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7 Gastropubs People Are Falling Over

7 Gastropubs People Are Falling Over

In Seattle’s hip and happening culture, Gastropubs are all the rage. Though the trend started in the 1980s, the term wasn’t coined until the 1990’s and refers to a restaurant that serves and specializes in high-end food – and beer. This new concept, “gastropub”, reinvigorated “both pop culture and British dining.” This upscale experience thrived in the United States around this same time, and still rings true today in the hearts of many foodies.

Unlike many like eateries, gastropubs don’t serve just any adult beverage or simple and basic cold dishes. These places maximize each component to create something truly original, and this compiled list showcases our favorites around the Seattle area.

In the heart of downtown Issaquah, LEVITATE GASTROPUB marches to the beat of a slightly different, modern American food drum. Earnestly made from scratch and locally sourced, this restaurant was built in Spring of 2015, and has proved itself a local favorite ever since. Enjoy a focused and delicious menu and try something new and out-of-the-ordinary.

Not too far down the road, THE BLACK DUCK welcomes you. Though small, their comfortable pub focuses on high-quality food pairings for their extensive beverage menu. Though some of their items might seem basic on the surface, like their hand-made pretzel, their paired smoked salt and gouda ale sauce makes it anything but.

Off the beaten path in Bellevue, LOT NO. 3 offers your favorite comfort foods in a vintage, industrial-chic inspired space. Their lunch, dinner, happy hour, late night, and brunch menus all offer their own style of creativity – so be sure to check out their menus online.

Another Bellevue favorite, BLACK BOTTLE POSTERN, offers satisfying small-plates, including the bacon lemon scallops, pear caramelized onions and gorgonzola, and cheesy Dungeness artichoke bake. Touted as a “gastrotavern” – versus a gastropub – they offer unique creations unlike any other, enjoyed in a both casual and convivial atmosphere.

THE BLUE GLASS restaurant is globally-inspired comfort food, including favorites such as seasonal risotto and what might appear like regular spaghetti (but actually have Dungeness Crab inside!) With professionals that enjoy “playing around the global sandbox,” their dishes are from colors and tastes around the world.

Located in Fremont’s heart, LE PETIT CONCHON uses nose-to-tail cooking practices that both respect the animal and minimizes waste. By using only the freshest ingredients grown, produced, and raised in the Pacific Northwest, they’re able to match innovation with exquisite taste – and put a smile on their patron’s faces!

Pike Brewing hones innovation and creativity in their TANKARD & TUN restaurant, whose culinary team celebrates the natural bounty of Pacific Northwest farms, forests, and oceans with their local sourced plates. Stop in and enjoy a “classic” pretzel, baked daily and paired with a Pike Stout Mustard.

Regardless of where you’re located in the Seattle area, there’s a local and mouthwatering gastropub around. Did we miss one of your favorites? Let us know!


$1,350,000 • 5030 W Mercer Way, Mercer Island • MLS# 1259357
4 Bedrooms • 2.5 Bathrooms • 2,450 sq. ft. • 14,810 Lot Size

For more information, please contact Charlie Sirianni or Erin Sirianni. • 206.992.6151 • • 206.992.5272 •

$1,339,100 • 6245 84th Ave SE, Mercer Island • MLS# 1258221
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$1,100,000 •2238 Gilman Drive W, Seattle • MLS# 1260240
2 Units • 2,240 Total Sq. Ft. • Year Built: 1904

For more information, please contact Brian Rosso. • 206.356.9206 •

$749,500 • 12126 SE 60th Place, Bellevue • MLS# 1255853
3 Bedrooms • 2.5 Bathrooms • 2,080 sq. ft. • 8,925 Lot Size

For more information, please contact Terry Donovan & Daphne Donovan. • 206.356.9206 •

$579,500 •2721 1st Ave #303, Seattle • MLS# 1261505
1 Bedroom • 1 Bathroom • 716 sq. ft.

For more information, please contact Andrew Jackson. • 206.650.4939 •


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6 of Our Favorite Breakfast Places in Seattle, Mercer Island & Bellevue

6 of Our Favorite Breakfast Places in Seattle, Mercer Island & Bellevue

What’s the most important meal of the day – and one of our favorites? Why, breakfast, of course! The Pacific Northwest holds tons of hyper-local secrets in the breakfast world, but what are the area’s favorites? We’ve done breakfast posts before, but we’re breaking down our favorite breakfast and brunch places in Seattle, Mercer Island, and the Greater Eastside, why their so delicious and our suggestions.

Hidden in a cozy storefront off 24th in Old Ballard, Seattle you’ll find a darling treasure named Café Besalu, specializing in handmade pastries and handcrafted espresso. Since selling to Herkimer Coffee in 2017, the café has seen a few minor tweaks, but the same delicious pastries that call for lines out the door and ritualistic regulars remain.

Do you love artisan baked goods? Flaky goodness in every bite? Their humble outside appearance opens to a well-oiled machine and delightful breakfast treat. If you’re looking for something small, a drink and pastry combination perhaps, peek into this shop!

Nestled in the bustling city, the Tilikum Place Café features a classic breakfast menu in a welcoming, aromatic atmosphere. Breathe in the morning of eggs Benedict, Dutch Baby pancakes and indulge with either classic, sweet, or savory!

You might wait for a table and you might wait for your scrumptious foods, but you’ll enjoy the high quality, high energy, and beautiful setting. Keep in mind, this little café usually doesn’t have space for walk-ins, and reservations are often booked weeks in advance.

A downtown Mercer Island classic, Bennett’s Bistro has long served the Mercer Island community with authentic and original foods. Part of Sugar Mountain, Bennett’s uses premium ingredients, Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, and a “whole food” commitment.

