.

Enjoy exceptional outdoor living in this beautifully landscaped setting. A new entertaining deck is perfect for summer barbecues, with steps leading down to the huge, park-like backyard. Shoot some hoops in the sport court or revel in hours of play on the level, soccer-sized lawn.

Benefit from an incredible location in the coveted Mercer Island Estates neighborhood. You’ll be just steps away from schools, the Mercer Island Country Club, parks, and the shopping center.

For more information, please contact Kelly Weisfield. ♦ 206.355.3863 ♦

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08 aerial 1-8.jpg

4162 West Mercer Way, Mercer Island ♦ MLS# 1119884
$1,038,000 ♦ 3 Bedrooms ♦ 2 Bathrooms ♦ 8,568 Lot Size

Move into a home that feels fresh and bright with over $300,000 of extensive, high-quality updates, including pristine landscaping. Start with fantastic west-facing curb appeal. Upon entering, discover a light-filled dining room opening to the gourmet kitchen with high-end Viking appliances and breakfast bar. Step out back to the sunny entertaining deck, gazebo canopy and manicured garden. Relax alongside the gas fireplace in the living room, or retreat to the gracious master and two additional bedrooms. Upgrades include thick plantation shutters, maple hardwoods, dramatic crown molding, AC, & a wired generator. Such a rare offering!

For more information, please contact Claire Dion or Cynthia Schoonmaker. ♦ 206.240.2115 ♦ ♦ 206.683.2725 ♦

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5809 West Mercer Way, Mercer Island ♦ MLS# 1120863
$799,000 ♦ 3 Bedrooms ♦ 1.5 Bathrooms ♦ 1,690 Square Feet ♦ 5,666 Lot Size

This wonderful charmer has been smartly updated for today! Move right in with a new roof, fresh interior and exterior paint, a stylishly remodeled main bath, and newly replaced hardwood floors and carpeting. Just in time for summer, this home also features dual French doors that open to a large wrap around entertaining deck for your barbecue parties.

You’ll love the circular layout that flows from the spacious living room into the bright dining room and kitchen. Cooking is a joy with new quartz countertops and ample cupboard space. Enjoy quick meals in the breakfast nook with built-in dinette. Two spacious bedrooms and a full bath complete the main floor, while a rec room and powder room await you downstairs.

This ideal location is just a short block away from Mercer Island’s best west side beach park, Groveland Beach. Find all sorts of fun here including a play structure, beach volleyball, docks and life guard for water play in the summer.

Savor western sunsets from this peaceful setting, tucked away from West Mercer and close to public transportation, trails and parks. Affordability, award-winning schools and an easy commute to Seattle or Bellevue make this a fantastic place to call home!

For more information, please contact Nancy LaVallee. ♦ 206.383.9227 ♦

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Mercer Island Restaurants + New Listings

Mercer Island Restaurants + New Listings

Looking for a great on-island take-out place? Or perhaps somewhere to sit and relax? Downtown Mercer Island has a little bit of everything, for everyone!

Now, what are these fabulous places?

  • Island Crust Café: They’re Kosher. They’re Halal. They’re Vegetarian. Menu diversity offers scrumptious sandwiches, salads, pizzas, specialty entrees, and seafood. Completely homemade with the freshest ingredients. Their cozy ambiance offers ideal comfort for each person!
  • The Islander: A well-known Mercer Island restaurant, this place serves up NW Americana with only the most local and fresh ingredients inside! A great place for all occasions, this family restaurant is ideal for relaxing, family events, birthdays, lunches, dinners, and watching the game!
  • Mioposto: Beautifully rustic, this shop features Italian standard fares, with a domestically sourced flare. Open-flame ovens, create unique and handcrafted delights.
  • Bennett’s Bistro: Authentic and original, Bennett’s has been a local favorite since opening. Owned by Sugar Mountain, they buy from producers who share their commitment to whole foods, handmade delicacies, and freshness.
  • The Island Broiler: Cozy spaces with original flare. The Phat 12 Island Broiler will serve you exceptional service, coupled with delicious and healthy foods. Setting the standard high from the start, this restaurant promises a “modern, cozy, and elegant setting”!
  • Sushi Joa: This top rated, local sushi restaurant has a dish for all your cravings. History and an inviting, family orientated mission combined, creating a menu ranging from Korean to Japanese cuisine.
  • Pon Proem Thai: This convenient, downtown Thai restaurant, features a delicious, healthy, and original menu. Great prices and service, so whether you’re getting take out or dining in, you’re in for an experience.
  • I Luv Pho: Are you craving healthy, unique, and fresh? Their broth is made daily, offers vegan options, in addition to many traditional appetizers, rice dishes, and vermicelli bowls!
  • Gourmet Teriyaki: Decent sized portions and tasty food. This local spot offers a variety of Japanese cuisine.
  • Oh! Chocolate: Crafted out of tradition and high-quality ingredients, these premium artisan chocolates are you melt-in-your-mouth lovely. They create small batches, so that every piece is as fresh as can be!

With so many places to choose from, what will you choose?


