7 Of Bellevue’s Most Beloved Parks

7 Of Bellevue’s Most Beloved Parks

Modern Bellevue is known for its forest-forward momentum, and they quite enjoy beautiful green spaces in tandem of their ever-developing city. With over 2,700 acres of park and 80-miles of trails, they indulge over 10,000 happy participants annually.

With the seasons in this state of flux, we’re swiveling between the weather forecast and the clouds in the sky. Washingtonians and Seattleites love the great outdoors, and the number one thing we wait for as the winter thaws is the first few days of warm sunshine – no, not this cold sun we’ve been experiencing, though it’s still pleasant in its own icy-breath way.


The Bellevue Downtown Park was re-imagined into a 21-acre oasis in the heart of downtown Bellevue. Completely rejuvenated in 2017, this monolith of Bellevue culture and recreation. Enjoy a 240-foot wide waterfall as it crashes into a reflecting pond, or a ten-acre designated lawnspace for picnics, reading, or relaxing in the sun against the tremendous Bellevue skyline.

Other amenities include the INSPIRATIONAL PLAYGROUND, where children “explore at their own pace” and their passion for play is encouraged.


Though no dogs are allowed, the Bellevue Botanical Gardens are an amazing place of urban play, encompassing 53-acres of cultivated gardens, restored woodlands, and natural wetlands. Whether you’re looking for a day surrounded by beauty or to expand your knowledge of Pacific Northwest foliage, their live collections “showcase plants that thrive” in the area.


Open 365 days per year, the Kelsey Creek Park of 150-acres of forest, meadows, and wetlands that offer insight into Bellevue’s historic past. But Kelsey Creek Park is just a park in the area. Visit the farm and immerse yourself in Bellevue’s farmhouse roots. A free recreational opportunity, this urban oasis offers hiking, picnic areas, a playground, open grassy area, day camps, and summer volunteer opportunities.

Though pets are allowed at the Kelsey Creek Community Park, they aren’t at the Kelsey Creek Farm – but don’t worry, you’ll have a bunch of farm critters to enjoy!


A mega-community center, Crossroads Park is 34+ acres of activity, including the Crossroads Par-3 Golf Course, Crossroads Community Center, Bellevue Youth Theatre, and Water Spray Playground. Aside from these amazing amenities, the park also offers tennis courts, basketball courts, a shores shoe pit, a skate bowl, play areas, picnic shelters, jogging paths, and tons of open greenspace for play and relaxation.

Home to Bellevue’s annual Strawberry Festival, Crossroads park is near Crossroads Mall, local restaurants, and plenty of transportation options.


Touted as a community hub, the Lake Hill Greenbelt stretches between Phantom and Larson Lakes via the Lake to Lake Trail, a 3-mile trail through the massive, 150-acre expanse of diverse wildlife habitats, which includes forests, wetlands, streams, and lakes.

The Lake Hills Community Gardens & P-Patches are near the Bellevue Park Ranger Station off SE 16th Street – also near Lake Hill Farm Fresh Produce market and southern Lake to Lake Trailhead.  Though much of the park is greenspace, wetlands, or part of the Blueberry Farms and is only traversable via dedicated trails, the 3-miles of trail can bring you to Phantom Lake and Phantom Lake Park, which offers another 2.4-miles of trail, fishing areas, and a small dock.


With 7+ miles of dedicated trail, Mercer Slough Nature Park is perfect for people looking to get out of the big city. Though the Winters House is currently closed through 2022 for light rail construction, you can still enjoy one of Lake Washington’s remaining freshwater wetlands. Explore over 320 acres of Bellevue largest park and a diverse expanse of freshwater wetland ecology and educational purpose. A partnership between the Mercer Slough Environmental Educational Center and the Pacific Science Center instilled such purpose and drive through activities such as free guided ranger walks and guided canoe tours.


Near Bellevue College, Robinswood Community Park is full of recreation, including lit softball and soccer/lacrosse fields, ten wooded acres of trails, a children’s play area, and lush open spaces and adjoining pond.

Two corrals offer different spaces for off-leash, human-pup recreation – one with a small shelter to escape the Seattle drizzle.


One of Bellevue’s most southern parks, Newcastle Beach Park is a popular place for swimming, sunbathing, and short nature trails. With lifeguards on duty late-June through Labor Day, the area is most bustling during the summer season – when the sun is out, and the air is dry. Plan a picnic or host a barbeque, and enjoy the day away surrounded by family and friends.

We’ve mentioned a few local, Bellevue events during this article…  Are you curious about all the events going on in Bellevue, Washington? We are too – so, check out their calendar of awesome upcoming events!

Do you have a favorite park or place in Bellevue or are you more curious about the area? Tell us about it!


$948,000 • 13257 SE 54th Place, Bellevue • MLS# 1244727
3 Bedrooms • 2.25 Bathrooms • 2,140 Sq. Ft. • 9,090 Lot Size

For more information, please contact Jay Agoado.
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6 of Our Favorite Breakfast Places in Seattle, Mercer Island & Bellevue

6 of Our Favorite Breakfast Places in Seattle, Mercer Island & Bellevue

What’s the most important meal of the day – and one of our favorites? Why, breakfast, of course! The Pacific Northwest holds tons of hyper-local secrets in the breakfast world, but what are the area’s favorites? We’ve done breakfast posts before, but we’re breaking down our favorite breakfast and brunch places in Seattle, Mercer Island, and the Greater Eastside, why their so delicious and our suggestions.

Hidden in a cozy storefront off 24th in Old Ballard, Seattle you’ll find a darling treasure named Café Besalu, specializing in handmade pastries and handcrafted espresso. Since selling to Herkimer Coffee in 2017, the café has seen a few minor tweaks, but the same delicious pastries that call for lines out the door and ritualistic regulars remain.

Do you love artisan baked goods? Flaky goodness in every bite? Their humble outside appearance opens to a well-oiled machine and delightful breakfast treat. If you’re looking for something small, a drink and pastry combination perhaps, peek into this shop!

Nestled in the bustling city, the Tilikum Place Café features a classic breakfast menu, in a welcoming, aromatic atmosphere. Breathe in the morning of eggs benedict Dutch Baby pancakes, and indulge with either classic, sweet, or savory!

You might wait for a table, and you might wait for your scrumptious foods, but you’ll enjoy the high quality, high energy, and beautiful setting. Keep in mind, this little café usually doesn’t have space for walk-ins, and reservations are oftentimes books weeks in advanced.

A downtown Mercer Island classic, Bennett’s Bistro has long served the Mercer Island community with authentic and original foods. Part of Sugar Mountain, Bennett’s uses premium ingredients, Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, and a “whole food” commitment.

Bennett’s Bistro uses a ton of ingredients from its sister companies, including Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, Mama Lil’s Peppers, and other Sugar Mountain companies. Enjoy the mouthwatering nature of handcrafted foods, straight from “the earth, the sea, and the vine,” from local Washington sources, including Carnation, Yakima, Bellingham, and the Olympic Mountains.

A newer, local favorite is Mioposto on Mercer Island. Its original storefront opened in March of 2006 in the Mount Baker neighborhood in Seattle, but they recently opened a sister site on Mercer Island and recently celebrated their one-year anniversary (in January 2018, opened January 2017). Literally translated to “my pace” in Italian, Mioposto was inspired by traditional Neapolitan pizzerias from their aesthetic to their ingredient sources.

Crafted in open-flame ovens, their foods are handcrafted with care and attention, by skilled oveners incredibly in-tune with their ovens and kitchens. They form unique recipes and beautiful displays, but don’t take our word for it – try it yourself!

Like Seattle, Bellevue has a ton of boutique eateries local and visitors love indulging in, including the French Bakery. There are several locations across the Eastside, including Bellevue, Redmond, and Kirkland, and each offers a unique experience and flaky pastries.