Bennett’s Bistro uses a ton of ingredients from its sister companies, including Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, Mama Lil’s Peppers, and other Sugar Mountain companies. Enjoy the mouthwatering nature of handcrafted foods, straight from “the earth, the sea, and the vine,” from local Washington sources, including Carnation, Yakima, Bellingham, and the Olympic Mountains.

A newer, local favorite is Mioposto on Mercer Island. Its original storefront opened in March of 2006 in the Mount Baker neighborhood in Seattle, but they recently opened a sister site on Mercer Island and recently celebrated their one-year anniversary (in January 2018, opened January 2017). Literally translated to “my place” in Italian, Mioposto was inspired by traditional Neapolitan pizzerias from their aesthetic to their ingredient sources.

Crafted in open-flame ovens, their foods are handcrafted with care and attention, by skilled oveners incredibly in-tune with their ovens and kitchens. They form unique recipes and beautiful displays, but don’t take our word for it – try it yourself!

Like Seattle, Bellevue has a ton of boutique eateries local and visitors love indulging in, including The French Bakery. There are several locations across the Eastside, including Bellevue, Redmond, and Kirkland, and each offers a unique experience and flaky pastries.

Made savory and sweet, their delightful pastries and desserts are crafted daily for your repeated enjoyment. Looking for a meeting space with light fare, or a place to camp out while you get some work done? Grab a coffee for energy and a croissant for brain power here!

Located in the heart of Bellevue, the Bellden Café started like many other local restaurants: with a simple idea and lot of love, commitments, and passion. Coffee and food bring people together, and that was precisely the idea behind this love project.

Behind the chaotic times is a menu filled with you, the customer in mind. Their menu changes periodically to keep up with the demand and season, but their delicious coffee stays the same, carving the Bellden Café into the Bellevue lifestyle.

We’re sure we missed some of your favorites. What are they? Where are they? And why are they amazing?


We earn the trust and loyalty of our brokers and clients by doing real estate exceptionally well. The leader in our market, we deliver client-focused service in an authentic, collaborative and transparent manner and with the unmatched knowledge and expertise that comes from decades of experience. | (206) 232-0446 |
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7 of Seattle’s Most Hidden Bakeries

7 of Seattle’s Most Hidden Bakeries

As we all know, Seattle has so many mouthwatering restaurants, that you’d never run out! But, sometimes we just want snacks, and local Seattle bakeries harbor some of the most delicious pastries we’ve ever had!

Google searches for local baked goods continues to skyrocket, year after year – sort of like the current local real estate market. As more and more people are indulging in local baked goods, more and more boutique bakeries pop up.

This is our own “short list” of hidden (and let’s be real, not-so-hidden) bakeries around Seattle.

Probably one of Seattle’s worst kept secrets, is Bakery Nouveau. Though there are a few locations around Seattle, we’ve enjoyed the Capitol Hill location on several occasions. From daily-made sandwiches to homemade breakfast pastries, fresh bread, plus holiday and seasonal delights.  They’re in Burien, West Seattle, and Capitol Hill, so indulge in their range of products.

A humble and whimsical bakery, the Dahlia Bakery can be found in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle. Though they can complete your every baked-good need, they specialize and have been world-renowned for their Triple Coconut Cream Pie. Try their artisan breads, homemade pastries, and delightful cakes, full of fresh ingredients and local heart.

Local and baked with the heart, the Sod House Bakery offers beautiful creations from cinnamon rolls and croissants, to hand pies and sandwich cookies. Specializing in creations made with local ingredients from sustainable sources, their cookies, pies, and other baked goods are delicious, and they offer an amazing place for community.

Off 24th Avenue in Ballard, you’ll find a small bakery, called Tall Grass Bakery. Referred to as the “BEST… THE NUMBER ONE” in Seattle, this little bakery has had lines around the block several times. Completely organic and hand-forged, these “hot for you” breads are scrutinized to the highest caliber, and use only the finest quality of ingredients available.

Family owned, craft bakery, Sea Wolf Bakery has made its mark on the Seattle baked-goods scene. Created from brothers, who use only the best practices of local sourcing and skillful craftsmanship, they found their own piece of the city in August of 2016, after years of using borrowed kitchens around Seattle.

New to the neighborhood, this pretty bakery opened just a few weeks ago (2017), with carefully crafted pastries, breads, sandwiches, and crepes – paired with fine wine and espresso, to boot! The Semillion Bakery Café offers fresh goods that are locally sourced. When choosing in the Northwest, why not choose the Northwest?

Located in Northern Beacon Hill, Fresh Flours offers the finest quality of pastries and coffee. While it began as a dream, it’s since morphed into some of the most unique and expertly developed baked-goods recipes, including flavors like green tea, sesame, and azuki.

Some of the best smells in the world can be found inside a bakery. With fresh bread out of the oven, and the creamy texture of freshness and youth in the air, any bakery can make you feel at home. Delight in the freshness and indulge in the goodness.


We earn the trust and loyalty of our brokers and clients by doing real estate exceptionally well. The leader in our market, we deliver client-focused service in an authentic, collaborative and transparent manner and with the unmatched knowledge and expertise that comes from decades of experience. | (206) 232-0446 |
2737 77th Ave SE, Mercer Island, WA 98040.

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8 of Our Favorite Restaurants in Renton, Washington

8 of Our Favorite Restaurants in Renton, Washington

In ideally located Renton, Washington, you’ll find tons of new restaurants to try. Whether at the Renton Landing, perched in the Highlands, or hidden in a downtown, brick building, Renton offers a variety of cuisines to please the entire family.