Southpointe Waterfront
8493 West Mercer Way, Mercer Island ♦ MLS# 1118081
$7,600,000 ♦ 5 Bedrooms ♦ 4.75 Bathrooms ♦ 5,370 Square Feet ♦ 22,533 Lot Size

Southpointe. One of ten such tips on Lake Washington. Custom contemporary 2009 home is over 100’ wide, opportunistically capturing light and vistas dawn to dusk. Mount Rainier in every conceivable color, framed up dramatically in two story walls of glass. Exquisite fully appointed kitchen befitting the culinary artist. Five full suites. Extensive guest parking. 145’+ of no bank waterfront, expertly designed grounds with multiple destinations. Exclusive dock, covered moorage, multiple lifts. Brilliance!

For more information, please contact Larry Williams. ♦ 425.445.9870 ♦

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6260 West Mercer Way, Mercer Island ♦ MLS# 1065102
$1,500,000 ♦ 4 Bedrooms ♦ 4 Bathrooms ♦ 3,100 Square Feet

From the moment you arrive at the beautiful paver stone drive, you will appreciate the thoughtful placement of this home designed to sit prominently on the property. A stately covered walk leads you to a commanding entry with soaring ceilings and large formal living room with walls of windows that frame the ever changing lush Pacific Northwest landscape.

A timeless and smart floorplan with grand first floor spaces is perfect for entertaining a crowd throughout the year. In the summer months, you can walk out from the living, dining, kitchen and family rooms to several garden spaces that all enjoy the calming sounds of the tranquil stream that flows through the back of the property. In our rainier season, you will enjoy three fireplaces to keep you warm in the living room, kitchen and family room—perfect for cozy nights enjoyed with family and friends.

The upper level can be reached by two staircases—the front servicing the master, and the back linking up the other three bedrooms which all connect via an upper hall with lots of windows keeping the upper level illuminated by natural light during the day.

Nestled on an oversized lot, this meticulously maintained Ralph Anderson / Black & Caldwell Northwest Contemporary home is both peaceful and private.

For more information, please contact Ina Bahner. ♦ 206.854.9911 ♦

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8506 Southeast 79th Place, Mercer Island ♦ MLS# 1114469
$1,350,000 ♦ 4 Bedrooms ♦ 2.75 Bathrooms ♦ 2,500 Square Feet ♦ 9,968 Lot Size

Move right in to a home that feels fresh and bright with beautiful updates throughout.  A beautiful stone entryway opens to the spacious dining area—perfect for holidays and parties. Gather in the soaring living room with picture windows, dramatic floor-to-ceiling fireplace and new gas insert. The open, updated kitchen features slab granite surfaces, newer stainless appliances and a built-in breakfast nook. A wood-wrapped slider leads from the oversize family room to a sunny patio and fenced backyard. Retreat to the spacious main-floor master with vaulted ceiling, walk-in closet and remodeled bath with heated floors. Three more bedrooms await upstairs along with a full bath; built-in desks allow you to use one room as a home office. Entertain friends in elegant gathering spaces, prepare gourmet meals on newer stainless appliances in the kitchen, or kick back in the comfy family room. Stroll to schools & parks form this coveted Mercer Island locale!

For more information, please contact Jay Agoado. ♦ 425.260.0715 ♦

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Mercer Island Community + New Listing

Mercer Island Community + New Listing

What’s near my house?

It’s the weekend, or the end of a very trying and difficult day. What will you do?

Sure, you could go home and relax in front of the television, but today you want to do something a tad different. But, what?

If you live on the south end of Mercer Island, there are many activities to partake in.

Are you hungry? Check out these convenient eateries!

  • Sahara Pizza: Has delivery! High quality mixes with super speedy service, generous toppings, and ideal ambiance.
  • Toshi’s Teriyaki: A consistent 4+ Star Rated teriyaki place, Toshi’s Teriyaki fast service, great value, and amazing food.

Feeling restless?

  • Pioneer Park: Split into three quadrants, each is designated with its own unique purpose. Horseback riding? Or a simple trail run/bike ride/nature walk? They’ve got a quadrant for that!
  • Island Crest Park: Filled to the brim with activity and community recreation. Batting cages, two full-sized baseball field, a football field, tennis courts, and plenty of parking… We’ve already got a post about that! Check out all the detials here!
  • South Mercer Playfields: This adorable park was designed with activity in mind. There are 4 adult softball fields and children’s’ playground equipment.


  • Clarke Beach Park: This beach offers views facing east towards Bellevue, allowing one to swim, picnic, barbeque, or simply bask in the delight of Northwest beauty.
  • Groveland Beach Park: On the other side, we have a Seattle facing park. Similar to Clarke Beach Park, this neighborhood beach park offers swimming (unguarded), picnicking, barbeques, and a playground.

Any of these fantastic and local places will keep you both close to home and Northwest active! Don’t want to stay close to home? Mercer Island is centered between Seattle and Bellevue – both offering a plethora of social delights! Still don’t want to leave the island? Mercer Island’s Downtown offers many, many local haunts to choose from!


6860 83rd Avenue Southeast, Mercer Island  ♦ MLS# 1106149
$1,350,000 ♦ 5 Bedrooms ♦ 2.25 Bathrooms ♦ 2,771 Square Feet ♦ 9,680 Lot Size

Designer colors, tasteful updates and warm hardwood floors embrace this sought-after Mercer Island home. Its ideal blend of formal & casual spaces lives large—easily accommodating both grand entertaining and quiet relaxation. Gather with friends in large, light-filled living and dining rooms. Cooking is a joy in the bright kitchen overlooking a cheerful dining nook.

