7 Vegan Restaurants You’ve Been Wanting to Try in Seattle, Washington

7 Vegan Restaurants You’ve Been Wanting to Try in Seattle, Washington

Eating vegan isn’t just a preference, but a lifestyle – and you don’t have to eat completely vegan to enjoy the benefits of the diet. Like any cuisine, vegan dishes are vast and deliciously satisfying meals, crafted for you: the eater!

What are these many benefits – you may ask? You may consider replacing a few meals a week with vegan alternatives to slim down and increase energy and to add vegetables and essential nutrients to your diet that many people aren’t getting. And while you can always make your own emulations at home we’ve comprised a list of Seattle restaurants, specializing in vegan cuising.

With moderate prices, an excellent location, and fabulous cuisine, Araya’s Places offers delicious vegan Thai food. Proclaimed as the 1st vegan-Thai restaurant in the Northwest, they opened in 1987 and remain a family-owned and operated establishment. With three locations in the Seattle area, Araya’s Place is a beautiful place where accommodation doesn’t stop at the door.

Beautifully crafted vegan interpretations of everyday dishes is Chaco Canyon Organic Café’s specialty. With three locations sprawled around Seattle, they offer fresh and local foods with every visit, meaning the feeling of homecooked vegan food is only a short drive away.

Another Thai-vegan restaurant, with a 4+ star rating, is Seattle’s Kati Vegan Thai. Cozy chic, this restaurant offers that classic dining feel, with the openness of Seattle’s industrial architecture around South Lake Union – and they’ve got excellent reviews on Happy Cow.

A delicate flower, Café Flora has proved a wonderful addition to the Madison Valley. Their boutique dining is next level, from “utilizing local, organic, and sustainable produce” to “building strong, and direct relationships with Washington farms.” They community-based business perfectly intermingles with Seattle’s vibes and they’ve been repeatedly awarded “Best Brunch” and “Best Vegetarian Restaurant.

Harvest Beat is a unique form of restaurant. Specializing in goodness and unity, they offer an ever-changing menu that both “respects the food of the moment” and diminishes the restaurant’s waste. The experience starts when you think about making reservation and lasts through the 5-course meal and final sip of your evening pairing.

Hundreds of reviews later… Wayward Vegan Café rests comfortably at a 4.5 star, with reviewers touting their cuisine as a “no contest” in top Seattle vegan spots. Established in 2004, they offer veganized American diner-style food, with “large portions, bottomless coffee, and friendly service.”

Between First Hill and Capitol Hill rests Plum Bistro – a vegan hotspot in the area. Expertly crafted dishes, comprised of local, sustainable, and organic ingredients, are what make Plum Bistro amazing. The passion and delicate intricacies of each dish delight foodies everywhere.

Regardless of what your preferences are, these vegan restaurants are delightful and delicious. What are your favorite vegan eateries in the area?

A Locational Guide to Seattle’s Best Coffee Establishments

A Locational Guide to Seattle’s Best Coffee Establishments

A little substance, known to Seattlelites as coffee, has sparked our interest for many, many decades. Usually presented in the form of coffeeshops, these shops serve as social scene, community hub, office space, studying epicenters, and morning necessity. But, if you’re searching for the best caffeinated beverages in a city filled with caffeine-infused drinks, you’ll need some sort of a guide to help you sift through and find your space in the morning (and afternoon) chaos.

Navigating the trenches of each Seattle neighborhood may seem intimidating, but when you’re on the search for a cuppa joe’, it’s all you need is a good guide to a great cup!

Each neighborhood in Seattle offers their own array of shop to choose from, but which shops, and neighborhoods, offer the best of the best?

South Seattle

The Columbia City Bakery may be better known for the baked goods they produce and sell for your enjoyment, but they’re also the beholder of a beverage known as coffee. I know you’ve never heard of it, but it’s this delightful thing that gives you this get up and go mentality for particularly dreadful mornings. Also, try one of their scones!

Other South Seattle shops include Café RedTin Umbrella Coffee,  and Empire Espresso.

First Hill

Stumptown Coffee is a Portland, Oregon based company, with a branch and roastery in the First Hill neighborhood of Seattle. Located near the Seattle University campus, off 12th Avenue, their small, top level, shop is only bolstered by their lower level roastery and sip center. Their built on the backs of passion, pleasure, and the flavor only a perfectly extracted coffee bean can excrete.