Located near the Landing and Coulon Beach, Peyrassol Café offers a selection of brunch, lunch, and dinner specials, raised, grown, and crafted locally. With firm roots in the Pacific Northwest, Peyrassol Café has, since the beginning, used local purveyors to supply their high-quality eats. (

Perched in the Highlands of Renton, off State Route 900 & Duvall Avenue, is Sushi Roll Roll Roll. Consistently touted as “excellent” and a local favorite, patrons enjoy a cozy atmosphere alongside friendly service. (

Big Island Poke is another local hit. Created by a People of the Chubs partner, this island-style eatery quickly ravaged the hearts of residents as a go-to poke establishment. Fresh and high-quality, this place is great for your Hawaiian taste buds! (

Offering a delight lunch and dinner menu, Vino at the Landing has melted the hearts of local with their love of wine and fine foods. Whether you’re looking for a gather space before a night out, a bottle of wine for the evening, or a fabulous place for dinner, Vino at the Landing is your place! (

Ideally boutique, Smoking Monkey Pizza has consistently been awarded for the winning recipes, including #1 Pizza in Renton, Washington. A blend of traditional and modern loves, Smoking Monkey Pizzas offer the standards, and indulge in the unique. (

Another fan favorite and Renton Highlands establishment, The Brick Pub & Grill offers passion alongside quality and artisan cuisine. Indulge in local and fresh ingredients with their passion-driven menu of WA craft beer, NW wine, and decadent eats. (

If you’re looking for German cuisine, the Berliner Pub has you covered! Located near the heart of downtown Renton, their menu reflects a German Beerhall with long, shared tables with traditional fares and a full-range of beers! (

And now, one of Renton, Washington’s favorite restaurants continues to be the Melrose Grill. Highly regarded in articles by the Seattle Times, Tacoma News Tribune, and Seattle Weekly, this “Best of Western Washington” establishment brings steak to another level. (

Renton, Washington is an easy drive to both the Eastside and Seattle – and only minutes from the Seatac Airport.



We earn the trust and loyalty of our brokers and clients by doing real estate exceptionally well. The leader in our market, we deliver client-focused service in an authentic, collaborative and transparent manner and with the unmatched knowledge and expertise that comes from decades of experience. | (206) 232-0446 |
2737 77th Ave SE, Mercer Island, WA 98040.

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New Year’s Celebrations Around the Greater Seattle (and Tacoma) Area – December 2017 Edition

New Year’s Celebrations Around the Greater Seattle (and Tacoma) Area – December 2017 Edition

The New Year is just around the corner, which means you’re probably dwelling on past and future resolutions, and figuring out where you’ll spend your late night. You can read this productivity article to optimize the new year, but we’re gonna show you some of the fabulous places (and parties) in the Greater Seattle Area.

Several places like to sell out before the night, so reserve your spot before everything’s full – and if you’re looking for something more casual, look on OpenTable to see what Seattle area restaurants are hosting specials!

Early New Year’s Dance Party: Resolution
WHEN: Friday, December 29th, 2017
WHERE: WaMu Theater

Bollywood Masquarade Party (Bollywood Dreams Entertainment)
WHEN: Saturday, December 30th, 2017
WHERE: Columbia City Theater (4916 Rainer Ave. S., Seattle)
FEE: $15-$25

New Year’s at Benaroya Hall
WHEN: Sunday, December 31st, 2017
WHERE: Benaroya Hall

New Year’s Eve at Chihuly
WHEN: Sunday, December 31st
TIME: 8:00pm – 01:00am
WHERE: Chihuly Garden and Glass (Seattle Center)
FEE: $250 per person

SPECTRA: New Year’s Even Under the Arches
WHEN: Sunday, December 31st, 2017
TIME: 09:00pm – 02:00am
WHERE: Seattle Pacific Science Center
FEE: $80 / member I $85 / non-member (additional packages available)

Ring in the New Year with KEXP at the Seattle Space Needle
WHEN: Sunday, December 31st, 2017
WHERE: Seattle Space Needle

Moisture Festival New Year’s Eve Extravaganza
WHEN: Sunday, December 31st, 2017
TIME: 08:00pm
WHERE: Hale’s Palladium (4301 Leary Way Northwest, Seattle)
FEE: $50 – $75

New Year’s Eve in Tacoma, Washington
WHEN: Sunday, December 31st, 2017
WHERE: Around the Broadway Center for the Performing Arts
FEE: $12 – $15

7 Vegan Restaurants You’ve Been Wanting to Try in Seattle, Washington

7 Vegan Restaurants You’ve Been Wanting to Try in Seattle, Washington

Eating vegan isn’t just a preference, but a lifestyle – and you don’t have to eat completely vegan to enjoy the benefits of the diet. Like any cuisine, vegan dishes are vast and deliciously satisfying meals, crafted for you: the eater!

What are these many benefits – you may ask? You may consider replacing a few meals a week with vegan alternatives to slim down and increase energy and to add vegetables and essential nutrients to your diet that many people aren’t getting. And while you can always make your own emulations at home we’ve comprised a list of Seattle restaurants, specializing in vegan cuising.

With moderate prices, an excellent location, and fabulous cuisine, Araya’s Places offers delicious vegan Thai food. Proclaimed as the 1st vegan-Thai restaurant in the Northwest, they opened in 1987 and remain a family-owned and operated establishment. With three locations in the Seattle area, Araya’s Place is a beautiful place where accommodation doesn’t stop at the door.

Beautifully crafted vegan interpretations of everyday dishes is Chaco Canyon Organic Café’s specialty. With three locations sprawled around Seattle, they offer fresh and local foods with every visit, meaning the feeling of homecooked vegan food is only a short drive away.

Another Thai-vegan restaurant, with a 4+ star rating, is Seattle’s Kati Vegan Thai. Cozy chic, this restaurant offers that classic dining feel, with the openness of Seattle’s industrial architecture around South Lake Union – and they’ve got excellent reviews on Happy Cow.