Kick back alongside the cozy brick fireplace in the spacious family room, or catch up on work in the main floor study with built-in library shelving. At the end of the day, the master suite is a welcome refuge with its romantic wood burning fireplace—the updated ensuite bath includes a heated floor for cool mornings. Three more bedrooms provide space and privacy for everyone.

Discover approximately 400 square feet of bonus space in this adorable outbuilding. Unwind in the hot tub and sauna, or set up your home gym/office/studio in the bonus room. Its basement is perfect for extra storage or a wine cellar.

Tucked on Mercer Island’s serene South End, this traditional 2-story home offers a spacious floor plan and genuine Buchan-built quality. Stroll to award-winning schools, Starbucks, QFC, restaurants, parks, and playfields.

For more information, please contact Allen Hovsepian. ♦ 206.718.6500 ♦

Mercer Island Community Park + New Listing

Mercer Island Community Park + New Listing

Mercer Island’s Pioneer Park, located at the intersection of Island Crest Way and Southeast 68th Street, is the perfect getaway to the usually busy city life. This 113 acre forest was purchased by the City of Mercer island in 1964, and was transferred to the Mercer Island Open Space Conservatory Trust in 1992. The park itself is made up of three quadrants of the aforementioned crossroads, making it one of most expansive parks on the island.

The Northwest Quadrant is arguable the most popular. It has something for everyone, including trails for both walkers, runners, and is accessible for strollers and wheelchairs; there is an alternate trail designated for horses; off-leashed and behaviorally trained dogs are also welcome on these trails. This flat area, is great for new or seasoned walkers.

The Northeast Quadrant has loads of natural variety, with the forest being a mixture of conifer and deciduous habitats, a ravine, stream, miles of trails, and natural views of the wonderland. Pioneer Park was purposefully kept in its natural state, to allow residents and visitors easy access to natural Northwest beauty. Moderate and easy inclines, make this a great place for everyone!

The Southeast Quadrant is coined the Equestrian Quadrant. While its trails and spaces are open to all users, they are designated and maintained specifically for horseback riding. This forest if predominately Douglas Fir. Check out more information, or access to maps of the park, here!


5804 East Mercer Way, Mercer Island ♦ MLS# 1106987
$3,588,000 ♦ 5 Bedrooms ♦ 4.75 Bathrooms ♦ 5,322 Square Feet ♦ 12,600 Lot Size

Lakeside Living at its best! Walls of windows frame stunning views of Lake Washington and Mt. Rainier on 60’ of waterfront. Ideal floor plan & smartly designed spaces: open great room with soaring ceilings flows into gourmet kitchen with eating bar, and large entertaining deck. Main floor den and guest suite. Upstairs: 3 more en suite bedrooms, including fabulous view master retreat. Host the crowd on the lower level for movies, hot tub, or game night after enjoying a day on the lake. Radiant. Alluring. Exceptional.

For more information, please contact Kelly Weisfield. ♦ 206.355.3863 ♦

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Mercer Island Beach Club + New Listing

Mercer Island Beach Club + New Listing

The Mercer Island Beach Club has been building tradition since its kick start in 1954. As most of Mercer Island history, this one is rooted in efforts towards community togetherness, commitment, and the betterment of each other. 400 local families started the group, each pitching in $100 and offering commitment to the community. Initially a summer youth camp in the 1930s, it stood, nearly abandoned, for more than 20 years. That’s when the earliest founders recognized the value of the property, and its beauty through several acres of land and 675 feet of private waterfront.

After that, 400 families secured pledges to the original commitment to communal ownership, which still holds true to this day. The Mercer Island beach club has long been devoted to enjoyment and the betterment of the community. Through the years, they added various amenities, like tennis courts in 1971, food concessions in 1988, and, in 2003, the Mercer Island Beach Club underwent a very special upgrade. This birthed the Renewal Project, which included construction upgrades, year-round fitness center, 8-lane competition pool, and an activity pool, featuring a slow “lazy river”. Many other big things happened, like upgraded play areas and a water slide.

Amenities & Features:

  • Summer, Winter & Private Swim Lessons
  • Activity Pool, featuring a “Lazy River”
  • 8-Lane Competitive Pool
  • 6 Hard Courts, with amazing views of Lake Washington & Mount Rainier and a Large Viewing Deck Area, which includes tables, chairs & umbrellas
  • Junior, Adult & Private Tennis Lessons
  • State of the Art Fitness Center, which measures of 2,200 square feet
  • Both Cardiovascular & Strength-Training Orientated Machines & Devices
    • Elliptical Trainers
    • Tread Mills
    • Several Types of Bikes
    • Stair Master
    • Stepper
    • Rowing Machines
    • Free Weights, as well as Machine Defined Weight Exercises
  • The Mercer Island Beach Club’s beach includes the beach, a lake swim area, swim dock, 6 moorage docks, beach toys, and nearby lawn for playing & sun bathing
  • Childcare Program
  • Various Social & Networking Events


3840 East Mercer Way, Mercer Island ♦ MLS# 1077762
5 Bedrooms ♦ 4 Bathrooms ♦ 6,117 Square Feet ♦ 26,943 Square Foot Lot

Contemporary, timeless Northend waterfront. Dramatically designed for privacy with focus on indoor/outdoor lifestyle. 130’ low-bank waterfront, large dock, and deep moorage. Casually elegant & expansive living spaces, with soaring ceilings and window walls, capture expansive lake views. Open gourmet kitchen flows to casual eating area and family room. Featuring den/movie room, two master suites, exercise room, shop/studio, wine cellar, large patio, BBQ, and hot tub. Experience Island life on the water at this very unique Northwest setting.