Like many similar shops in Seattle, they offer a variety of brews, including Chemex, Aeropress, French Press, the standard Espresso, and a bunch of other options. Try a new varietal, or enjoy your favorite!


Just south of Lower Queen Anne, across from the epic Seattle Center, is where you’ll find this espresso empire’s first brick and mortar. La Marzocco is best known for supplying coffeeshops with the tools to keep their customers coming back for more, but they’ve decided to break into the market with their own beautiful boutiques. This modern industrial hub remains a highly regarded cafe they use to showcase their most delightful blends and instruments.

Other downtown proprietors include Street Bean Coffee RoastersStoryville CoffeeCraftworks Coffee Bar, and, another Seattle classic, Uptown Espresso & Bakery, otherwise known as the Home of the Velvet Foam.

North Seattle

Located in both Downtown and Ballard, Seattle Coffee Works is a thriving representation of Seattle’s best coffee. Seattle Coffee Works’ Ballard offshoot is referred to as Ballard Coffee Works and features a delightfully modern coffee bar and a segment of their pace remains dedicated for your exploration and enthusiasm for the coffee bean.

Other north end establishments include Slate Coffee Bar, a small, yet satisfying location, and Herkimer Coffee.

Even if you don’t like spending all your time finding a new coffee shop, you can still have that taste from home. Many of the above establishments offer their own small-batch roasted beans. Don’t know how to brew? Many of these places can team you, too – or you can research it online!

Each individual shop offers passion and a piece of what makes Seattle, well, Seattle. Each distinct with personality, style and preference, there’s a shop for every person, and every person for a shop!

What are your favorite coffee hubs in Seattle? Ore even outside the Seattle city limits?

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4841 Southeast 71st Street, Mercer Island • MLS# 1213010
$1,525,000 • 4 Bedrooms + Office • 2.5 Bathrooms • 3,080 Sq. Feet • 9,760 Lot Size

The wait is over! This classic Buchan offers a 2-story layout overlooking eye-catching views to the lake and Seattle skyline. Entertain in elegant gathering spaces, cook with delight in the chef’s kitchen, relax in the family room, or catch up on work in the office. Upstairs, your over-size master suite with 5-piece bath, plus three more bedrooms and a second full bath all await you. Enjoy the outdoors on the front slate patio or in the private, fenced backyard. Stroll to schools, parks, Starbucks, and shops!

For more information, please contact Yvonne Willard and Peni Schwartz.
Yvonne@Windermere.com • 206.245.0332 • YvonneWillard.com
PSchwartz@Windermere.com • 206.718.7364 • Peni-Schwartz.com


5 of Seattle’s Off-Leash Playgrounds for Dogs

5 of Seattle’s Off-Leash Playgrounds for Dogs

Seattle is a dog-friendly city – there’s no denying it! Locals love their pups and take great pride in taking them everywhere they go. And why wouldn’t they? Dogs are excellent mood fosterers and can put a smile on our faces even on our worst day.

And that’s one reason Seattle’s canine industry has boomed in the past decade. But, there are some places dogs aren’t allowed, including the beaches of Golden Gardens, and Seattle’s on top of places to take our pooches.

The Magnuson Park Off-Leash Area is a fabulous area with beach access. Enjoy running along the rocky waters of Lake Washington? As one of Seattle’ largest inner-city romps, this park is complete with water access, winding trails paved with compact gravel, and gorgeous Pacific Northwest scenery. At 8.6 acres, the Warren G. Magnuson Park Off-Leash Area is known as the “best dog park in the city!”

On the northeastern tip of Seattle, you’ll find a quaint neighborhood park, known as Northacres Park. A refreshing park in the northend, this doggy park features cedar chips, pleasant and paved trails, and are very well-kept. You can even donate a poop-bag if you’re so inclined!

Closer to downtown Seattle, is the Blue Dog Pong Off-Leash Area. This 1.7 acre, rectangularly shaped park is ideal for throwing tennis balls on the grassy slopes. A fully-fenced and enclosed area, this park is packed with fun. This no-frills dog park offers the basics of city-pup play and is a definite must if you’re in the city!

A product of Seattle’s hilly terrain, the Woodland Park Off-Leash Dog Park proves an favorite place to take your pup for some shaded, outdoor fun! Fun tip: run your pup up and down the hill for faster energy exertion! Though on the smaller side, you can still find tons of fun for your dog, while simultaneously socializing them!