Made savory and sweet, their delightful pastries and desserts are crafted daily for your repeated enjoyment. Looking for a meeting space with light fare, or a place to camp out while you get some work done? Grab a coffee for energy and a croissant for brain power here!

Located in the heart of Bellevue, the Bellden Café started like many other local restaurants: with a simple idea and lot of love, commitments, and passion. Coffee and food bring people together, and that was precisely the idea behind this love project.

Behind the chaotic times is a menu filled with you, the customer, in mind. Their menu changes periodically to keep up with the demand and season, but their delicious coffee stays the same, carving the Bellden Café into the Bellevue lifestyle.

We’re sure we missed some of your favorites. What are they? Where are they? And why are they amazing?

6 Shopping Fan-Favorites on Main Street, in Bellevue, Washington

6 Shopping Fan-Favorites on Main Street, in Bellevue, Washington

Are you all shopped out from the holiday season? We are – but there are also a ton of after-season sales going on! If you find yourself in the mood, but want to avoid the rush of local malls, try Main Street, near downtown Bellevue.

Often referred to as Old-Bellevue, visit the heart of the city with great food and interesting shops, in a vibrant portrayal of “small-town” living in an urban metropolis. Visit and imagine everything surrounding it as strawberry fields, and you’ll get a decent depiction of what the area used to look like; but now this not-so hidden, Eastside gem bustles with cafes, bars, and boutique shopping.

Glassybaby is an establishment any charity lover can get behind. With locations along the West Coast, their glassblowers handcraft each “glassbaby”, ensuring the highest quality in your unique product – and this beautiful oasis of color offers a donation with ever purchase.

Do you have a kid in your family? Or a friend or family member you’re looking to buy for? Wee Tots Children’s Store on Main Street in downtown Bellevue, Washington is perfect for all types of children’s gear! Toys? Clothes? Or maybe some larger furnishings? This upscale infant and children outfitter offers quality!

Old and Elegant offers just that: antique-style fixtures and furnishings for your home. This unique retailor procures the finest wood and metal findings, alongside helpful, knowledgeable and honest owners and staff.

Looking to get the new year started right? Check out Title Nine for all things athleticwear and gear. With a business based on inspiring the world around us, you’ll surely find something for yourself or a friend!

Cozy into bed with Soaring Heart comfort. With a plan only to provide you with a night of great sleep, they let you know exactly what you’re buying – the fabrics included in their organic material, lack of toxic chemicals, and recycled and reused materials. Each mattress is handcrafted by precision builders.

And if you’re looking to furnish the rest of your home, check out LUXE + WOODS Urban Designs, where they believe ever furnishing should be as unique as you! Their one-of-a-kind creations, fit no mold in their beautiful boldness.

Located blocks away from Lincoln Square and the Bellevue Collection, Main Street in Bellevue, Washington shopping is nothing if not luxe-inspired. Regardless of if you’re looking for yourself, a friend, or your sister’s children, you’ll find something unique.

What are you favorite shopping stores in downtown Bellevue?

Too Cold? Try These 4 Slurp-Worthy Ramen Houses!

Too Cold? Try These 4 Slurp-Worthy Ramen Houses!

It’s super cold outside – and rainy, too. Now might prove a fabulous time to try that new ramen house you’ve been whispering about. Traditional ramen typically served hot (although there is a chilled option) and comprises a soupy consistency, of broth filled with noodles and toppings. Though the toppings widely vary, some standbys include sliced pork, dried seaweed, green onions, and egg.

Though the history is a bit unclear, ramen has swept Japan and China, and has made its way in to the heart of Americans, too!

Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya is a chain that has experienced tons of growth other the past decade, with locations spanning across Japan, Australia, Taiwan, and the United States, including Indiana, Illinois, Oregon, and Washington. They serve a delicious and diverse menu comprised of Japanese cuisine!

We just went over Ramen Danbo in a previous article, so I won’t rehash the same information, but rest assured it’s delightful!

Located near the Westfield-Southcenter Shopping Mall, Arashi Ramen is a boutique ramen house that packs a lot of punch. They have ten different styles of ramen, plus sides and rice bowls, making their menu available to anyone. Highly-regarded in the area for consistently flavorful and heartwarming bowls, they use their own signature blend of handcrafted ramen, utilizing premium ingredients and simmer their broths over 16 hours.

Our last stop on the Ramen train is Seattle’s Teinei. Located in the South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle, this industrial-chic eatery utilizes the Japanese meaning of its namesake: with care and politeness. They use their name as an emphasis for their upstanding hospitality, premium quality and outstanding service – and their reviewer agree!

After you try these places, you’ll forget about all the cold weather outside! In the comments below, share with us your favorite ramen house!

6 Hot & New Restaurants in the Greater Seattle Region – December 2017 Edition

6 Hot & New Restaurants in the Greater Seattle Region – December 2017 Edition

Hot and new restaurants are always popping up in the Puget Sound area, and we LOVE trying new and exciting things. Some people don’t want to cook when they get home, or they cook the same ten things week after week without sufficient variation.

This is where eating out and trying new things comes into play. Being adventurous and adding variety (dare, I say spice) to your life is a great way to indulge and find new tastes you never knew you enjoyed – and it doesn’t have to be something crazy. Maybe, you’ve just never tried brussels sprouts?

Tiger Bites is taking the area by storm. Located in the Overlake neighborhood of Bellevue, they offer delightful Taiwanese fusion eats, coupled with quality food, excellent service, and a sense of community. As a fast-casual restaurant, they offer quick, filling bites set at the highest quality!

Ramen has taken the area by storm in recent years, and this new Downtown ramen house is making statements with their signature Tonkotsu broth, touted as “unmistakable”. Nonetheless, only weeks old and Ramen Danbo proves a delicious eatery!

Open for two months, the Red Bamboo Bistro offers a fabulous and expansive Chinese menu. Located in the Renton Highlands, this eatery is already touted as “up there with the top places in Renton for Chinese food.

Neko: A Cat Café proves as adorable as it is indulgent in our fierce feline companions. The unique space rests in the heart of Capitol Hill, and offers drinks and nibbles as you pet the totally adoptable cats that slink around your feet. Drink. Eat. Pet cats, and maybe even adopt one while you’re there!

A combination of “new rustic and old, tradiational” Mexican foods, D’ La Santa offers a menu diverse with quality, prime meats, organic vegetables, and community. Their “family approach” to business shines through their unique and delicious menu!

Already garnered the title of “great brisket in Seattle” by the Seattle Times, Barbecue Smith offers a new take on a delicious trend. Alongside their traditional menu or brisket, mac & cheese, ribs, and pulled pork, they also offer unique additions, like kimchi and BBQ ramen.

Eating out can be fun and, while we shouldn’t overdo it, it can be a great way to find new inspirations and ideas for homecooked meals later down the line – or even just trying to figure out how they made what they made so delicious. Maybe you can add it to your New Year’s Resolutions to add to your palette.

New eats are a dime a dozen, but these places are well-rated (4+ stars) and have garnered media attention through their delicious offerings. What are your favorite new eating spaces in the Pacific Northwest?

Have Family Coming to Town? These are 5 of Seattle’s & 5 of Bellevue’s Most Highly Regarded Hotels

Have Family Coming to Town? These are 5 of Seattle’s & 5 of Bellevue’s Most Highly Regarded Hotels

The holidays are stressful enough without having the added pressure of dealing with the hotel you’re staying at. You’d assume it would be easy. You book the room and the show up and settle in, but we’re heard horror stories of ruined holidays or last-minute cramped quarters as twenty people share one four-bedroom home.

We’ve done through dozens of reviews, articles, and exposes and we’re here to share our findings – and just in time, too!


Hyatt Hotels is a world-renowned legacy, marked by outstanding service, profound understanding and knowledge of the surrounding area(s), and offering all the conveniences of home. In Bellevue, Hyatt Hotels offers two locations, one in downtown Bellevue, the Hyatt Regency, and on in the Eastgate neighborhood, the Hyatt House. There’s also one in Redmond!