For more information, please contact Cynthia Schoonmaker or Reilly Schanno. ♦ 206.683.2725 ♦

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Mercer Island School + New Listing

Mercer Island School + New Listing

Island Park Elementary is a top rated school – rated a 10 out of 10 on Located off Island Crest Way – and right next to Island Crest & Deane’s Children’s Parks – this school is conveniently located in the mid-island area of Mercer Island. Nineteen reviews & comments on rate Island Crest Park with an overall 5-start score!

This public elementary school has a staff of 65, that serve the 540 approximate students in attendance. This school offers the normal language-mathematics-science classes, but also incorporates technology into each session. Music, arts, library, physical education, and integrated Spanish classes are also apart of the curriculum. Extra circulars include, before school choir, band & orchestra programs, robotics, chess, and art clubs.

Mercer Island schools are known for their great schools, which is habitually ranked #1 in Washington State, and Island Crest Elementary is not unlike that. An average of 87% of children are proficient or better at English Language Arts; while 84% of children are proficient or better in Mathematics; and 86% are proficient or better in Science. For more information, please check out the grade-specific report cards here! All in all, this is an amazing school, in a spectacular school district!


2760 76th Avenue SE #106, Mercer Island ♦ MLS# 1092721
1 Bedroom ♦ 1 Bathroom ♦ 676 Square Feet

Move right in to this immaculate condo, featuring easy ground-floor access, rich hardwood floors and stylish updates throughout. Its open layout is perfect whether you’re hosting friends in the roomy dining area or spending quiet evenings by the cozy slate fireplace. Step from the light-filled living room to a private deck overlooking natural scenery.

Cooking is a joy on sleek granite surfaces and stainless steel appliances in the designer kitchen. Its open concept lets you chat with guests at the breakfast bar and keep an eye out to the dining and living rooms.

Enjoy carefree living at the Carlton, a well-maintained condo community right in the heart of Mercer Island’s vibrant downtown. Great amenities—such as an impressive lobby, clubhouse, exercise room, large common area patio, walking paths, and media/game room with cushy theater seats—enhance the convenient lock-and-go lifestyle.

A quick path leads to the New Seasons Market, while Starbucks, the Park & Ride, and a variety of dining options are all just a stroll away. Award-winning schools, lightning fast I-90 access and renowned parks make this a special place to call home.

For more information, please contact Nancy LaVallee. ♦ 206.383.9227 ♦

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2426 70th Avenue Southeast, Mercer Island ♦ MLS# 1094263
5 Bedroom ♦ 4.25 Bathroom ♦ 4,000 Square Feet

Tucked in a peaceful setting at Mercer Island’s North End, this home offers gorgeous Craftsman-style finishes in a light-filled layout. Open gathering spaces beckon you to entertain alongside scenic views. The kitchen is a chef’s delight with its slab granite surfaces, stainless appliances and ample shaker style cabinets. Relax or catch up on work in the flexible main floor sitting room/den. French doors open to a landscaped patio. At the end of the day, the master is a true retreat with picturesque windows, a walk-in closet and sumptuous ensuite bath dressed in travertine. Step out to one of two second level decks—a third rooftop deck is perfect for watching the sun set over the lake and mountains.

A special feature of this home is a separate carriage house apartment. With its own full kitchen, living room, basement rec room, two bedrooms and legal ADU status, it’s perfect for extended family or an income-producing rental.

Enjoy the best of Mercer Island from this convenient North End location. Stroll to the Lid Park, bus stop and downtown restaurants & shops. I-90 is just minutes away for your dream commute to Seattle or Bellevue. Award-winning schools make this the ideal place to call home!

For more information, please contact Nancy LaVallee. ♦ 206.383.9227 ♦

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Mercer Island Community Hub + New Listing

Mercer Island Community Hub + New Listing

The beautiful Mercer Island Country Club rests on the south end of the island, near Pioneer Park. Originally built in the mid-1960s, this club was bought by two businessmen, Vito Quaranta and Bill Brown, who envisioned a community center, of sorts. By 1967 attracted nearly 300 local families to the member-owned club, and opened in that same year. Since its humble beginnings, of just a pool and tennis courts, the club has expanded and upgraded its facilities, attracted a much broader audience.