A delicate flower, Café Flora has proved a wonderful addition to the Madison Valley. Their boutique dining is next level, from “utilizing local, organic, and sustainable produce” to “building strong, and direct relationships with Washington farms.” They community-based business perfectly intermingles with Seattle’s vibes and they’ve been repeatedly awarded “Best Brunch” and “Best Vegetarian Restaurant.

Harvest Beat is a unique form of restaurant. Specializing in goodness and unity, they offer an ever-changing menu that both “respects the food of the moment” and diminishes the restaurant’s waste. The experience starts when you think about making reservation and lasts through the 5-course meal and final sip of your evening pairing.

Hundreds of reviews later… Wayward Vegan Café rests comfortably at a 4.5 star, with reviewers touting their cuisine as a “no contest” in top Seattle vegan spots. Established in 2004, they offer veganized American diner-style food, with “large portions, bottomless coffee, and friendly service.”

Between First Hill and Capitol Hill rests Plum Bistro – a vegan hotspot in the area. Expertly crafted dishes, comprised of local, sustainable, and organic ingredients, are what make Plum Bistro amazing. The passion and delicate intricacies of each dish delight foodies everywhere.

Regardless of what your preferences are, these vegan restaurants are delightful and delicious. What are your favorite vegan eateries in the area?

Love BBQ? Try These 4 Local Favorites!

Love BBQ? Try These 4 Local Favorites!

Seattle loves BBQ – and for good reason.

The Pacific Northwest was built on a healthy lumber industry, and to make great BBQ, you’ve got to have a great wood to smoke meat with! Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Seattle isn’t Memphis… or Birmingham… or Nashville… or any other the hundreds of world-renowned BBQ places in the United States.”

And we understand that. But… what do know is that Seattle… is Seattle and we’ve got great food all around!

Starting in Seattle’s north end neighborhood of Wallingford, RoRo BBQ & Grill has been a local favorite since 2006 and has garnered over 500 reviews on, averaging a 4+ star. Must be good! Parking is a bit of a nightmare, but their cozy inside will surely make up for it. Try their homecooked wares and unique BBQ sauces.

Down in Pike Place Market, you’ll find Pike’s Pit Bar-B-Que – a local loved and renowned BBQ mainstay. Carefully crafted, each sandwich offers a combination of Peco beans, Tillamook sharp cheddar, and meat piled high. What’s the best part? The part where they get the all-around goodness of smothered twice and messy BBQ.

Travel to the SODO district of Seattle and Pecos Pit Bar-B-Que will stand as Seattle’s “hottest” BBQ houses – and I mean it! Their medium is mind-blowingly HOT. I always have to get the mild (or get it on the side). Regardless, they BBQ master make an epic sandwich, hot link, and brisket, etc. Buy in bulk an feed the whole family!

The last on this list of the Wood Shop BBQ off Jackson Street, in Seattle. With amazing food, they’ve quickly made a name for themselves and, having established their brick and mortar in only August 2016. As sported on their website: No Compromises. No Secrets. Just Great BBQ.

Got another local favorite we forgot to mention? We’d love to know your favorite local barbeque eats! Let us know in the comments below!

4 NEW Bellevue Restaurants to Check Out While You’re Shopping this Holiday Season!

4 NEW Bellevue Restaurants to Check Out While You’re Shopping this Holiday Season!

Out shopping for the holidays and don’t have time to stop back at home? Or maybe you just want to enjoy the experience and try something new! Bellevue has opened up a few new restaurants to try this upcoming season!

Dukes Seafood & Chowder House has opened another Pacific Northwest location in Lincoln Square. Like their other locations, they’re true to form with an extremely clean eating space and refreshingly friendly atmosphere. A cozy experience to say the least!

The Central Bar opened a few months ago in the heart of Bellevue. A convenient location across from Bellevue Square Mall, this new bar offers an ambiance comprised of a sports bar and intimate gathering space. Since it’s not sports-centric, one feels right at home and able to gather around the table without the loud screams of sports games (but, don’t worry – there’s still four to view your favorite Seahawks game!)

Located off Main Street in old-Bellevue, Swiftwater Cellars opened approximately two months ago. A warm and inviting décor, coupled with unique compilations of food and drinks, create an elegant atmosphere. This coupling perfectly displays their rustic roots of Cle Elum, with a modern twist of the local, urban lifestyle!

Ultra-boutique candy stores are all the rage – and there’s a reason for it! While many candy stores cater towards children, this new trend shifts the focus on adults. Sugar Factory has created an sophisticated, full-service experience when it comes to your sugar of choice! Happy sweet things!

Regardless of what you’re looking for, Bellevue has it. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert – or even drinks afterwards – there are always tons of places just a block away. And Bellevue’s Main Street “old-Bellevue” area, has tons of overlooked, local favorites!

What are you favorite local places we should try?

3 Delectable on-Island Breakfast Favorites for your Post Thanksgiving Feast

3 Delectable on-Island Breakfast Favorites for your Post Thanksgiving Feast

It’s only a few days after Thanksgiving cooking and the busiest shopping weekend ever, so do you really want to wake up at the crack of dawn and hash out eggs and sausage with a side of toast? Yeah, we didn’t think so either.

And remember, it’s already 9am – which means people are already stirring in their beds!

Imagine this… Taking a relaxing bike ride down Island Crest Way or a leisurely drive down East or West Mercer (be careful of the turns!) and making your way into Mercer Island’s beautiful Downtown District.