The Hampton Inn & Suites is another popular Hilton endeavor. Friendly and “highly recommended” this location is right outside downtown Bellevue, meaning you get all the convenience, without all the traffic and city hubbub (don’t worry – you’re only two blocks away!)

The Westin Hotel in Bellevue, proves a premier experience at it’s finest. Consistently top notch, they’re a quarter-block away from Bellevue’s premier shopping experience, including the Bellevue Collection, Lincoln Square, Shops at the Bravern, and the Bellevue Connection.

Mariott Hotels also offers a getaway in Bellevue Downtown District. Excellent location and an overall comfortable stay make the holidays an easy experience! Add in some fabulous dining, their fitness center, and other amenities, the Courtyard by Marriott in Bellevue proves an excellent option!


With how expansive Seattle is, there’s bound to be tons of excellent hotel options – and that’s definitely the case here. Don’t worry – we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 go-tos!

Self-touted as “hip and urban, funky and fun,” Hotel 5 is at the top of our “Seattle” list. With their pup-friendly package, “there’s no need to ruff it without your furry friend!” This ultra-modern hotel has set its sights higher and offers a plethora of amenities – and a 1100% smoke-free environment.

Another fabulous option is the Loews Hotel 1000. Each location is uniquely modern and contoured to the Seattle community – including awesome pup and children specialties. Check out their Spaahh for award-winning products and treatments, while their Seafood & Oyster Bar and Bell Lounge offer expert dining experiences.

Another Seattle experience, highlighting the human-dog friendship that’s so brightly invigorated around the Puget Sound Region. The Kimpton Hotel Vintage is one of Seattle’s boutique hotels, offering an urban retreat for anyone within the sound of their voice. Want to get spoiled and pampered? Delight in their in-room spa experience, complimentary hotel bicycles, plus their partnership with Washington wine partners and their morning coffee + tea service. Love the hotel you’re in!

Stay in the heart of downtown, at the Kimpton Alexis Hotel. Another unique endeavor, similar to their Hotel Vintage location, this luxury stay was rated “#1 Hotel in Seattle” by Conde Nast Traveler, RCA 2017 and “Best Seattle Hotels” by U.S. News & World Report, 2017. Curious why? Phenomenal experiences. Exceptional services. “Because you’re worth it.”

Enjoy classic Seattle shopping at the new Pike Place Market and stay at the Inn at the Market. Savor the views of downtown, Pike Place Market, Seattle’s waterfront experience, the Puget Sound, and the Olympic Mountains beyond – and depending on your preferences, there are different suite options to choose from!


But Seattle and Bellevue, though the premier cities of the area, aren’t the only one’s with decent digs! Kirkland also offers two premier hotels, if that’s a bit closer to your family!

The Woodmark Hotel & Still Spa is located just north of Bellevue, on the edges of Yarrow Bay. With great reviews, dashing views, and awesome activities, they’re on this list of classic Pacific Northwest experience.

 Another Kirkland abode away from home is the Heathman Hotel. Totally #PNW and luxurious, and only a hop, skip and a jump into Woodinville, this hotel is ideally located near downtown Kirkland shopping, eating, and their beautiful waterfront.

Do you have a have a favorite place to stay in-town, or while you’re visiting the Seattle area? Let us know!

4 NEW Bellevue Restaurants to Check Out While You’re Shopping this Holiday Season!

4 NEW Bellevue Restaurants to Check Out While You’re Shopping this Holiday Season!

Out shopping for the holidays and don’t have time to stop back at home? Or maybe you just want to enjoy the experience and try something new! Bellevue has opened up a few new restaurants to try this upcoming season!

Dukes Seafood & Chowder House has opened another Pacific Northwest location in Lincoln Square. Like their other locations, they’re true to form with an extremely clean eating space and refreshingly friendly atmosphere. A cozy experience to say the least!

The Central Bar opened a few months ago in the heart of Bellevue. A convenient location across from Bellevue Square Mall, this new bar offers an ambiance comprised of a sports bar and intimate gathering space. Since it’s not sports-centric, one feels right at home and able to gather around the table without the loud screams of sports games (but, don’t worry – there’s still four to view your favorite Seahawks game!)

Located off Main Street in old-Bellevue, Swiftwater Cellars opened approximately two months ago. A warm and inviting décor, coupled with unique compilations of food and drinks, create an elegant atmosphere. This coupling perfectly displays their rustic roots of Cle Elum, with a modern twist of the local, urban lifestyle!

Ultra-boutique candy stores are all the rage – and there’s a reason for it! While many candy stores cater towards children, this new trend shifts the focus on adults. Sugar Factory has created an sophisticated, full-service experience when it comes to your sugar of choice! Happy sweet things!

Regardless of what you’re looking for, Bellevue has it. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert – or even drinks afterwards – there are always tons of places just a block away. And Bellevue’s Main Street “old-Bellevue” area, has tons of overlooked, local favorites!

What are you favorite local places we should try?

Enjoy Music with a Vintage Sound? Check Out These Washington Record Stores!

Enjoy Music with a Vintage Sound? Check Out These Washington Record Stores!

Music has been a mainstay in the Pacific Northwest for as far back as we can remember, and the area has long played a role in the music scene of Washington. From grunge to punk, pop, rap, and metal, the area’s offered several influential bands, music labels, and venues. I mean, look at that photo above – Talking Heads! (Yes, we know they aren’t a local band…)

Seattle’s Spin Cycle is a classic, local shop, complete with overfull baskets and bins of vinyl, cassettes, and other musical & gaming memorabilia. The complete nerd-heaven, this awesome shop includes artists like the White Strips, the Who and Jello Biafra. Want a Nintendo 64 game? They’ve got that, too!

Complete Seattle chic, Light in the Attic Record Shop offers a variety, including soundtracks, soul, subpop, jazz, classic, rock, hip hop, blues, country, rock, and electronica. Good music and great people. What more could you ask for?

Chic and clean, Daybreak Records offers a variety ranging from rock to classical to jazz, and everything in between. Like many record stores, they offer a listening section, where you can try out your new-found record to ensure its free of scratches and other damages.

Easy Street Records remains one of West Seattle’s favorite breakfast and music hubs. They offer LOADS of new and old sounds, nestled among their massive collection. Their food is also pretty decent!

And just because Seattle is the mecca of music, doesn’t mean they’re the only place with great sounds! Puget Sounds, a Bellevue, Washington proprietor, prove a solid option for buy/trade/sell vinyl records and paraphernalia. A humble and down-to-earth shop, Puget Sounds remains a highly rated shop!

Though the scene and popular music has changed throughout the years, Seattle has remained a mega-house for shows and could almost add popular bands and music to their exports list.

What are your places to pick up new or vintage records? Are your favorite places in Seattle? Or maybe elsewhere?

5+ Places to Find Inspiring & Interesting Children’s Toys

5+ Places to Find Inspiring & Interesting Children’s Toys

Remember when you were children, and your favorite toy was that stuffed animal that you’ve for, literally, ever? Or the blanket your grandma made for you? Or that LEGO set that took your four months to complete because you knew you didn’t need help to finish it.

And with today’s evolving technology, our view of children’s toys has also evolved. Oftentimes, we’ll find children four years of age, playing with cellphones and tablets in restaurants.


Red Wagon Toys remains a north Seattle favorite. Located in the neighborhood of Madison Park, this humble toy store offers fun, educational toys of intrigue, inspiration, and variety.

Another Seattle-local toy store is Top Ten Toys in the Queen Anne neighborhood or Seattle. This store remains a true staple in the community and a huge “hit with the kiddos!” Walls of children’s kits offer endless fun for years to come! Their mission is to inspire creativity, offer intrigue through imagination, and tons of fun! We think they hit that mission spot on.

In South Seattle, specifically the Columbia City neighborhood, you’ll find Retroactive Kids. This store offers excellent selections from the current generation, and from previous generations of newly reimagined designs, hence the name “retroactive.”