Water rest Park is another large dog, complete with off-leash area, in the southend of Seattle. A highly rated park, the Watercrest Off-Leash Area is known for its large size and separate shy & small dog area, nature walking trails for human and pup alike, beautiful views and plenty of space to roam!

Another, non-city maintained park is the House of Ruff. This indoor, puppy playground facility is great for socializing both humans and dogs, and comes complete with a delightful array of adult beverages and light snacks while your pup hangs out! Watch the “big game” outside your home, but with the comforts of your best, furry friend!

As an office of animal lovers, we enjoy watching our friends enjoy their time, whether that be indoors, outdoors, or under the couch cushions. What are your favorite places to take you pup?

12 of Our Favorite Trail-Parks Within Seattle, Washington

12 of Our Favorite Trail-Parks Within Seattle, Washington

Last week was the calm before the storm, so to speak. We’re up for a brutal week, weather wise, but why not take advantage of the sun, heat, and lack of water dripping from the sky? Seattle is brimming with outdoorsy activities, and one of those activities are trails. Whether you’re looking for a long or short trail or a beautiful or private trail a Seattle park is only a short drive away.

These twelve easy and awesome hikes accommodate not only walkers, but runners and bicyclists, too!

Carkeek Park offers 220 acres of lush forests, meadows, creeks, wetlands, and dozens of intertwining trails, including South Bluff Trail, Hillside Trail, Pipers Creek Trail, North Traverse, and the South Ridge Trail. Plenty of parking along the street leading towards the water, as well as a play area and beach access. It’s always surprising to check out the low tide critters!

Warren G. Magnuson Park doesn’t have oodles of trails, but they do have a few that run the length of the park, through the wetlands and towards the beach. At roughly 350 acres, the park is noted as Seattle’s second largest park and is known for its array of amenities. Though it only has four miles of trails, it still beats our next installment, and it coupled with beauty, beaches, and activity!

The Burke-Gilman Trail is another popular trail in Seattle. Disclaimer: though it starts in Seattle, it ends in Bothell (or vice versa depending on how you look at it.) This 18.8-mile stretch is well-maintained asphalt starting near Seattle’s Golden Gardens and ending near the Sammamish River Trail.

Greenlake & Woodland Parks are across a very small street from each other. A loop around Greenlake Park is 2.8 miles, but you can supplement that walk with the trails in Woodland Park. Both areas are stunningly breathtaking, with sparkling views of Greenlake and its surrounding beauty. Woodland Park even has an off-leash dog park for puppies, but, don’t worry, you can take them on the loop with you too!

The best (in my opinion) park for trails within the Seattle limits is Discovery Park. For any activity level, Discovery Park has an area in which you’ll thrive. A 534-acre natural park, it rests as Seattle’s largest park and encompasses much of the entirety of Magnolia’s Northwestern peak. Many of the trails are accessible from the main road, Discovery Park Boulevard, and the loops of Washington and California Avenue. Though the main Discovery Park Loop Trail in only 2.8 miles, dozens of other trails can easily bump that number.

The Elliott Bay Trail runs along the Seattle waterfront, starting at Terminal 91 along the waterfront and extends 3.4 miles towards Smith Cove and ends near Smith Cove Park. A wonderfully maintained asphalt trail is easily accessed and heavily trafficked by bicyclists, walkers, and runners alike.

Capitol Hill’s Volunteer Park is 40 acres of urban beauty. Historical buffs will enjoy the Observatory and Asian Art Museum (temporarily closed, 2017 – anticipated reopening, 2019), while runners, bicyclists, and walkers will enjoy the main loop and astounding landscaping. The East Highland Drive Trail is the mail trail on the West side boundary, while several other unnamed trails can be utilized throughout the area.

I know you’ve been waiting for the beautiful Washington Park Arboretum trails. Two main trails run North-South through the length of the Washington Park Arboretum, including Azalea Way and Arboretum Drive East. Though these are the main trails, other trails, such as the East Arboretum Trail and Arboretum Aqueduct, intersect between the two main arterial.

Moving further south, the Genesee Park and Playfields (lower & upper) offer wonderful neighborhood trails. Though only about a mile of trail, the park offers various other amenities, including being a staple to the neighborhood’s sports activities. Well-maintained and relatively flat, these trails are optimal for beginners, but great at every level.