Mercer Island’s Mioposto offers a delightful array of Italian cuisine, cooked to perfection by skilled oveners. Their “open-flame ovens” are handcrafted locally and are the “only heat source in the kitchen.” Even though, it probably gets sweltering hot in there! Their dinner menu offers tons of shareables, pizzas, and pastas, but their breakfast & lunch menu is to die for.

A unique blend of palates, their menu offers delights such as the Bacon & Egg Breakfast Pizza, Shakshuka, Panenata, and others delights to enjoy!

Committed to serving authentic, original food, Bennett’s Bistro offers an blend of sweet and savory breakfast options. From pancakes with sweet cream butter, to Chiliaquiles, to Steak and Eggs, Bennett’s has long proven itself a favorite amongst the locals. Looking for something lighter after the holidays? Their Beet Salas or Roasted Delicata Squash and Arugula Salad are spectacular!

They’ve even partnered with another local, Seattle company, Beecher’s Cheese, to embellish the original take on Mac & Cheese. Whether you just want that original love, or want to try it with Kale & Mama Lil’s Peppers, you’re sure to enjoy! Also, check out their lunch and dinner menus for other small-town favorites!

Are you looking for something quick and on-the-go, before another day with family? Homegrown is always an option for nutritional and local foods – and they offer seasonal specials! While their breakfast menu comprises most warm bowls, sandwiches, and portage, they also offer their regular menu throughout the day! So, regardless of if you’re craving an Avocado, Egg & Cheese Sandwich or a Grass-fed Steak & Blue – they’ve got you!

Or, maybe yet, you’re just more of a morning, plus coffee kind of individual… The Island has an array of Starbucks and Tully’s coffee houses! The new market, New Seasons, also offers a local source of the caffeine-infused beverage.

Now that we’ve gone over Mercer Island’s breakfast hotspots, what are your favorite, local places to enjoy the morning?

Want to find out more about Mercer Island? Check out their informational page and any of the following links to get to know the real local-favorites!

5 Poke Places in King County’s Eastside

5 Poke Places in King County’s Eastside

We’ve all seen trends come and go, and one sizzling trend right now is Poke. A “raw fish salad,” Poke is traditionally served as an appetizer, but this hot new trend features this meal as a main course – and tons of eateries are taking hold!

These hot and new eateries often feature a “Choose Your Own” or “Step” business model, where you can choose your base, proteins, mix ins, sides, sauces and toppings. Sound delicious? If you enjoy fish, it totally is! And even if you don’t, many stores offer vegetarian options, such as tofu or potato.

Big Island Poke is making a splash in Renton’s downtown district. Created by one of the founders of the People of the Chubbs food truck, this restaurant offers poke in Big Island Fashion, including the fact that much of their ingredients come from Hawaii! This up and coming shop says, “their current roster… is just the beginning.” So, don’t be afraid to ask for something different, and unusual!

Another highly regarded, Eastside poke bar is Just Poke. This “flavorful and fresh” establishment offers more than just chicken, tuna, salmon, and shrimp! Try their tofu, sweet potatoes, unagi, and tako! This #PNW inspired cuisine offers more than traditional poke, but strives towards innovation, supplemented with locally sourced ingredients.

In the heart of Bellevue, you’ll find MIX Poke Bar. Using the basics of their one-two-three-four-mix method, they create a solid foundation where you can curate your own, individual flavor. Try something different, or stick to the basics – it’s up to you!

Sleek and modern, Hello Poke is pushing poke to the limit in Redmond, Washington. With tons of toppings, you can easily make ten “usuals” or just add everything into the mix! What more could you ask for than super friendly service and a variety of fresh ingredients.

Do you enjoy poke? What are your favorite places?

new this week from


front of home.jpg

3209 15th Avenue South, Seattle • MLS# 1215653
$750,000 • 4 Bedrooms • 2 Bathrooms • 2,507 Fin. Sq. Ft. • 5,800 Lot Size

Classic charm meets modern convenience in this light and lovely North Beacon Hill home. Gather around the upgraded gas fireplace, serve meals in the spacious dining room, or relax in the huge lower level bonus room. The remodeled kitchen is a cook’s delight with stainless steel appliances, sleek stone surfaces, and dining nook with French doors to the deck. Three upstairs bedrooms plus a 4th on the main offer space and privacy for everyone.

For more information, please contact Brian Rosso. • 206.356.9206 •

Driveway public_15.jpg

12903 SE 38th Street, Bellevue • MLS# 1216107
$399,000 • 2 Bedrooms • 2 Bathrooms • 1,023 Square Feet

Move right in to this quiet, west-facing Newport Court end unit featuring fresh paint, carpeting, and more. Relax or entertain with a fireside living room, adjacent dining area, and covered balcony. Overlooking it all is an open kitchen with updated stainless appliances and handy breakfast bar. Retreat to your spacious master suite with full bath and walk-in closet. The second bedroom offers a continental bath also has a walk-in closet. Stroll to T-Mobile, Swedish Medical, Starbucks, restaurants and Factoria Mall. Close to I-90/I-405 access, too!

For more information, please contact Julie Baker. • 425.644.2933 •


10 Shopping Centers of the Greater Seattle Region

10 Shopping Centers of the Greater Seattle Region

We’re getting into the best (or worst) time for seasonal shopping, and although there is much you can purchase online, stores are creating sales and pre-sales to combat their dwindling retail shop industry. It can also be a good time to verify sale prices and stock up on things that are typically more expensive throughout the year!

These 11-local shopping center are great for getting out of the house, or finding that last wish list item.

In the center of Downtown Seattle, you’d fine the massive shopping district, including Westlake Center, Pacific Place and surrounding buildings, housing retailors, such as Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Nike’s Seattle location. Westlake Center is a 4-story, glass-enclosed shopping center, that includes tons of eateries and retailors, while Pacific Place is a small mall, offering Seattle’s premier boutiques.