In the Pioneer Square neighborhood is where Magic Mouse Toys stands. Included in their 6,000-sq. ft. facility are children’s books, die cast cars, dolls, stuffed animals, games, kids’ kits, puzzles, and tons more!


The eastside offers even more options for you little ones, including Snapdoodle Toys. This solid-five-star-rated toy shop offers “fun” in spades! From construct-ables to actions figures, puzzles to books, and plush animals to educational toys, this shop what you’re children are searching for!

Another highly-rated shop, Wee Tots Children’s Store specializes in simple, colorful and interesting toys for children of all ages. It’s adorably located in the heart of Old Bellevue, so grab a latte and enjoy the shop!

Do you have too many toys? Or just trying to clear out for the holidays? Many of the places on this list, we at Windermere Mercer Island volunteer and donate to throughout the year and could definitely help you repurpose your toys. Or if you don’t have extra toys (or children at all), any unused food products could help them through the holiday surge!

What are your favorite places to support throughout the year?

new this week from



12548 11th Avenue NW, Seattle • MLS# 1218441
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Nestled on a peaceful and friendly street just blocks away from the Puget Sound waterfront, this classic mid-century home awaits you. Relax or gather friends around the fireside in its light-filled living room. A spacious dining room is ready for holiday parties, while the adjoining kitchen features a cheerful breakfast nook with bay window. You will want to spend summer days out on the sunny back deck and patio. The fully-fenced, grassy backyard is something special with its generous fruit trees and wide-open space. Four bedrooms provide plenty of privacy for everyone. Carkeek Park’s beach, trails and playground are just a stroll away!

For more information, please contact Jake Kanev.
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24018th Avenue N #201, Seattle • MLS# 1218815
$629,000 • 2 Bedrooms • 1.25 Bathrooms • 1,065 Sq. Ft.

THE VIEW IS CAPTIVATING! Sailboats, seaplanes & sparkling lights, Gasworks Park, Lake Union, Capitol Hill, the city & beyond, an outlook all the way to the snow capped Cascades! Yet you are only minutes to SLU or Fremont-a quick ride in the dedicated bike lane. Completely refreshed! Move-in, live large, entertain even larger! How will you spend your extra time? Take a run on the Burke-Gilman, grab coffee at Herkimer’s then relax on your deck before brunch? Live your COMMUTE-FREE life here, now!

For more information, please contact Kathryn Buchanan.
KABU@Windermere.com • 206.227.2227 • KathrynBuchanan.com

The Ultimate Trail Guide to the Greater Seattle Region

The Ultimate Trail Guide to the Greater Seattle Region

Even through the development and construction, Seattle and the Greater Seattle Area remain an idealistic place for outdoorspeople and our growing population of cyclists. Grabbing your bicycle and hitting a trail can be both exhilarating and allow you to explore a different side of the city.

The local enthusiasm for cycling isn’t misguided, as it serves multiple purposes and provides hours of entertainment and exercise. This ultimate bike guide will help you find the right one in your area – right outside your front door!


  • The Alki Trail. This 5.5-mile trail runs the peninsula of West Seattle along the water. Though patrons suggest you “watch for roots”, this trail is excellent for bicyclists in the city!
  • Though the Burke-Gilman Trail runs from Seattle to Bothell, this trail is a local mainstay. It’s 18.8 miles is not for the faint of heart, but it proves an exhilarating ride!
  • Comprised of asphalt, the Chief Sealth Trail is a 4-mile trail is great for urban-dwellers. If you live in South Seattle, you could probably walk to a trailhead from your home!
  • The I-90 Trail is one that is most frequented by commuters from or to the Bellevue or Seattle. At 8.8-miles, it gets in that morning exercise without setting back your days’ progress. It’s paved and well-maintained and offers wonderful views of Lake Washington.


  • The Cedar River Trail extends from Renton’s Cedar River Park into Hobart. At 15.7-miles, the trail is largely paved, but the last stretch passed the Maple Valley Trailhead comprises packed gravel.
  • This Bellevue trail, otherwise known as the Coal Creek Trail, is great for beginners who want to stay close to home. At 3.7-miles, this Bellevue to Newcastle hike comprises a dirt, grass, and woodchips surface along wide paths and a steep façade.
  • The Cross-Kirkland Corridor is in a forward trajectory, meaning the city of Kirkland sees a bright future in the form of corridor expansion. This trail currently rests at 5.8 miles and stays within the Kirkland limits.
  • The Issaquah-Preston Trail proves an endearing 4.8-mile trek through the urban wilderness. Though on the short side of Pacific Northwest trails, its largely unused and you can often find yourself the only person out!
  • The North Creek Trail is in Snohomish and stands at 7.8-miles. A step through nature, you can often birdwatch and see the abundant wildlife sifting through the underbrush.
  • Redmond is known for many things, including the Redmond Central Connector. At 2.4-miles, it’s a great way to connect the Sammamish River and Bear Creek Trails and enjoy a little loop into downtown Redmond.

North End

  • This 7.25-miles, known as the North Creek Trail, proves a beautiful display of the PNW wetlands. Abundant with nature and wildlife, you’ll be sure to find the natural beauty and feel your pressures whisked away.
  • From Bothell to Redmond, the Sammamish River Trail connects the north end with the Eastside, via this 11-mile trail. It’s a proven love of local, depicted by its heavy weekend use and well-maintained passages.
  • One of the more bolstered trails on this list, the Snohomish County Centennial Trail rests at 30.5-miles. Some segments can be fairly busy, so make sure to keep an eye out for other patrons.

South End

  • This waterside trail offers beautiful Puget Sound views and the aroma of salty water and shoreside pine trees. The Des Moines Creek Trail connects various beachfront parks, where additional challenges and mountainous terrain can be sought.
  • Running from Tukwila to Kent, the Green River Trail runs the entre 19.6-mile span. Touted for it being a “great place for exercise” and “peaceful”, the trail is excellent for cyclists of all types.
  • The Foothills trails span from Puyallup to Enumclaw and comprise roughly 30-miles. It’s clean and great for any type of ride.
  • The Soos Creek Trail run 6-miles from north to south, in Kent, Washington. A well-paved and maintained trail, the Soos Creek offers tons of scenery and numerous trailheads – some very close to you Kent home!

Even Further Out…

  • Though not exactly in our backyard, this destination-bike trail is great for getting out of the city for a day. The Chehalis Western Trail is 21.2-miles and connects every major town in Thurston County, including our capitol, Olympia.
  • The Interurban Trail is one that spans a great distance, approximately 42-miles and from Everett all the way down to Fife, and is distinguished by a “North” and “South” designation. Largely comprised of asphalt paving, this trail is great for beginners, intermediate, and advanced cyclists.
  • The Cushman Trail is great for people looking for a challenge. Although it isn’t entirely challenging, it offers a bit of variety nestled between beautiful backdrops and the smell of northwestern pine.

The Pacific Northwest and the Greater Seattle area is abundant with cyclists, and our cities are further accommodation of a new favorite pastime. Endless more can be found on the local city websites and Washington State Trails Association website.

Think we missed an important trail? Leave the name in the comments below!


5 Must-Dos for you Fall Passion-Finding List in Bellevue, Washington

5 Must-Dos for you Fall Passion-Finding List in Bellevue, Washington

Bellevue is a town of beauty, and we all get to indulge in its treasures. With the rainy season coming on strong, we’re almost out of options for fun, right?


Throughout the Pacific Northwest, we’ve a plethora of options to indulge your favorite hobbies, even during the seasonal thunder showers. Whether you usually are a winter shut-in or a social butterfly there’s always a way to have fun – even with the weather drizzling outside!

Shopping remains a beloved pastime in our culture, and Bellevue offers plenty of options to do just that. While the Bellevue Collection and Bellevue Square Mall reign supreme, Bellevue also has the Marketplace at Factoria, otherwise known as Factoria Mall, Crossroads Mall, and the Overlake Fashion Plaza and surrounding shopping arena. Even if your window shopping, the extra walking along can increase cardiovascular health.