Lake Washington is a spectacular beauty in the Pacific Northwest, and well-used for swimming, fishing, boating, and all other water activities. On the shores stretching from Colman to Seward Park you’ll find the Lake Washington Boulevard Trail. This 4.9-mile out and back tail is moderately trafficked, yet excellently maintained and accessible year-round. Though this trail connects the two parks, it doesn’t have to end there!

Seward Park is its own kind of splendor and natural brilliance. This 300-acre peninsula extends into Lake Washington and is home to many wonderful opportunities, such as boating, swimming, community activities, trailing, walking, running, biking, and so much more. A 2.4-mile bike/walk/running path circles the majority of the park, while trails, such as Spine Trail, Lost Lake Trail, Erratic Trail, and Huckleberry Trail, among others, wind through the forests of Seward Park.

Last on our stop today, is the beloved Alki Beach. The Alki Trail is a 5.5-mile trail that extends from Alki Avenue SW & 65th Ave SW and the West Seattle Bridge. This asphalt trail offers beautiful city views of the Seattle skyline, the Elliot Bay, and, towards the end, Puget Sound views to the west into the Olympic Mountain Range.

While there are dozens more inner-city trails to choose from, these are our local favorites! Whether you’re in the north end or south end, there’s a trail only a few blocks from your front door.

What are your local favorite trails?

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1926 Fairview Avenue East #105, Seattle • MLS# 1167093
$425,600 • 1 Bedroom • 1 Bathroom • 593 Square Feet

Easy living in Eastlake. Welcome home to this light and airy condo, ideally located just a block away from Lake Union. Its open layout is ideal whether you’re gathering with friends or simply enjoying a quiet evening by the fire. Whip up meals with ease in the stylish kitchen with stainless steel appliances and handy breakfast bar. A sliding glass door leads out to summer breezes, lush scenery and barbecues on the expansive covered balcony.

Bamboo floors flow from the living spaces into a spacious bedroom with sunny window overlooking the balcony. The full bath features tile floors/shower, an oversized vanity and a utility area with stacked washer/dryer duo for ultimate convenience.

You’ll love living in this well-maintained building with low HOA dues and reserved parking in the secure garage.

Enjoy a fantastic, close-in location with restaurants, coffee shops, buses and markets all within easy walking distance. Stroll one block to Terry Pettus Park for a picnic or to launch fun weekends on the lake. The Amazon campus and University of Washington are also an easy bus ride away.

For more information, please contact Andrew Jackson.
AndrewJ@Windermere.com • 206.650.4939 • AndrewJacksonRealtEstate.com

8 Madison Park Must-Visit Eateries

8 Madison Park Must-Visit Eateries

Different neighborhoods, have different preferences and difference delights to find. Searching around a city as vast as Seattle can prove a trek. That’s why we’re here to help you out!

Different delicacies can be found in every neighborhood in Seattle. With its vast population, this cultural hub offers fares for everyone! This list of 8 places in Madison Park are totally gorge-worthy!

Araya’s Place: This scrumptious Thai-Vegan restaurant has been open in 1987, and is the first of its kind in the northwest. Every dish is prepared fresh to-order, so you know you’re getting the freshest meals.

Luc: A French-American café and bar, Luc is located in the heart of the Madison Valley. A heartwarming, neighborhood hotspot, they offer fresh foods from salads and burgers, to eggs benedict and veggie hash!

The Independent Pizzeria: This craft pizza delight, doesn’t just service pizza. They have tasty salads and antipasta, craft beer, and “honest” wines. They have been rated in the top-10 pizza place in the U.S., as well as best thin crust in Seattle!

Beach House Bar & Grill: This water-centric design, will engulf you in a world away. Fresh, natural, and local ingredients create gourmet burgers, stuffed sandwiches, fresh-fresh salads, and Northwest seafood dishes. If you haven’t already, check ‘em out!

Madison Kitchen: They serve happiness on a platter. Fresh breakfasts and sandwiches give you all you need for the day ahead. Plus, their whole cake menu!

Scoop Du Jour Creamery: Ice cream. & Burgers. Um, yes. This family-owned business is a neighborhood treasure. And gearing up for an uber-hot weekend means ice cream!

Bella Viet Café: Friendly service, high quality, and delicious food. What more could you ask for? This quaint restaurant, serves up the scrumptious Vietnamese food!