Nestled between the University District and Seattle’s Laurelhurst neighborhood, you’ll find the University Village Shopping Center. This largely outdoor shopping area has been beautifully designed to incorporate the experience of shopping with the quaint shops that call this “Village” home. Comprised of dozens of retailors, including glassybaby and Mercer & Co., this mall offers ample parking and is within walking distance to public transportation and various Seattle neighborhoods.

Further north, in the Northgate neighborhood, you’ll find Northgate Mall. A Simon Mall, Northgate offers a variety of retailors and boutiques, including Macy’s and Forever XXI. Though Northgate in and of itself is of substantial size, encompassing over 130 stores, its proximity to the Regal Cinemas at Thorton Place and the Northgate North building only adds to the opportunity.

Moving further north, towards Lynnwood, you’ll find the newly reimagined Alderwood Mall and surrounding shopping centers. Touted as Snohomish County’s largest mall, this mall comprises over 165 stores and 1.5 million square feet of retail space. The space went through major renovations in the early 2000s and it remains a major mall for north end dwellers.

Redmond’s dual-level, outdoor shopping mall offers tons of beauty and opportunity for consumers. Offering more than 110 shops restaurants, lodging and entertainment options, Redmond Town Center comprises six buildings, most of the shopping in the main hub of Center Street Plaza and the Macy’s and REI buildings.

The bustling city of Bellevue, offers three malls, including the Bellevue Collection and Bellevue Square Mall, Crossroads Bellevue, and Factoria Mall. Though technically not the largest in Washington, Bellevue Square Mall does offer 1.3 million square feet of retail space and comprises over 180 stores. It’s adjoining buildings, such as Lincoln Square, offer more opportunity for dining and play. Bell-Square, as local call it, is known for its high-end retailors, including Armani Exchange and Hugo Boss.

Both Crossroads Bellevue and the Marketplace at Factoria are considerably smaller than other local malls, but they both have a lot to offer. Crossroads is a plethora of culture and eating, surrounded by family-friendly fun, exercise facilities, and retailors, including Old Navy, Pier 1 Imports, and Daiso Japan. The Marketplace at Factoria offers retailors such as Target, the Nordstrom Rack, and Old Navy, but they also have a ton of surrounding eateries and shops.

The Marketplace at Factoria is located a block away from Newport High School, Crossroads is approximately 1.5-miles from Bellevue’s Interlake High School, and the Bellevue Collection is less than a mile from Bellevue High School. These close proximities make these malls a go-to for after school activities and gettogethers.

The Westfield-Southcenter Mall, formerly known as Southcenter Mall, is the largest shopping center in Washington State and the Pacific Northwest. Comprising over 215 stores and 1.7 million square feet of retail space, Westfield Mall offers a wide array of shopping opportunities from food and clothing, to beauty and home décor.

Federal Way’s regional shopping mall, offers over 90 stores, full-service restaurant, and arcade, and cineplex! As Federal Way’s only mall, the Commons at Federal Way and its surrounding plazas offer the majority of the area’s shopping.

Down the hill into Auburn, you’ll find another massive shopping center, known as the Outlet Collection Seattle and remains the largest outlet mall in the Pacific Northwest. Comprised of 140 stores and about 945,000 square feet of retail space, the Outlet Collection has gone through major additions and renovations since the early 2000s, including a half-dozen strip malls.

Whether you’re shopping for you mother, father, sister, brother, spouse, child or best friend, you can surely find, make, or bake something that will brighten their day!

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6730 West Mercer Way, Mercer Island • MLS# 1215905
$1,400,000 • 4 Bedrooms + Den/Office • 3 Bathrooms • 3,140 Square Feet • 19,754 Lot Size

Set on nearly half an acre of beautifully landscaped grounds, this iconic Northwest Contemporary lives in harmony with its serene surroundings. Gather friends around the fireside in the light-filled living room―its dramatic windows rise up to meet a soaring open-beam ceiling. Dinner is served just around the corner in the spacious dining area. Overlooking it all is a comfy office/bonus loft with brick fireplace and slider to the upper deck.

Cooking is a joy alongside wide views in the roomy, open kitchen with double ovens, plenty of cupboard space, and sunny breakfast nook. Step out for summer barbecues on the back deck, or spend winter evenings around the cozy Vermont Castings wood stove in the adjacent family room.

At the end of the day, your master suite is a peaceful retreat with bright white open beam ceilings, mountain views, and an ensuite ¾ bath. Three more bedrooms plus a full hallway bath complete the upstairs.

For more information, please contact Erin Ewing. • 206.354.8228 •


2957 142nd Avenue SE, Bellevue • MLS# 1215515
$500,000 • 3 Bedroom • 2.75 Bathrooms • 1,392 Square Feet

This spacious condo is set in an unbeatable location just steps away from Bellevue College and near the Eastgate Park & Ride. Its lightfilled layout lives large with a soaring 2-story living room and dramatic windows overlooking natural scenery and sunsets. Open gathering spaces flow to the bright kitchen. Step out to the deck, or head upstairs to two bedroom suites. A main floor bedroom is great for guests or a den!

For more information, please contact Doug McKiernan. • 206.369.3949 •

10+ Things to Do During Seattle’s Chilly Season

10+ Things to Do During Seattle’s Chilly Season

The snowy season is nearly upon us, and the rain has already started pouring from the skies. The Greater Seattle Area has become a hub for people from across the nation – and the world – to gather and call home, but what are we supposed to do during these seasons?

Beaches and outdoor pools can be chilly, and hiking can be muddy after a hearty, rainy day. What isn’t?