If you’re into extreme sports – or even the idea of them – you should check out Stone Gardens. With over 21,000 square feet of climbing terrain that’s change regularly, you’ll never run out of new paths to climb. Belay and rappel ledges, plus an amazing and interactive kids’ area, complete this rainy-season activity! It’s exercise with all the fun! Their rates are pretty reasonable, and you can snag discounts for buying a membership. If you’re new or tentative, they even have classes!

If you’re searching for something less… extreme, check out an indoor yoga class – or whatever type of exercise sparks your fancy!

Grab a book from the library, or buy one from Half Price Books at Crossroads Mall. Reading during the summer season is just as important as reading through the rest of the year and these two options make the hobby affordable, or even free! Can’t you just see it? Curling up in front of a blazing fire, with a throw blanket and good book?

Maybe you enjoy crafting stories, versus reading about them? Take this November and participate in NaNoRiMo!

Check out the local museums. The Bellevue Art Museum is a fantastic place to explore your own creativity – even by looking at others. The museum’s mission is “guided by the belief that craft and design are essential to the conversation on art and are equally transformative.” What do you think? From their unique architecture to the insides that make them a go-to destination, the Bellevue Art Museum is a great place to spend any day!

Clock some volunteering hours at the Bellevue Youth Theatre or Seattle Humane Society. Not only does volunteering offers great life, social, and industry skills, but you could find a new hobby or passion you’d never experienced before! Add it to your resume or college application and you’ve just found two more ways volunteer is beneficial to you!

But, volunteering is about what you can get out of it, it’s about finding a passion and giving back. Whether its puppies, children, or another cause you believe in, find something that speaks to you and you’ll make the greatest difference to a ton of people and animals!

These five things are our favorite go-to during the rainy season? What are yours?

5 Scrumptious Breakfast Places in Bellevue, Washington

5 Scrumptious Breakfast Places in Bellevue, Washington

Breakfast has been called many time, but in many places, it’s noted as the meal that starts your day on the right foot. As the “most important meal of the day,” research shows eating a salubrious and hearty breakfast can lower the risk of metabolic disorders and cardiovascular diseases. Though some effects are still unknown, is of large opinion that breakfast is favorable, especially in children.

The tradition of “breakfast” varies, depending on the area of world you live in, but in our area, breakfast comprises mostly of hot and cold cereals, yogurt, eggs, pancakes, waffles, and breakfast meats, including sausage, ham, and bacon. Bagels, doughnuts, and breakfast “sandwiches” and “burritos” are also popular.

And like any other meal, you don’t restrict yourself to the morning!

“Breakfast for dinner” is delicious and it encourages people to eat more Omega-3 fatty acids, and less Omega-6 fatty acids. Free-range and pasture raised eggs are some of the best foods to increase nutrient rich fats and proteins.

So, are you looking for breakfast foods for breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

These five spoon-rific breakfast hubs in Bellevue make any morning, day or night a little better!

Eques, located in downtown Bellevue, is inside the Hyatt Regency and the perfect place to test out your breakfast taste buds. It’s casual décor and high-end eats blend well with its traditional menu, complete with local and handcrafted ingredients.

Noted as “phenomenal” and gastropub-esque,” Lot No. 3 is part of the Heavy Restaurant Group, comprising several top eateries across the Seattle-Eastside area. Rustic and with Edison-inspired light fixtures, the inside is that industrial feel we’ve all come to love. Small and delicate fares create unique and beautiful plates to enjoy!

Not “just your classic coffee shop,” the 148th Ave Coffee Shop makes breakfast a fun experience. This spacious, tech-savvy hub is conveniently located at Bellevue College offer scrumptious panni, hot and cold beverages, pastries, bagels, and other breakfast eats!

Setting the “Eastside standard” since 1958, Chace’s Pancake Corral offers the small-town vibe near this bustling city. Hidden away on Bellevue Way Southeast, it’s ideally located in the heart of West Bellevue. You’ll find traditional breakfasts in this usually busy, one-room rambler!

Café Pogacha is located smack in the middle of Bellevue, and proves a wonderful breakfast out in the city. Their homemade menu offers a variety for breakfast and lunch, so you won’t have to worry if your family is split between favorites.

So, the next time you’re hankering for breakfast foods and not feeling up to cooking, try one of these delicious places on the Eastside!

5 Ways to Indulge in the Sun in Bellevue, Washington

5 Ways to Indulge in the Sun in Bellevue, Washington

The sun has been consistently shining for a few weeks now, and doesn’t appear to be letting up any time soon (yay!) This week, we’re heading into 80s territory some the weekend.

So, what have you been doing with all this Pacific Northwest sun-time?

As part of their expansion and growth plan, the city of Bellevue has written in several beautification projects to preserve the cities cityscape. Even with their expected growth, you can be assured natural beauty won’t be sacrificed.

What are some of those awesome outdoor activities?

Botanical Gardens

The Bellevue Botanical Gardens are an inner-city escape, surrounded by wildlife and Northwest foliage. This urban refuge is comprised of 53-acres of gardens, restored wood and wetlands, and only a short distance from your front door. Various trails guide your journey through the expanse, and offer a naturally serene oasis.

Check out their website, as they offer classes, plant sales, memberships, learning opportunities, and local events and celebrations.

Across the water from Mercer Island, rests Bellevue’s Mercer Slough Nature Park. With 7+ miles of trail, an environmental and visitors center, picnic areas, and waterfront area, with canoe launch, this park has it all. They even have a blueberry farm along the Heritage Loop Tail! You can purchase fresh blueberries, just like if you were at the Farmer’s Market!  Exploring over 320 of wildlife habitat may seem intimidating, but you may consider checking out their Guided Canoe Tours of Free Guided Ranger Walks.

Downtown Bellevue Park

Also along the water, near downtown Bellevue, is Meydenbauer beach Park. Although they are currently in Phase 1 of a massive re-design, they are planning a scheduled completion date of Fall 2018 – so, it’s only a year or so away. Keep up-to-date with their Planning & Development page. These new plans outline beautiful additions to the current trail and waterfront park attraction. Renovation include a viewing terrace, play area, beach house, PPV launch, whaling building, pedestrian pier, daylight channel, ravine, and area restoration.

Closer in, the Kelsey Creek Farm preserves the “country feel” native to the area. Built on 150 areas of meadows, forests, and natural wetlands, Kelsey Creek Farm give otherwise urban dwellers the opportunity to live in the city’s rural history. Sinking into the history of Kelsey Creek, the farm dates to the 1930’s. Home to ponies, sheep, goats, chickens, pigs, rabbits, and waterfowl, opportunities are endless with farm tours and classes!

Pigs at Farm

Day camps and farm programs offer opportunities for unique recreation, or learning a new hobby. You can even host your next company event or family reunion here! Their rental page has all the details.

Visiting this farm, is like stepping into history. By preserving the sites natural resources, the farm can provide rich, historical, and educational experiences.

While less than outdoors, the Crossroads Mall in Bellevue is centrally located. While enjoying the excursion of mall-walking, you can also venture over to the Bellevue City-Crossroad Park. Complete with a water-spray feature and playground, this area is perfect for families of all ages to enjoy, indulge, and play.

Family FunWith over 34 acres of amenities, which include (4) tennis courts, basketball courts, a skate bowl, picnic areas, jogging paths, water playground, par-3 golf course, seasonal community gardens, and a full-service community center, this park is packed with fun. Only a stone’s throw away from the Crossroads Mall, you can enjoy a leisurely day at the park, then cool-off and re-fuel inside! The Strawberry Festival is held here annually.

Both the Crossroads Community Center and the Bellevue Youth Theatre, both located at Crossroads Park,  offer artistic and active opportunities for children of all ages.