Amenities & Features:

  • 7 Indoor Tennis Courts
  • 8 Outdoor Tennis Courts
  • 7 Pro Tennis Courts
  • Extensive Tennis Programs & Lessons
  • An 8-Lane, 25-Yard Pool, fully equipped with spring diving board
  • Fully Equipped Weight Room & Fitness Studio, which were remodeled in 2011 and feature state-of-the-art machines
  • Lemons Spin Bikes
  • TRX Equipment
  • Various Lounge Areas, which may be rented for private parties
  • A Child-Care Center
  • Pro Athletics Shop
  • Outdoor BBQ and Play Equipment
  • Yoga & Tai Chi


8230 84th Avenue Southeast, Mercer Island ♦ ML# 1080287
$1,500,000 ♦ 5 Bedrooms ♦ 2.5 Bathrooms ♦ 2,860 Square Feet ♦ 11,170 Square Foot Lot

Finally! A brilliant turn-key home in coveted Island Point. Step from its welcoming entry to a warm and spacious living room—cozy up to the wood-burning fireplace and savor captivating views of the garden, Pennsylvania bluestone patio, and lake’s sparkle through floor-to-ceiling windows.

Cooking is a delight in the remodeled kitchen featuring quartz surfaces, Bosch stainless steel appliances and a built-in Panasonic microwave. A breakfast bar extends into the cheerful breakfast nook, open to the cozy family room beyond. Kick back in the inviting main level rec room with vaulted open-beam ceiling and garden door to the outdoor hot tub.

Five bedrooms await you upstairs, including a vaulted master suite with serene views over the garden and beyond the southern tip of the Island to Lake Washington. Its sumptuous 5-piece ensuite bath includes heated floors to keep your toes toasty on cold mornings. All of the bathrooms have been beautifully remodeled with natural hardwood vanities, limestone counters and travertine floors.

This beautiful corner lot provides plenty of outdoor entertaining spaces and colorful gardens to meander through. You will love the peaceful neighborhood setting, conveniently located near shopping, the Mercer Island Country Club, parks, top-rated schools and the Fleury trail. Home, sweet home!

For more information, please contact Cynthia Schoonmaker. ♦ 206.683.2725 ♦

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4233 83rd Avenue Southeast, Mercer Island ♦ MLS# 1083513
$1,196,000 ♦ 5 Bedrooms ♦ 2.5 Bathrooms ♦ 2,578 Square Feet ♦ 23,924 Square Foot Lot

Private, Mid Island rambler awaits. Located on a serene ½ acre lot, offering easy one-level living! Inside you’ll appreciate the open kitchen/dining/living flow. Large picture windows provide ample natural light and encourage indoor/outdoor entertaining. Enjoy the sports court, level yard, and 3-car detached garage & boat parking. Five bedrooms, many open to a large sunny wraparound deck. Perfect locale; close to parks, downtown Mercer Island and I-90 access. Radiant heat, generator & AC. Make it your own!

For more information, please contact Emily Roberts. ♦ 206.225.5490 ♦

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Mercer Island Community Highlight + New Listings

Mercerdale Park is the premier, downtown Mercer Island park. Located in the heart of downtown, it is a special spot for every islander. From Frisbee, to picnics, to a skateboard park, to a children’s’ play area, this park has it all. Mercerdale Park also plays host to the coveted Summer Celebration, in addition to a variety of over fun events. Last year, Windermere Mercer Island sponsored the fun Children’s Gardening booth, with giveaways for all. Stay tuned to see what we’re planning for this year!

Mercerdale Park is loved by all, as it boasts many features. This large, flat park is heart many eateries, shops, boutiques, and has a water fountain, a forested area with trails, and the Mercer Island Farmer’s Market – from June through October. Safe to say, this park is for children, adults, runners, bikers, walkers, dog lovers, and everything in between. With its convenient location (on the corner of SE 34th & SE 77th Street)and tons of residential parking, it makes visiting an enjoyable and fun activity!


3308 81st Place Southeast #C, Mercer Island ♦ MLS# 1078687
$1,595,000 ♦ 3 Bedrooms ♦ 3.5 Bathrooms ♦ 3,356 Square Feet

Rare opportunity to own an immaculate turn-key townhome, in the convenient north end location of Mercer Island. This private unit boasts over-sized windows, capturing tons of natural light. High ceilings and expansive walls are the perfect backdrop for your art collection. Both, formal and informal, spaces flow seamlessly in this smartly designed, flexible floor plan. Spacious gourmet kitchen with Sub-Zero, Dacor ovens & granite. Upper level master with attached sitting room, lake views, and spa-like bath complete the elegant master getaway.

For more information, please contact Denise Coe. ♦ 206.851.7702 ♦

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2204 61st Avenue Southeast, Mercer Island ♦ MLS#1078932
$1,167,000 ♦ 4 Bedrooms ♦ 2.75 Bathrooms ♦ 2,560 Square Feet ♦ .138 Acres

Live the Seattle lifestyle, only better! Walk-ability to the waterfront and parks, plus a quick commute to downtown Seattle or Bellevue. Designer touches at every corner: painted cabinets, Carrara counters, a Waterworks faucet, Oh Joy! wallpaper, stainless appliances, and brass in all the right places. The lower level master suite has a walk-in closet, heated bathroom floors, a waterfall shower, an extra long soaking tub, a Restoration Hardware vanity, and West Elm mirrors.