Embrace the high-altitude and snowy conditions at Snoqualmie Pass and although none of the passes aren’t open right now, it’s nearly the season. Check and double-check your gear, buy new or check out used shops for new equipment, and order your tickets and schedule time to get the best deals on the hill!

Don’t know or haven’t ever been? Check out the lessons tab on the Summit at Snoqualmie website! And don’t forget about the tubing options for “pure fun” and excitement.

If you aren’t feeling the outdoors, you should check out the many indoor activities throughout the region, including the Pacific Science Center, the EMP, Seattle or Bellevue Art Museums, the Museum of Flight, or any of the dozens of other indoor and educational activities throughout the region. The Seattle Aquarium is also covered and/or indoors for many of their exhibits!

Staying active during the colder months can prove difficult, but these fun places make it easy for the entire family. Stone Gardens or the Seattle Bouldering Project are great ways to stay active during the climbing off-seasons and learn some new techniques.

Arena Sports is another great place to stay active and out of the rain. Though geared towards soccer fans and participants, they also have the Inflatable FunZone, classic bowling, rock climbing, arcade games, and “lazer” tag! They even have party rental spaces, offer camps and classes!

Tip: The Winter season is when many people indulge in these types of activities. Try to miss the rush by calling and asking for the businesses busiest times. Who knows, they might even offer discounts for off-peak patrons!

Visit the PNW’s very own Bavarian Village in Leavenworth. Including entertainment, crafts and lantern parade, Leavenworth is hosting another day-after Thanksgiving event to the nines! This all weekend event holds tradition in kind, and features delicious and authentic Bavarian foods and homemade delights.

Another favorite, local attraction is the beloved Pike Place Market. Newly renovated, this market is chalk-full of adventure. Lose hours walking down the halls, popping in to different shops, and even indulge at a local restaurant! They have endless events, so check out their calendar!

Take a hike at any of these mostly winter-ready places. Though you’ll need to bundle up and back a backpack, these places are great for enjoying nature and escape the pressures of the season. Be sure to check out its seasonal conditions, as some great summer-hikes are dangerous winter-hikes.

And, of course, don’t forget about the fun in your own backyard! Visit a new neighborhood playground, tube at the park down a grassy or snowy hill, and enjoy a controlled campfire from the comforts of your yard! And from walking distance to the kitchen for smores’ kits and hot chocolate refills!

In Seattle, Winter isn’t a time to recluse into your house and hideaway until Spring comes (unless that’s what you’re into), but enjoy the area in a different way! What are your favorite places on a rainy day?

4 Bellevue Coffeehouses to Cozy Up In

4 Bellevue Coffeehouses to Cozy Up In

The Fall and Winter seasons are the best time of year for a cup of hot beverage and a cozy couch. And why not partake in a local coffeeshop and enjoy in the new seasoning’s tidings? Exquisite taste and perfection are something many locals enjoy, and local coffeeshops often have just that!

Third Culture Coffee is a “dream” of “deep passion” for a particular morning brew. Cuddling on a chair with a piping hot cup of tea or coffee can be the greatest relief on a rainy day. Can you just imagine? And this delightful boutique is more than just expertly crafted coffee and tea leaves – they’re perfect for all your breakfast and quick-meal needs!

Started in Upper Queen Anne in 1994, Café Ladro has built their empire from the ground up! Their cafes are naturally created for that “intimate vibe” regulars are so fond of, and their known for superb coffees, a friendly atmosphere, and carefully crafted baked goods! And unlike the other shops on this list, they roast their own coffee!

Serving up high quality coffee from a local roaster (Café Lusso), Café Cesura is touted as a local favorite for their luxurious coffee, tasty pastries, and artsy vibe. Their open shop and Einstein light fixtures offers an industrial meets modern feel.

Industrial and open, this bright and cherry location is perfect for people who enjoy nature. The Dilettante Mocha Café at Bellefield Office Park offers a green and serene backdrop, is heavily complimented by their beautifully crafted espresso drinks and freshly made breakfasts.

What are your favorite, local coffeeshops? We all know that the Greater Seattle Region has copious amount!

4 Adventures Inside Kirkland, Washington

4 Adventures Inside Kirkland, Washington

The Pacific Northwest is brimmed with awaiting adventures and the City of Kirkland is no exception. A city nestled between the shores of Lake Washington and the Interstate 405 corridor. Though considered a relatively small city, the area is big on community and that urban, small-town field many local areas also strive towards.

Walking in downtown Kirkland offers both boutique shopping, local eats and a beautiful, urban refuge. Like many Washington cities, Kirkland emphasizes greenspaces and parks and Kirkland’s downtown area has four in close proximity, including Peter Kirk Park, Heritage Park, the Marina Park Pavilion, and the David E. Brink Park.

Similar to downtown Kirkland, the Juanita district offers a shopping area, though smaller, nestled between two major parks: the Juanita Beach Park and the Juanita Bay Park, including Nelson Point. Both parks are filled with recreation, including paddle surfing, natural trails, baseball fields, tennis courts, beach volleyball, and children’s play equipment.

Both parks proximity to downtown Juanita, make them the perfect place for a picnic or quick walk. Grab your meal from one of the many local restaurants, and head to the water!

The Cross-Kirkland Corridor passes through the city North-South and is currently a 5.75-mile trail through the heart of the city. The Cross-Kirkland Corridor’s Master Plan was adopted in June of 2014 and their interactive plan can be found online. Much of the pathway is made of crushed-gravel and is ten-feet side, making it an excellent multi-purpose route for walker, bikers, runners, and dog-walking. This interim trail perfectly depicts Kirkland’s city-wide vision of being “a walkable, livable, connected, and sustainable community.”