Now that we’ve made our way around the city will exiting activities in tow, what will you do? And if these don’t catch your fancy, which Bellevue or Eastside activities are your favorite standbys?

new this week from



2420 128th Avenue Southeast, Bellevue • MLS# 1158213
$1,150,000 • 5 Bedrooms • 2.5 Bathrooms • 2,620 Square Feet • 12,725 Lot Size

Welcome to this lovely home, ideally located near Woodridge Elementary. Hardwood floors flow through bright living and dining areas—perfect for entertaining or everyday. Cooking is a breeze in the cheerful kitchen with double ovens, gas cooktop, breakfast bar, and casual dining nook. A spacious master and two more main-floor bedrooms, plus a huge fireside rec room, two lower level bedrooms and an office provide plenty of flex space. The resort-style backyard includes a wide deck, lush landscaping, basketball court & table tennis. Close to swim clubs, trails, and parks & I-90/I-405 access.

For more information, please contact Charlie Sirianni or Erin Sirianni.
SirianniGroup@Windermere.com • 206.992.6151 • SirianniGroup.com
ErinS@Windermere.com • 206.992.5272 • SirianniGroup.com


8222 Northeast 110th Place, Kirkland • MLS# 1153691
$2,100,000 • 5 Bedrooms • 3 Bathrooms • 4,960 Square Feet • 11,045 Lot Size

Savor stunning western Lake Washington views from this elegant yet inviting Juanita Point home. Masterfully crafted in 2008 with both practicality and panache, it offers an open great room layout that is ideal for glittering gatherings or lazy Saturday mornings. The cook’s kitchen—with massive granite topped island—offers every amenity, while entertaining is a joy on the covered main level view deck with gas barbecue and integrated audio.

Special features such as a soaring 2-story foyer, Brazilian Walnut (IPE) floors, lower level kitchenette, and three-floor elevator lend a pleasing sense of luxury.

At the end of the day, steal away to your sumptuous master suite with sitting room, gas fireplace and spa-like bath that opens to a private view deck for stargazing. Four additional bedrooms plus a study and rec room provide ample flex space to suit your lifestyle. With a home this pristine, there’s nothing to do but move right in and live large…

For more information, please contact Peni Schwartz or Cynthia Schoonmaker.
PSchwart@Windermere.com • 206.718.7364 • Peni-Schwartz.com
CynthiaS@Windermere.com • 206.683.2725 • CynthiaSchoonmaker.com

Bellevue’s Rejuvenated Downtown Park

Bellevue’s Rejuvenated Downtown Park

We are here to shine a brilliant spotlight on the newly renovated Downtown Bellevue Park. This 20-acre urban oasis, is in the heart of Bellevue, between Bellevue Square Mall and old-Bellevue. A recognized rapid growth, prompted Bellevue leaders to evaluate their city’s potential and opportunities. In 1983, the City of Bellevue acquired 17 acres from the Bellevue School District and a subsequent 4 acres in following years.

The design was devised by local business and residents, by surveying what they envisioned for the park. Through their contributions, the circular promenade was defined. A pedestrian-focused park, free of encroaching buildings and full of beauty was constructed.

Recently, new inspirations and renovations have taken place. Coined as “Finishing the Circle”, this newly expanded park incorporates the original design with new community-drive additions.

After a year of construction, the park had their official unveiling in June of 2017.

The plans called for the Inspiration Playground, brought to us by the Rotary Club of Bellevue, and a circular promenade and grand entry to the south of the part. Other updates include a water feature and terraced seating, stairways and accessible paths.

If you’re gearing for a downtown Bellevue excursion, be sure to incorporate some park-time! Centrally located, you can easily access the many parts of Bellevue that make it unique!

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15447 Southeast 67th Street, Bellevue • MLS# 1155360
$1,150,000 • 4 Bedrooms • 2.5 Bathrooms • 2,970 Square Feet • 9,454 Lot Size

Step in to light, lofty interiors. Tall windows and vaulted ceilings infuse light into the sun-washed living and dining areas. Gather with friends around the beautiful fireplace and enjoy serene garden views. Hardwood floors flow into a gourmet kitchen offering granite surfaces, stainless steel appliances and a breakfast nook with built-in planning desk. Kick back in the huge, adjoining family room warmed by a gas fireplace.

This ideal floorplan features all 4 bedrooms upstairs together—including a luxury master suite with 5-piece bath and walk-in closet—plus an office on the main.

Spend summer days on the beautifully refinished deck and fenced yard backing to a greenbelt. Just steps away, Forest Ridge park offers a playground and picnic area. Nestled against a greenbelt in the desirable Forest Ridge Estates neighborhood, this home offers peaceful and private living just minutes away from shopping and dining. Stroll to the Forest Ridge Park and awardwinning Issaquah schools. Welcome home!

For more information, please contact Cherrie Lee.
Cherrie@Windermere.com • 206.353.8899 • CherrieLeeGroup.com

10 Old-Bellevue Restaurants

10 Old-Bellevue Restaurants

Main Street in old-downtown Bellevue has seen drastic improvements in recent years – once again flourishing as a hub for both residents and visitors. Dining out is something we enjoy. It’s a time of joy and friendship!

The thing is… where should you go?

Here are 10 places you may want to check out. Better yet! They’re all within blocks of each other.

Cantinetta: Where modern style meets casual elegance, this culinarily authentic hotspot, rejoices in hand-made pasta and seasonal, organic ingredients from right here in the Pacific Northwest. Their menu is a mix of small plates and delicious tradition, guaranteeing to wow your taste buds.

Mercato Stellina: This industrially décor-ed was born out of the Cantinetta legacy – with a pizza-riffic flair. Their brick-oven pizzeria is known for homemade crust, coupled with high quality ingredients and Washington-local cheeses.

Gilberts on Main: Hyper-local and refreshingly in place, this restaurant offers and homey atmosphere, but with genuine hospitality and genuine Bellevue charm! Reviews for this place are top-notch – which is guided by their delicious and tasteful menu!

JuJuBeet: Each what makes you feel good! This shop is stocked full of fresh fruits and vegetables, offering you the best selection of well-crafted and nutrient-dense juices around!

Belle Pastry: Charming and light, this French inspired café is well-honed delights. The finest ingredients and highest-quality craftsmanship combine, creating a bright and homey atmosphere. Indulge.

Peony: Modern chic, this fresh interpretation of Chinese cuisine of out of this world. Their vibrant atmosphere transports you into a new world of tradition.

Araya’s Place: Top quality vegan Thai food garners here. This family-owned eatery, prepared fresh foods that will meet anyone’s needs – including dietary and allergy restrictions! Their nutrient-rich recipes, offer a wonderful vegan selection.

Monsoon: This concoction of traditional Vietnamese cuisine and local innovations, brings you the freshest of the Pacific Northwest selection. Their chic and flowing atmosphere, invites in with complex and brilliant aromas.

Ginza: Serving authentic Japanese cuisine since 2002, Ginza offers a both expansive and decadent menu. Small plates and big flavor engulf you in a wide selection. With private rooms and traditional dining, they can accommodate any gathering!

Local Burger: Real food is what you get at this abstract-concept burger joint. Sustainably created, their menu replies on Bellevue’s immediate community, utilizing our resources efficiently and neighborly. Simple functionality, feature signature innovation and mouthwatering offerings.

These stellar and local offerings are just the tip of the iceberg in Old Bellevue. Curious what else they have? Come and check it out for yourself!

new from
Windermere Mercer Island


16458 Southeast 44th Place, Bellevue • MLS# 1143085
$2,380,000 • 4 Bedrooms • 5 Bathrooms • 7,480 Square Feet • 15,033 Lot Size

This stately Vuemont home was designed for grand parties and elegant events. Incredible lake and mountain views will greet your guests as they arrive. The 7,500 sq. ft. estate home on over a third of an acre offers a gated driveway and courtyard culminating at a stunning entrance into the dramatic foyer with views. Exquisite craftsmanship sets this beautiful home apart. A chef’s dream kitchen and plenty of storage space graces the open concept floor plan. The large main level master features a spacious seating area with romantic fireplace. It also boasts an opulent bath with a jaw-dropping walk-in closet. A charming Jack-n-Jill bath links two additional main level bedrooms.