Nishino: This elegant Japanese boutique, creatively displays the natural art of the cuisine. Traditional, while simultaneously innovative, this restraint perspires the finest experiences.

Arosa Café: A delicious blend of “tranditional” lunch offerings, and imported delights, the Arosa café is 21 years in the making. An unforgettable espresso experience, rings in true Seattle form!

Now that you’ve heard about them, what’s for lunch?

New From Windermere Mercer Island


5125 Northeast 42nd Street, Seattle ♦ MLS# 1132222
$1,575,000 ♦ 3 Bedrooms ♦ 2.25 Bathrooms ♦ 2,980 Square Feet ♦ 5,000 Lot Size

Set in a prime location just blocks from Lake Washington and the Laurelhurst Beach Club, this custom Northwest Contemporary awaits you. Soaring ceilings and full-length windows frame sparkling views of Lake Washington and Bellevue’s twinkling city skyline.

Relax or entertain in a livable layout with open gathering spaces and a beautifully updated kitchen. A den/office and generous lower-level rec room provide extra flex-space. Retreat to the top-floor master suite with a walk-in closet and private balcony, or step out and enjoy the lush garden setting with sunny decks, delightful courtyard and soothing fountain. Close to parks, bus lines, U-Village, UW and Seattle Children’s.

For more information, please contact Marianne Parks.
Marianne@Windermere.com ♦ 206.412.0038 ♦ MarianneParks.com

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3514 East Spruce Street, Seattle ♦ MLS# 1121596
$679,000 ♦ 3 Bedrooms ♦ 2.5 Bathrooms ♦ 1,320 Square Feet ♦ 2,858 Lot Size

Experience the quintessential Leschi lifestyle! This wonderful home offers your own private retreat just blocks from the Lake Washington waterfront. You’ll love the cheerful living spaces and open-concept main level layout! Your master suite upstairs features an en suite bathroom. Two more bedrooms and a second full bath are just down the hall. Life is good in this outstanding location, a short stroll to waterfront dining, shopping, and recreation. Enjoy an easy commute downtown. Spend weekends swimming, cycling, sailing, dog walking, or sunbathing. Leschi has all this to offer and more!

For more information, please contact Charlie Sirianni or Erin Sirianni.
SirianniGroup@Windermere.com ♦ 206.992.6151 ♦ SirianniGroup.com
ErinS@Windermere.com ♦ 206.992.5272 ♦ SirianniGroup.com

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Adventures in Seattle’s Washington Park Arboretum

Adventures in Seattle’s Washington Park Arboretum

Sometimes the most beautiful places, are not so subtlety hidden. Sometimes, they’re in your backyard…

The Washington Park Arboretum is the “hidden gem” along the shores of Lake Washington. These beautiful trails are jointly managed by the University of Washington Botanic Gardens and the City of Seattle. Its 230 acres are well-thought out system of plants – some native, some found nowhere else in the Northwest.

The Graham Visitors Center, along East Arboretum Trail, will also all your botanical questions with an information desk, displays, and a gift shop “of the world”. This year-round building, is open to the public 9am until 5pm, except on some holidays. Check out their holiday schedule there.The gift shop may have alternative hours, as it is entirely staffed by volunteers.

Extensive trails run the entirety of the Arboretum. This living collection has been heavily regarded for its beauty, expansiveness, and interaction. Check the entire trail system here!

Washington Park Playfield: This multi-faceted park, has a soccer field, baseball and softball diamond, and including lights and bleachers, along with a play area, and public art works.

Seattle Japanese Garden: The Seattle Japanese Gardens is a cultural hub for members and visitors alike. This formally designed, Japanese garden was constructed by Juki Iida, a celebrated Japanese garden designer.

Arboretum Foundation: This foundation is built upon its members, visitors, and volunteers. Every single one helping to ensure the progression and diversity of the Washington Park Arboretum. Since its founding in 1934, they’ve stayed true to their mission to protect and enhance the parks world-class collection.

In addition to these spectacular features, there are others to look out for! Horticulture, restoration, and conservation classes are also held at the center. There are specific classes for adult and youth & family, so check out their opportunities here!

Free public tours, private tours, and international/domestic tours are also up for registration. Their website has all the details for these wonderful adventures.

Having a wedding? These beautiful grounds are perfect for such an occasion. Check out the details here!

