Medina-Yarrow Point Parks and Open Spaces

Situated at the point on the south end of Evergreen Point Road, the park is the historic site of the former ferry terminal that connected Medina with Seattle. The park is a favorite destination as it offers a protected bulkhead for swimming and provides extraordinary views of Seattle, Mercer Island and Mt. Rainer. The site also contains a public pier, benches and picnic facilities for year round use. Reminiscent of a simpler day, the park remains a summer haven for children from the first hot day of Spring until after school begins in the Fall. Under the supervision of lifeguards, older children are able to swim out to a diving platform while younger ones wade at the water’s edge under the watchful eyes of their mother’s who can set up picnics nearby.


Medina Park   NE 12th St & 82nd Ave NE
Viewpoint Park   Overlake Drive West & 84th Ave NE
Fairweather Nature Preserve   Evergreen Point Road & NE 32nd St
Medina Beach Park   501 Evergreen Point Road
City Dock at Lake Lane   Lake Lane
City Dock at 84th Ave NE   South end of 84th Ave NE

Hunts Point
No public spaces

Yarrow Point (just east of)
Yarrow Bay Wetlands  101 Way NE & NE Points Drive

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