For more information, please contact Nicole Demers-Changelo. ♦ 206.271.1267 ♦

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3218 80th Avenue Southeast #418, Mercer Island ♦ MLS# 1075401
$439,950 ♦ 3 Bedrooms ♦ 2 Bathrooms ♦ 1,145 Square Feet

Enjoy great schools, parks, restaurants, and nearby amenities from this downtown Mercer Island condo. Smart floor plan with generous living spaces. All new appliances in the kitchen. Hide away in your master bedroom with full en-suite bath/walk-in closet. Two extra bedrooms complete this home. Living room, with elegant fireplace, opens to covered patio/balcony. Expansive windows bring in natural light. Top floor, washer/dryer in the unit, covered parking, storage, clubhouse/pool, no rental cap and 10 min to Seattle & Bellevue.

For more information, please contact Kathryn Lerner. ♦ 206.406.9613 ♦

Mercer Island Community Spot + New Listing

Mercer Island Community Spot + New Listing

Island Crest Park is a forested park that backs the Deane’s Children’s Park, near the Island Park Elementary School. Located at 5500 Island Crest Way, this park in in the middle of numerous Mercer Island Communities, making it a natural hub of activity and play.

This park was created with the idea of centralizing a multi-sport and play area, focusing heavily on the natural beauty of the island. Such as, this park is home to two full-sized baseball fields, which are used by Mercer Island’s High School JV and Varsity teams; a football and soccer field; batting cages for practice and leisure; and two tennis courts. In addition, there is plenty of parking, field flood lights, restrooms, and concessions stands for those late games. Other than the sports, Island Crest Park hosts an extensive trail system, offering you a pleasant hike in the comforts of your own neighborhood.

In addition, the adjoining park offers picnic areas and shelters for gatherings and BBQs; in addition to a dragon play structure and Adventure Playground. Curious about what the Adventure Playground is? It is a by-donation activity center, nestled into the woodlands of Deane’s Children’s Park. But what do you do there? At this hands-on center, children are given toolboxes, buildings supplies, safety items, and the freedom of creativity. For information about ages, dates and time they are opened, and any other questions, click here!

The community of Mercer Island strives for conservation and preservation. Check out their entire Mercer Island Parks System Guide here! In 2014, this sparked the Mercer Island Parks and Recreation Department to pursue a grant, allowing them to replace existing and out dated tools and systems, and converting the entire south field to synthetic turf. If you are curious the 2014-2019 Parks & Recreation Plan, click here!


6610 East Mercer Way, Mercer Island ♦ MLS#1076200
$5,885,000 ♦ 4 Bedrooms ♦ 2.5 Bathrooms ♦ 2,530 Square Feet ♦ 1.15 Acres

Encompassing over an acre of flat and sunny grounds, this rare original Mercer Island parcel is bordered by 173’ of low-bank waterfront with a recently resurfaced dock. Love or level the existing Mid-Century rambler featuring vaulted ceilings and wrap-around view windows. Entertain or escape with a waterside lawn, swimming beach and breathtaking lake/Mount Rainier views. It’s the perfect canvas for creating a dream estate. Incorporate the adjacent lot that is also available ( for maximum flexibility and privacy. Ample parking, easy access, a quick I-90 commute, and top-rated schools make this the ideal place to call home!

For more information, please contact Kelly Weisfield ♦ 206.355.3863 ♦

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6614 East Mercer Way, Mercer Island ♦ MLS#1076098
$1,285,000 ♦ 2 Bedrooms ♦ 1 Bathroom ♦ 1,200 Square Feet ♦ 2.918 Acres

Serenity and sylvan beauty abound in this private Mercer Island sanctuary. Largely untouched, it encompasses nearly 3 areas with natural woodlands rising behind a storybook cottage and level clearing. Purchase the adjoining waterfront lot ( for street-to-water property – and a once in a lifetime development opportunity! Fantastic location with top-rated schools and easy I-90 access to Seattle and the Eastside.

For more information, please contact Kelly Weisfield ♦ 206.355.3863 ♦

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2930 76th Avenue Southeast #A302, Mercer Island ♦ MLS# 1076644
$445,000 ♦ 2 Bedrooms ♦ 2 Bathrooms ♦ 1,275 Square Feet

This bright and spacious Chateau condo enjoys panoramic views of downtown Mercer Island, the Bellevue skyline and the Cascades. Savor majestic sunrises from the large, covered deck. Updated with designer paint, crown molding and newer windows. The kitchen features ample cabinet/counter space, wine cooler & breakfast bar overlooking the dining area. Stairless access from your covered parking spot. Welcome home!

For more information, please contact Allen Hovsepian ♦ 206.718.6500 ♦

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Classics in Film on Mercer Island Event & New Listing

Classics in Film on Mercer Island Event & New Listing

The Classics on Film Winter Series is in full swing. Scheduled to show The Gold Diggers of 1933 this Friday, January 20th, 2017, this event is open to the public and free for all ages. Held at the Aljoya of Mercer Island, presented by the Mercer Island Arts Council, with support from the Mercer Island Sister City Association, this free event is introduced by film historian, Lance Rhoades. Check out the full details here! 

The Gold Diggers is a 1933 musical, based on The Gold Diggers play by Avery Hopwood. Made during the Great Depression, this film was a box-office top-producer of its time and proclaimed the biggest hit of the 1933. Since then, it has been nominated for several accolades, and selected for preservation by the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress.