All facets combine, creating a treasure in the heart of Seattle. Apart from the Japanese Gardens, the entire park is open to the public and free of charge. The Garden has specific hours and a nominal fee for continued upkeep and maintenance.

New From Windermere Mercer Island


2575 West Montlake Place East, Seattle ♦ MLS# 1116895
$948,000 ♦ 3 Bedrooms ♦ 1.75 Bathrooms ♦ 2,500 Square Feet ♦ 10,800 Lot Size

Set on an oversized lot overlooking Portage Bay, this lovely home offers warm and welcoming entertaining spaces and sparkling water views. Beautiful hardwoods flow from the fireside living room into a spacious dining area and updated kitchen with quartz surfaces & stainless steel appliances. Three bedrooms plus a spacious downstairs family room provide space for everyone. Take in the view from the sunny back deck and enjoy the enchanting flower gardens. You’ll love this fantastic neighborhood setting near Montlake Playfield, Montlake Boulevard Market & UW. Plus, easy 520 access!

For more information, please contact Erin Sirianni or Charlie Sirianni.
ErinS@Windermere.com ♦ 206.992.5272 ♦ SirianniGroup.com
SirianniGroup@Windermere.com ♦ 206.992.6151 ♦ SirianniGroup.com

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Seattle Neighborhood HotSpots + New Listings

Seattle Neighborhood HotSpots + New Listings

Seattle is known for many things: music, coffee, and great tasting, local hot spots!

In this article, we will be going on a short tour of mid-North Seattle, from Madison Park over to Magnolia! These areas of Seattle are known for beauty, in both their home-architecture and landscapes.

Sometimes, the best places are difficult to find. Well, we’re going make it a whole lot easier for you!

Madison Park

Madison Kitchen: This delicious American-style eatery is great for both variety and unique tastes. Each dish cooked to perfection and brought to the table with care, will leave you feeling sated and delighted.

Madison Park Bakery: Searching for something a little different, and lot delicious? This old-fashioned and family-owned bakery was first established in 1929, and has continued to thrive in the area ever since!


Niko’s Gyros: This Greek, family-style restaurant, offers a variety of Greek cuisine since 1996. Gyros, salads, and specialty plates make up the bulk of their menu, but don’t forget their desserts!

Serendipity Café: In the heart of Magnolia, you will find this unique place. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this family-friendly restaurant welcomes and warms your heart. Locally made pastries, Herkimer coffee, and open mic nights create a fabulous environment for the entire family!

These wonderful neighborhoods offer a bounty of food and fun for anyone! With easy access to the water, you can grab a bite and watch the waves crash along the shore – whether off Puget Sound or Lake Washington!


2520 39th Avenue East, Seattle ♦ MLS# 1116047
$3,595,000 ♦ 5 Bedrooms ♦ 5.25 Bathrooms ♦ 5,660 Square Feet ♦ 11,499 Lot Size

This stunning traditional has been lovingly updated and upgraded. This unique home offers rare privacy in a gated enclave along with the best of timeless design and modern living. Enter and cherish the homes warmth while still experiencing the grandeur that an impeccable attention to detail allows. Formal spaces flow into graceful entertaining areas and then transition into the spacious living quarters. Just a short stroll away in the park-like setting is your dock with deeded slip. A true gem!

For more information, please contact Rachel Schindler or Robyn Kimura-Hsu.
Rachel@Windermere.com ♦ 206.250.5622 ♦ R2Modern.com
Robyn@Windermere.com ♦ 206.295.2247 ♦ R2Modern.com

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2601 40th Avenue West, Seattle ♦ MLS# 1115342
$2,595,000 ♦ 5 Bedrooms ♦ 4.25 Bathrooms ♦ 4,722 Square Feet ♦ 9,567 Lot Size

Exquisitely re-imagined as a modern sanctuary, this stunning remodel offers refined living in one of Seattle’s most coveted neighborhoods. Gather or relax alongside dramatic windows in the living room—a cozy window seat invites you to sit and admire the scenery, while open beam ceilings soar overhead dressed in warm hemlock and reclaimed

Northwest beach wood. Cooking is a pleasure in the open, sky-lit kitchen with professional Wolf/Subzero/Miele appliances, stone surfaces, a wood-topped center island, and built-in buffet extending into the adjacent dining room.

The vaulted master is a true retreat with Puget Sound views and a luxurious ensuite bathroom. Four more bedrooms plus a bonus room and beautiful built-in library/den provide ample flexspaces for you to adapt to your lifestyle. Don’t miss the lower level spa area with sauna!