The nearly 4,000 sq. ft. basement offers a theater with a built-in sound system and a huge 2nd master suite with lots of privacy—ideal for multi-generational living. Three additional bonus rooms offer plenty of space for a home gym, wardrobe addition, craft/project room, and 2 large utility rooms + hook-ups for a 3rd will ensure your home and life runs ultra-smoothly.

Fore more information, please contact Joe Liu.
JoeLiu@Windermere.com • 206.419.1888 • JoeCLiu.com

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16470 Southeast 61st Place, Bellevue • MLS# 1142532
$1,250,000 • 4 Bedrooms • 2.5 Bathrooms • 3,579 Square Feet • 6,750 Lot Size

Welcome home to this like new, two story home with fully finished basement. Perched on Cougar Mountain, its southern exposure provides lots of light, an open feel and striking mountain views. The main level is perfect for relaxing or entertainig with elegant gathering spaces, plus a fireside great room with island-style chef’s kitchen and casual dining nook. The master and three additional bedrooms are all tucked together upstairs, while the warm and inviting lower level room could be a 5th bedroom for use as an in-law or nanny suite. The four car garage includes ample storage for parking and toys. A fully fenced & level backyard with large, walkout patio is perfect for entertaining. Excellent Issaquah Schools, including Cougar Ridge Elementary.

Fore more information, please contact Julie Baker.
JulieBaker@Windermere.com • 425.644.2933 • JulieBakerRealEstate.com

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6 Spirit Ridge Summer Activities in Bellevue, Washington

6 Spirit Ridge Summer Activities in Bellevue, Washington

Summer is here… for the most part. Aside from our recent bout of cloudy weather, the last few weeks and forthcoming weeks are sunny, sunny, and sunny!

Whether you’re searching for a family-orientated park, running/walking/biking opportunities, or are a major sports fan, the Spiritridge neighborhood, and surrounding areas has you (and your family) covered!

Spiritridge Park: Located a short walk from the home noted below, Spiritridge park is a dawn to dusk park in Bellevue, Washington. Roughly 4.5 acres, this park features a tennis court, basketball court, children’s play area, picnic spaces, flower garden, and trails among the woods and green space.

Timberlake Park: The Timberlake Park Trail runs through Timberlake Park. A deeply forested space, this lakeside park is approximately .5 miles of flat trails.

Weona Park Trails: The Weoma Park houses multiple trails within its forested green space, including the Lake to Lake Trail and Weowna Park Trail. Beautiful lake views make this park, as well as miles of private trails.

Phantom Lake & Phantom Lake Park: This lakeside park, is water accessible for fishing along the small dock. A paved loop is approximately 2.4 miles long, and connects the neighborhoods to this beautiful wonder.

Phantom Lake Bath-Tennis Club: This member-owned swimming pool and recreational club, is located lakeside Phantom Lake.

Robinswood Park: This park features a plethora of recreational opportunities. Including a lit two soccer and one softball field(s), well-maintained green spaces, dog park (2017, pending approval), and a tennis & recreational center. Plenty of green space offers children’s play equipment, picnic spaces, and a small viewing dock off Robinswood Pond. Trails throughout connect the various portions of the park. Ample parking offers these features to all!

The best part? These fabulous public spaces are all within 2.2 miles of the home noted below!

The Greater Seattle Region is known for its greenery and scenic opportunities. These neighborhood destinations are few of many parks and open spaces for residents and visitors to enjoy. Sometimes, all you need is a few hours relaxing in the run, or the noise of a little league game whistling through the breeze.

New From Windermere Mercer Island


3425 161st Place Southeast #52, Bellevue ♦ MLS# 1132327
$575,000 ♦ 3 Bedrooms ♦ 2.5 Bathrooms ♦ 1,822 Square Feet

The WOW Factor in spades! Soaring ceilings, clerestory windows, king size master, deck & patio, oodlesof- storage, granite & stainless kitchen, Loft office/library, and a 300+ square foot bonus/mancave/craft/media room getaway on the entry level. So if you have ever wanted to start your own design biz, have a model train setup that takes a lot of space, or own your own yoga studio while living in a gorgeous home upstairs this is it! Or maybe just coffee on the deck or lollygag on the sofa. It’s Saturday!

For more information, please contact Kathryn Buchanan.
KABU@Windermere.com ♦ 206.227.2227 ♦ KathrynBuchanan.com 

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Newcastle Golf Club + New Listing

Newcastle Golf Club + New Listing

The Golf Club at Newcastle is a premier, hilltop Pacific Northwest golf course and event destination. This breathtaking golf course overlooks Newcastle and Puget Sound, and backs the edge of Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park. This 36-hole dual-championship course expands over 350 mountaintop acres, filled with two captivating and challenging courses, a practice facility, three dining prospects, and event opportunities.

The Golf Club at Newcastle holds two prestigious courses, coined Coal Creek and China Creek. Coal Creek stretches over 7,000 yards, and leave much to the imagination. Stunning views have halted many a game as patrons take in the scenery. China Creek is similar in its beauty. Stretching over 6,600 yards, this course if filled with “drama and excitement.” The state-of-the-art practice facility is also notable. Take your game to the next level with a practice range, teaching center, and equipment shop.

The three restaurants, include the Calcutta Grill, the Wooly Toad, and Turnberry’s. Turnberry’s delights early mornings with a breakfast treat, snack, or light lunch. Enjoy wraps, hot dogs, deli sandwiches, coffee, or any array of other non-alcoholic beverages. The Wooly Toad, also known as the “best kept secret on the Eastside,” offers panoramic views of the fairways and Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound from the comforts of a warm lounge. The Calcutta Grill is one of the most expansive restaurants at the club. Traditional seating, coupled with the pub and patios, bring this cozy rendezvous for every occasion, or non-occasion.

Or perhaps you’re looking for something for the whole family to enjoy! They have the Rusty Putter, an 18-hole natural grass putting course! With rates at $5 for adults and $8 for juniors, what else could be more enthralling? Family Fun? Parties? Work gatherings? This course offers a relaxed and socialistic vibe to your experience!

Between the beauty, indulgence, professionalism, and panoramic scenery this club is ideal for anyone looking to golf, learn to golf, or indulge in any of the fabulous eateries. They even host weddings! Whether you are searching for fun or an experience, the Golf Club at Newcastle has it all!


11914 Southeast 78th Street, Newcastle ♦ MLS# 1099747
$850,000 ♦ 4 Bedrooms ♦ 2.5 Bathrooms ♦ 3,220 Square Feet ♦ 18,618 Lot Size

Spectacular view home in Lake Washington Crest. Expansive views of the lake, sunsets, and city can be seen throughout the light-filled windows and multiple view decks. Thoughtful floor plan has Master on the main with elegant 5-piece bath, three large bedrooms, and a full bathroom upstairs. Sunken view living adjoins formal dining. Updated kitchen with granite, stainless steel appliances, huge center island, and skylights. Breakfast nook gazes out to a protected greenbelt and a secluded backyard.

For more information, please contact Cherrie Lee with Cherrie Lee Group.
Cherrie@Windermere.com ♦ 206.353.8899 ♦ CherrieLeeGroup.com

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Which Seattle-Eastside neighborhood should you live in?

Which Seattle-Eastside neighborhood should you live in?

Ballard hip, West Seattle views, Mercer Island charm, or Kirkland connectivity? Introducing an easy way to research and compare neighborhoods throughout Seattle and the Eastside—including maps, photos, parks, school rankings, statistical data, links and more. Liveonguides.com was developed to provide easy one-click access to tools, allowing consumers to discover the many communities within the Seattle-Eastside area” says the company’s owner Julie Barrows. The website shares many relevant links to great resources that locals know, but others might not—all assembled in one easy to access place.