WHEN January 20th, 2017

WHERE 2430 76th Avenue SE, Mercer Island

TIME 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Mercer Island is a close-knit, lakeside community, filled with culture and natural Northwest beauty. This city is known for many thing, including carrying a low crime rate, an elaborate Parks & Rec system, community involvement, and a stellar school district. From K-12, the Mercer Island School District takes pride in both academic and athletic achievements, in addition to cultural recognition. Convenient to shopping, eating, Universities, and the waterfront, Mercer Island proves a wonderful place to call home!



6825 Southeast 32nd Street, Mercer Island 98040

MLS# 1068295 ♦ $2,275,000

4 Beds ♦ 3.75 Baths ♦ 4,488 Square Feet ♦ .245 Acre

Stunning new, Build Urban, modern home with views. Industrial design was crafted with clean lines, and lofty proportions. Gather with friends in the open great room with adjacent deck. The kitchen is a gourmet’s delight with its 6-burner cook-top + double ovens, walk-in pantry and massive prep/seating island. Watch sunsets and city lights sparkle from the vaulted top-floor master suite. Three additional bedrooms plus a flexible rec/media room provide extra space & privacy.

Robyn Kimura-Hsu and Rachel Schindler with R2 for more information. ♦ 206.295.2247 ♦ ♦ 206.250.5622 ♦

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6825 Southeast 32nd Street, Mercer Island 98040

MLS# 1068307 ♦ $2,315,000

5 Beds ♦ 3.5 Baths ♦ 4,398 Square Feet ♦ .289 Acre

Stunning new, Build Urban, modern home with lake views. Built to BuiltGreen 4-star standards these homes offer industrial design crafted with clean lines, lofty proportions and modern conveniences. The spacious great room was made for entertaining and relaxation. The kitchen is a gourmet’s delight with its 6-burner cooktop + double ovens, and oversized island. There are two additional open rooms on this floor. The Master suite has an oversized deck for sunsets and views. Not to be missed.

Robyn Kimura-Hsu and Rachel Schindler with R2 for more information. ♦ 206.295.2247 ♦ ♦ 206.250.5622 ♦

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Classics of Film Winter Series + New Listings

Classics of Film Winter Series + New Listings

Mercer Island is a place filled with community and preserved parks and public spaces. Throughout the year, the “Island” holds various events in efforts of bringing this already tight-knit community together. The “Classic on Film” Winter Series is held between late October to early April, and is a great way for people to congregate, enjoy refreshments, and view various films.

On January 13th, 2017, they will be celebrating with I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang. Released in 1932, this film is based on a true story. Check out the event’s page for more information on this event, or the rest of the Classic Films. The event is presented by The Mercer Island Arts Council, with support from The Mercer Island Sister City Association, hosted by Aljoya of Mercer Island – whom also provides various offerings and refreshments. This conglomeration of various assemblies around Mercer Island expertly represents the sense of community of Mercer Island.

WHAT Classics on Film Winter Series

WHERE Aljoya Mercer Island (2430 76th Avenue SE, Mercer Island, WA 98040)

WHEN January 13th, 2017 @ 7:30PM until 9:30PM

FEE This is a free event, and is open to the public.



6260 West Mercer Way, Mercer Island 98040

MLS# 1065102 ♦ $1,499,000

5 Beds ♦ 2.75 Baths ♦ 3,100 Square Feet ♦ .656 Acre

Ralph Anderson/Black Caldwell home located on an oversized lot is both peaceful & private. The moment you drive up to the lovely paved stone drive, you will see how thoughtful the home was designed to best sit on the property. A stately covered walk leads you to a commanding entry with soaring ceiling & large formal living room with walls of windows that frame the ever changing lush landscape. Meticulously maintained to you can move right in or bring your decorator to make it you own gem

Contact Ina Bahner for more information. ♦ 206.854.9911 ♦

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5830 West Mercer Way, Mercer Island 98040

MLS# 1063397 ♦ $1,799,999

5 Beds ♦ 4 Baths ♦ 5,680 Square Feet ♦ .291 Acre

This stunning new home was completely re-imagines in 2016. With breathtaking western lake views  and sunsets over the Olympics, this home has it all. With over 5,600 square feet of living space, an open gourmet kitchen and great room, and high ceilings, this home is an entertainer’s dream. As well as a flex spaces and guest areas for guests. Conveniently located on West Mercer Way, you are strategically located to parks, bus stops, and Groveland Beach. This larger modern home gives everything you could ever need!

Contact Cherrie Lee with the Cherrie Lee Group or Robyn Kimura-Hsu with R2 for more information. ♦ 206.353.8899 ♦

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19 Evergreen Lane, Mercer Island 98040

MLS# 1063566 ♦ $2,581,000

4,990 Square Feet ♦ .457 Acre

This beautiful northwestern home brings light, sophistication, and comfort into a lovely and expansive home. Walk in to an open floor plan, with floor to ceiling windows, spectacular lake views, and gorgeous finishes. Entertain in your gourmet kitchen, with both formal and informal dining spaces. Sneak away to your master suite, complete with private decks, built-ins, cozy gas fireplace, walk-in closet and sitting suite. The master bath is naturally light with skylights and floor to ceiling windows. Downstairs is its own private retreat, complete with second kitchen, full bath, and open living space.