Step out for resort-style living in your own backyard, complete with an in-ground swimming pool and stone fireplace/pizza oven. Eco-friendly features include organic fruit trees, high-efficiency heating and a solar power system. You will love this serene locale, close to schools, parks, shopping and transit.

For more information, please contact Codi Nelson.
NelsonCodi@Windermere.com ♦ 206.498.4148 ♦ CodiNelson.com

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Seattle Activities + New Listing

Seattle Activities + New Listing

The Seattle Tennis Club is an athletic facility along Lake Washington, between Washington Park and Madison Park. On McGilvra Boulevard East, the club consists of 19 courts spread across about 8 acres of lakeside property. Included in their 19 courts are 6 indoor courts (ideal for Washington weather) and 3 clay courts.

In 1890, The Olympic Tennis Club was founded on First Hill, but was changed to Seattle Tennis Club in 1896. At that time, tennis was quickly growing as a staple sport. The club quickly outgrew its original facility, where they then acquired the Firloch Canoe Club along the shores of Lake Washington – its current location.

Since its humble beginnings, the Seattle Tennis Club has flourished into a premier facility, built with beauty, practicality, and progression in mind. Their indoor/outdoor courts are a testament to their clientele.

In 1999, an $11.5 million renovation was completed, and then another $7 million in 2014. These renovations resulted in many additions and retrofits to the property, as well as making the facilty wheelchair accessible.

In addition to the tennis courts, the club offers a fitness center, squash courts, pickleball, dining rooms, banquet facilities (great for weddings or other gatherings), a pool, beachfront access, a boathouse, and Pro Shop. Their North Lawn is used for catering to large, outdoor weddings and events. Their breathtaking waterfront property makes this a destination for those wishing to take in the natural Northwest beauty.


7734 Seward Park Avenue South, Seattle ♦ MLS# 1110812
$3,198,000 ♦ 5 Bedroom ♦ 3.5 Bathroom ♦ 4,477 Square Feet ♦ 25,773 Lot Size

Wonderful waterfront. New construction. Modern. Is unique from it’s counterpart. This property has an entertainers dream kitchen and great room with direct access to the covered deck. There is a mudroom and an office on this floor. The over the top, gorgeous, master suite has remarkable views, enviable closet and stunning bathroom. The lowest level is all about optimizing the lake views from the covered patio. Shared dock with deeded slip. There is potential to build a boat house as well.

For more information, please contact Rachel Shindler or Robyn Kimura-Hsu.
Rachel@Windermere.com ♦ 206.250.5622 ♦ R2Modern.com
Robyn@Windermere.com ♦ 206.295.2247 ♦ R2Modern.com

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2036 Boyer Avenue East, Seattle ♦ MLS# 1104337
$938,000 ♦ 3 Bedrooms ♦ 1.5 Bathrooms ♦ 2,500 Square Feet ♦ 3,382 Lot Size

Enjoy the best of both worlds with vintage beauty and modern touches in this classic Montlake Tudor. A dedicated foyer with a showpiece staircase greets you at the door. Gather with friends in the extra large living room and a polished dining room. Flow to the kitchen through a pass-through wet bar. The refined kitchen adjoins an eating nook and a new deck. Don’t miss the new discrete half bath in the hall. Upstairs has two oversized bedrooms and a stylish double sink bathroom. With the major work completed, only the basement awaits your brilliance.

For more information, please contact Nicole Demers-Changelo.
Andition@Windermere.com ♦ 206.271.1267 ♦ Andition.com

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Seattle Community Hub + New Listing

Seattle Community Hub + New Listing

Volunteer Park bursts with local treasures, and a wealth of history. The area that is now known as Volunteer Park was purchased by the City of Seattle in 1876 – over 140 years ago! Located on Capitol Hill, it is just a stone’s throw away from many bustling Seattle neighborhoods, including Capitol Hill, Eastlake, Madison Park, Harrison/Denny-Blaine, Madrona, and Montlake.

The land’s first use was as a cemetery, and many still rest at the old Masonic Cemetery – now called Lake View Cemetery. While plans to prune, plant, and re-purpose began in the early 1980s, but the economic panic in 1893 put a halt on those plans. Revisiting the redeisgn started in 1901, when the resivior was built, but didn’t take on full force until 1903, when the city hired the Olmsted Firm to create “a city-wide plan for parks and boulevards“.