Bellevue Community Park + New Listing

Bellevue Community Park + New Listing

Located on 112th Avenue, Hidden Valley Sports Park, is a 17.31 acre geared towards activity and play. This park is known for the osprey, or seahawks. There is a pair that have called this park home for several years – a few years ago, they created a nest, which they may reuse for many years to come.

This park features 1 basketball court and 2 tennis courts, as well as 4 softball fields, complete with field lights, restrooms, and bleachers – which were renovated in 2015-2016. The park also has 3 miles of paved trails that are both kid and doggy friendly!

Hidden Valley Sports Park is well received by Bellevue residents, and is regularly used by the Boys & Girls Club located at the park. Being walking distance from Downtown Bellevue, many enjoy the features that this park has to offer.


2625 109th Place Northeast, Bellevue ♦ MLS# 1097386
4 Bedrooms ♦ 3 Bathrooms ♦ 3,400 Square Feet ♦ 26,569 Square Foot Lot

Elegant & inviting craftsman ideally located in Bellewood Farms. Peaceful and private setting on a huge lot, yet walkable to downtown Bellevue – the very best of both worlds! Stunning, light, and bright 4 bedroom in pristine condition lives like new construction: vaulted ceilings, walls of windows, A/C, Brazilian hardwoods, gourmet kitchen, and 3-car garage. Open great room concept-perfect for entertaining. Retreat to the main floor master suite. Discover your dream commute–just minutes to freeways. Welcome home!

For more information, please contact Kelly Weisfield.
KellyW@Windermere.com ♦ 206.355.3863 ♦ KellyWeisfield.com

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Featured Community: Medina and Clyde Hill

Featured Community: Medina and Clyde Hill

The city of Medina, located on the shores of Lake Washington, is a a residential community of 2,970 people, made famous by high-profile residents Bill and Melinda Gates of Microsoft fame and Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. It offers security and sanctuary, along with lakeside Pacific Northwest beauty. The per-capita income of Medina is the 3rd highest in Washington State and the 49th highest in the U.S.  The prestigious Overlake Golf & Country Club is nestled along the eastern boarder of Medina. Its Arthur Vernon Macan-designed, 18-hole golf course has hosted many regional amateur and professional championships. Because of its size, the city is part of the Bellevue School District. Two private schools are located in Medina, Bellevue Christian School‘s Medina Campus and St. Thomas School.

Clyde Hill is known for its park-like grounds, spectacular views and serene setting located just east of Medina and south of Yarrow Point and Hunts Point. About 3,000 people call Clyde Hill home. Based on per capita income, Clyde Hill ranks 4th of 522 areas in the state of Washington and was listed as the most affluent town in Washington State. The majority of Clyde Hill is zoned for single-family use with the exception of two commercially zoned areas: a gas station and a coffee shop. In addition to a small government zone, the City is home to four schools: two public schools – Clyde Hill Elementary and Chinook Middle School; and two private schools: Bellevue Christian School‘s Clyde Hill Campus and Sacred Heart School. The City’s minimum lot size is 20,000 square feet, although many smaller lots exist which pre-date the incorporation of the City.

Local residents of Medina, Clyde Hill, Hunts Point and Yarrow Point enjoy first rate shopping and top-notch restaurants in the nearby city of Bellevue‘s downtown core.

Featured Community: Woodridge Neighborhood (located in Bellevue, WA)

Featured Community: Woodridge Neighborhood (located in Bellevue, WA)

The Woodridge neighborhood located in the City of Bellevue is a primarily residential area located just south of downtown and east of Interstate 405. It includes some multifamily, office and light industrial development along Richards Road. Woodridge is characterized by quiet streets and comfortable homes – many with views of Lake Washington, downtown Bellevue and Seattle. Much of the community’s daily life revolves around Woodridge Elementary School, at the top of the hill.Best friends

Norwood Village, built on Woodridge Hill by World War II veterans in the late 1940s, adds historical and architectural significance to the community. Local architects designed the Norwood housing to take advantage of outstanding views. By varying home design and creatively placing homes on lots to maximize views, developers managed to avoid the uniform look of tract housing – and the project was praised in 1952 editions of home and garden magazines. Local parks include Bannerwood Ballfield Park, Kelsey Creek Park, Norwood Village Park, and  Woodridge Water Tower Park.

Bellevue’s schools are consistently rated among the best in the country. Student enrollment is approximately 19,000 students, divided among 28 schools. The school district employs approximately 2,000 people, which includes 1,100 teachers. Out of those teachers, 380 are National Board Certified – more than another other district in Washington State– and over 75% hold a Master’s Degree. The school district’s curriculum is connected across all grades, is anchored to Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses at high school level, and the college prep track is the default curriculum.

Bellevue is the Eastside’s high-tech and retail hub; its business roster includes Microsoft, PACCAR, Expdedia and Puget Sound Energy.  More than 140,000 jobs are located in Bellevue, which means that more people work within the city than reside in it. In 2008, Fortune Small Business Magazine rated Bellevue as the #1 city to live and start a business in. Its skyline is graced with gleaming high-rises. Bellevue’s downtown core provides office space for thousands of professionals as well as condominiums and apartments for people who want to live in an urban setting.

While downtown is bustling with retail, restaurants and business, the city of Bellevue also retains a small-town ambiance. Thriving neighborhoods with healthy green belts, a vast network of green spaces, along with many recreational facilities available within the city, highlights the beautiful attributes of the Pacific Northwest. In fact, every year since 1992, The National Arbor Day Foundation has named Bellevue a “Tree City.” Bellevue covers 31+ square miles between Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish. The city is also short drive from the Cascade Mountains.

Navigating your way through the neighborhoods of the Eastside

Navigating your way through the neighborhoods of the Eastside

Navigating your way through the cities that make up the Eastside? Our guide to Eastside neighborhoods puts great resources at your fingertips. Click on each city to check out local amenities, restaurants, and schools for each neighborhood. Here’s a Google map overview to find your way around.

Medina and Clyde Hill
Hunts Point and Yarrow Point
Mercer Island

Handy Local Utility Contacts

Handy Local Utility Contacts

Handy Local Utility Contacts (PDF)
Electric & Gas
PUGET SOUND ENERGY   425-454-2000
SEATTLE CITY LIGHT   206-684-3000
SNOHOMISH PUD   425-783-1000

Cable, Internet & Phone
COMCAST/XFINITY   877-824-2288
FRONTIER   800-921-8101
CENTURYLINK   877-299-0946
DIRECTV   866-810-7892
WAVE INTERNET   866-928-3123

Water, Sewer & Garbage
CITY OF BELLEVUE   425-452-6932
CITY OF ISSAQUAH   425-837-3070
CITY OF KIRKLAND   425-587-3150
CITY OF MERCER ISLAND   206-275-7783
CITY OF REDMOND   425-556-2152
CITY OF RENTON   425-430-6852
REPUBLIC SERVICES   206-682-9730
SNOHOMISH PUD   425-783-1000
WASTE MANAGEMENT   800-592-9995
WOODINVILLE WATER   425-487-4100

Heating Oil Tank Insurance
PLIA INSURANCE   800-822-3905

Heating Oil Company Info & Reviews


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Which Seattle-Eastside Neighborhood Should You Live In?

Which Seattle-Eastside Neighborhood Should You Live In?

Ballard hip, West Seattle views, or Kirkland serenity? Introducing an easy way to research and compare neighborhoods throughout the Seattle-Eastside area, including maps, photos, links and more. “liveonguides.com is a labor of love by the team at Windermere Real Estate/Mercer Island, developed to give consumers easy to access tools to enable them to learn more about potential communities within our Seattle Metro area” says the company’s owner Julie Barrows. The website relies heavily on relevant links to great resources that locals know, but others might not. It’s beauty is that it is all assembled in one easy to access place.