Contact Bonnie Sanborn for more information. ♦ 206.919.3501 ♦

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Mercer Island Private Clubs and Recreation Facilities

Mercer Island Private Clubs and Recreation Facilities

In addition to the many public parks and recreation amenities, Mercer Island is home to several well-known private clubs and recreation facilities. Here is a quick run down on four popular venues.

Mercer Island Beach Club | 8326 Avalon Drive, Mercer Island, WA 98040 | 206-232-3125
The Mercer Island Beach Club is located along the water at the SE tip of the Island. Known for its beautiful waterfront facilities with spectacular Mt Rainier and lake views, MIBC members enjoy swimming, aquatic sports, tennis, fitness, and social activities.
AQUATICS: 8-lane competition pool; diving board; seasonally covered activity pool; and lazy river.
TENNIS: Six hard-surface tennis courts and one regulation-size pickleball court; full-time tennis pro; lessons, tourneys, and social matches; seating area to watch and dine.
FITNESS: 2,200sf fitness facility; state-of-the-art cardio and free weight equipment; locker rooms for men, women, boys, and girls, plus lounge; group fitness classes and personal trainers.
WATERFRONT: Sandy beach for kids of all ages; lifeguarded swim dock with water slide; six moorage docks with 74 boat slips; kayak and day sailor racks.
GROUNDS: 7.5-acre property with expansive lawns; two levels of view decks with picnic tables; six communal grills with sink and prep area, plus nearby fire pit; children’s outdoor play structure.
CLUBHOUSE: party room with expansive outdoor deck; large prep kitchen and bar window; Wave Café and seating area, serving light meals and snacks.
Mercer Island Country Club | 8700 SE 71st Street, Mercer Island, WA 98040 | 206-232-5600
The Mercer Island Country Club is located at the south end of the Island. Probably most known for its tennis facilities and tournaments, MICC also boasts swim, fitness and social activities.
TENNIS: 7 indoor courts and 8 outdoor courts; 7 pros; extensive tennis programs; USTA and women’s cup teams; MICC annual tournament; men’s night competitive program; women’s flights and monthly mixed-doubles nights. Classes for juniors with members competing in USTA and the Junior Eastside Tennis League.
AQUATICS: 8-lane, 25-yard pool with a spring diving board is covered about half the year to allow year-round use; swimming, diving and water polo teams; swim lessons, stroke clinics, lifeguarding classes and in-the-water social events.
FITNESS: Weight room and fitness studio feature state-of-the-art machines including LeMond spin bikes and TRX equipment. Six personal trainers and 13 instructors offer a wide range of classes for preschoolers through seniors.
SOCIAL: MICC’s offerings also include lounge areas, a child-care center, pro shop, outdoor BBQ and play equipment.
Stroum Jewish Community Center | 3801 East Mercer Way, Mercer Island WA 98040 | 206-232-7115
The Stroum Jewish Community Center on the east side of Mercer Island offers a variety of programs and activities for everyone from newborns to seniors. The J on Mercer Island is home to an Early Childhood School, a newly remodeled state-of-the-art auditorium, an upgraded Fitness Center, an indoor pool, and more. Membership to the SJCC is open to everyone regardless of race, religion, or national origin. We welcome everyone – you don’t have to be Jewish to join.
FITNESS: State-of-the-art HOIST strength equipment and Octane cardio machines in a 2,000 square-foot fitness center; highly qualified personal trainers; sports leagues; indoor running track; racquetball courts; drop in gym; more than 40 fitness classes for SJCC members.
AQUATICS: 25-yard indoor swimming pool with a 2 1/2-foot-deep preschool instructional area, adult lap lanes, and a certified lifeguard on duty at all times.
CULTURAL ARTS:  Newly renovated auditorium makes the J an even better artistic home for our community. In addition to the popular Seattle Jewish Film Festival, they offer a wider variety of arts programs, including concerts, theater performances, and lectures, so the greater Seattle community can come together to explore, enjoy, and engage in art.
Mercerwood Shore Club | 4150 E Mercer Way, Mercer Island, WA 98040 | 206-232-1622
Mercerwood Shore Club is a relaxed, easy to access club located on the eastern shores of the Island in a spectacular waterfront setting. Since 1953, the club has been bringing families together to enjoy an endless variety of programs and activities for all ages.
AQUATICS: 25-meter pool with diving board for year-round use (enclosed in a heated bubble during the winter months); full variety of swimming programs for all ages; accomplished summer sports programs and coaching; Mercerwood Swim Team and Water Polo teams; competitive swimming, diving and water polo teams for kids ages 5 and up.
WATERFRONT: MSC enjoys over 500 feet of Lake Washington waterfront with a large grass picnic area, built in BBQs, fire pits, sandy beach, playground, swimming area, and boat launch with 36 moorage slips, offering moorage from April through October. There is also a private boat ramp adjacent to the dock and storage is available for paddle boards, kayaks, day sailers, and other personal watercraft.
TENNIS: Play tennis with a beautiful view of Lake Washington on the club’s four well-maintained outdoor tennis courts; courtside viewing and social area.
CLUBHOUSE: A new 6000 sq. ft. year-round club house features lounge areas, multi-purpose room, weight room, cardio studio, hot tub and wading pool for toddlers.