Over the next 100 years, the park has gone through massive redesigns, including the addition of the reservoir in 1901, the water tower in 1907 and the botanical conservatory in 1912. Other additions include walking paths, lawns, flower beds, settees and tables, children’s play equipment, children’s wading pool and shelter, pergola, and music pavilion. Later, in the 1930s, the city allowed the relocation of the Art Institute of Seattle onto park grounds, which has since been rededicated as the Seattle Asian Art Museum (in 1994).

Nowadays, one can climb the water tower and learn about the history – or for simple exercise. They allow leashed pets, so take a walk with your dog around the pond. You can people watch people rest, reading, playing, or practicing yoga on the luscious lawn. Beautiful views of the city can be seen peek-a-booing through the trees, or simple take in the natural beauty of the Great Northwest! Many of the original buildings stand, and mark the history of the local region. Both the museum and conservatory are amazing spectacles, and great for any local or visitor!


2606 25th Avenue East, Seattle ♦ MLS# 1094946
4 Bedrooms ♦ 2.75 Bathrooms ♦ 2,460 Square Feet ♦ 4,418 Square Foot Lot

Experience quintessential Seattle living in this enchanting Montlake Tudor, just two blocks from the Arboretum. Light and lofty gathering spaces flow into the stylishly modern kitchen. French doors lead from the master bedroom to the sunny deck and backyard. Three additional bedrooms and a media room provide space for everyone. Nestled in a cul-de-sac, this home is perfectly located near numerous parks, Lake Washington, University of Washington, U Village, and the UW Light Rail station. Plus, find favorite neighborhood destinations, such as the Library, Cafe Lago, and Fuel Coffee, nearby.

For more information, please contact Charlie Sirianni or Erin Sirianni.
SirianniGroup@Windermere.com ♦ 206.992.6151 ♦ SirianniGroup.com
ErinS@Windermere.com ♦ 206.992.5272 ♦ Sirianni Group.com

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1105 Spring Street #1002, Seattle ♦ MLS# 1095971
1 Bedroom ♦ 1 Bathroom ♦ 540 Square Feet

Designed by famed Space Needle architect John Graham in 1950, this dashing mid-century building sits in the heart of First Hill. This south-facing condo features an open kitchen with slab granite counters, eating bar, stainless steel appliances, & new luxury vinyl flooring. The Decatur is a quality steel & concrete high-rise with recent upgrades including: new roof, rooftop deck, boiler, washers & dryers, HVAC upgrades & more. No pet restrictions, secure entry, & on-site manager. No rental cap!

For more information, please contact Chad Dierickx.
Chad@Windermere.com ♦ 206.992.6151 ♦ ChadDierickx.com

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Featured Community: Madison Park

Featured Community: Madison Park

The Madison Park neighborhood of Seattle, located south of the 520 bridge (map), is a neighborhood of stunning homes and condos, many with gorgeous views of the lake and Mount Rainer. Madison Park could be considered an urban center retreat, as it’s close to downtown Seattle and yet maintains the feeling of a lovely, slow-paced residential area. Madison Park is part of the Seattle School District.

The upscale commercial district is both a draw to the neighborhood and greatly treasured by those who live nearby. Residents often express that everything they need is conveniently located within the Madison Park neighborhood, so they don’t need to leave the peace and tranquility of the community! Many of it’s coveted local restaurants draw people from all over the region.

The park, from which the neighborhood derives its name, is a well-maintained green space that leads to a sandy beach on the shores of Lake Washington. The 230 acre Washington Park Arboretum is also a neighborhood draw. In fact, the Arboretum is considered one of the finest public gardens nation-wide; it features a botanical garden with plants native to the PNW and a formal Japanese garden.

Seattle’s Central District is an extremely diverse area broken into distinct micro-neighborhoods. The borders of the Central District (often called the CD by locals) include the I-5 corridor on the west side, the Beacon Hill neighborhood to the south, Lake Washington to the east and the north side is defined by Portage Bay and the Arboretum. There are a total of 24 micro-neighborhoods within Central Seattle, spread over a pentagon shaped area. Below are overviews of five of the CD’s micro-neighborhoods, from different sections of the 5 edges of Central Seattle.
Madison Park-Arboretum-iStock_000060858992_Medium