On the east side of Interstate 405, near Kirkland’s Central Houghton District, is the Bridle Trail State Park. Through a state and not a city park, the area locally known as Bridle Trails is a beautiful depiction of the local area. This 482-acre, day-use park comprises 28-miles of trails for bikers, hikers, runners, equestrians and dog-walkers.

Bridle Trails it regularly used and sports three arenas for horse shows and organized rides. Ever wanted to learn! You can here!

In every corner, you can find an excursion or journey for yourself and your family. Whether you prefer urban adventures or the kind that takes into the wilderness, these places are surely the best cups of tea in Kirkland! Think we missed something, or somethings? Let us know!

7 Famous Breakfast Places Hidden in Seattle Neighborhoods

7 Famous Breakfast Places Hidden in Seattle Neighborhoods

Breakfast. The most important meal of the day, right? It’s at least the first meal of the and usually eaten in the morning. However, one shouldn’t let that guideline hinder your ability to eat “breakfast” anytime of the day (or night!) Largely regarded as protein and carbohydrate heavy meal, breakfast is a favorite many.

Below are some of sleepy Seattle’s favorite places to dine-out for breakfast!

Musically drive, Easy Street Records and Café offers breakfast alongside records of every era. Cool and casual, this small café is a local favorite and regularly has a wait to be seated. In the heart of West Seattle, off California Avenue, this ideally located hotspot is great for West Seattleites and travelers.

The Portage Bay Café, located in the University District, is a great example of Americana favorites, mixed local seafood delights. Local, organic, and sustainable, this place offers all day brunch on the weekends. Check out their SLU and Ballard locations for more awesome options!

In the heart of Pioneer Square, the Planet Java Diner takes you back to the traditional, American diner. Large portions and great prices have kept regulars and visitors coming back for more! With hundreds of great reviews, this 50’s diner is an excellent place to check out!

Near the Fremont Troll is another hidden feature: The Stone Way Café. A highly regarded, local favorite, this humble, family owned shop offers the finest quality, handcrafted coffee beverages, and relaxing, Seattle vibes. From waffled and frittata, to a Cajun benedict and muffuletta, this café has variety and fun!

At the entrance of West Seattle is a little diner, with an even tinier parking lot. The Luna Park Café is constantly busy and their food is both unique atmospherically killer. With tons of options, you’ll find this a great place for breakfast-all-day, every day.

You’ve probably heard of Macrina Bakery, or at least bought a pastry at one of the thousands of local shops and cafes that offer their delights. Backed by numerous accolades, the Macrina Bakery add flavor to your day, and freshly baked goods are “to die for” (noted a fan.)

Our last “Breakfast in Seattle” highlight, is Beth’s Café. This unique, local landmark is a gem of its own. Though not the most visually pleasing, their known for their huge portions, decent prices, and their 24-hour dining experiences. With its quirks, it completely epitomizes the Seattle vibe.

And what do all these cafes and bunch bars have in common? Besides ridiculous good eats and highly regarded ratings!

What are you favorite Seattle breakfast hubs?

11 Eats Along Kirkland, Washington’s Waterfront Oasis

11 Eats Along Kirkland, Washington’s Waterfront Oasis

A stroll down Central Way, in Kirkland, is unique. A casual blend between the old and new, Kirkland has seen a population boom since 2010, growing 80% between 2010 and 2016. In response to their rapid growth, they’ve expanded their downtown district with many newer condominiums and apartment complexes, accommodating their staggering numbers.

Because of their growth, they’ve surpassed other neighboring cities, such as Redmond, Bothell, Woodinville, and Kenmore.

In addition to beautiful homes, what else has been growing in Kirkland?

A boom in growth, usually demands a boom in other areas. Two areas one loves indulging in are restaurants and shopping. These local eats are a splendid example of Kirkland’s opportunities!

Thai Isarn Soul Kitchen has two locations. A newly opened location in Lynnwood, Washington and their flagship along the waterfront of Kirkland. With a rustic atmosphere, they combine Thai classics, with a love of beauty and display. Better yet, they offer gluten-free and vegetarian options!

The Milagro Cantina brings Mexican cuisine to Kirkland. The sight, sounds and aromas come alive inside this dimly lit cantina. With options galore, this fusion-style restaurant, offers variety with a specific Southern palate.

Searching for some seafood? Many of Anthony’s Restaurants offers the freshest variety, backed by family-friendly traditions for a uniquely local and seasonal experience. While their menu may change with the seasons, rest assured your food is top-notch quality with the sole purpose of exceeding your expectations!

Another unique restraint, Lynn’s Bistro offers a French experience in the heart of the Downtown Kirkland. Comprised of distinct fusions derived from Asian and French cuisine, this one-of-a-kind bistro offers signature delights, local favorites, and family classics!

Specializing in traditional south-Indian dishes, Dakshin South Indian Bistro offers a traditional experience bursting with unique flavors. Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or a full-service dinner, Dakshin South Indian Bistro has simple or elaborate dishes that fit your needs.

Beijing O’Chef offers all your favorite dishes in an open and simple environment. Each dish uniquely spiced, they offer delicious and healthy options for all to enjoy!

Crafted with both freshness and our changing seasons in mind, the Trellis Restaurant, offers a delicious experience that enthuses your taste buds. For breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or just sharing with your best friend, the Trellis has delightful options in a lively and welcoming atmosphere.

Bold flavors and innovation combine, creating Volterra in Kirkland. This Tuscan-inspired menu uses the “best local and imported ingredients” to ensure highest quality and traditional recipes. Acclaimed with numerous accolades, Volterra’s noted as one of “America’s Top Restaurants” by Zagat and the “city’s toughest reservation” by Bon Appetit.

A revered neighborhood hub, George’s in Kirkland continues their 40-year tradition of classic comfort foods, fresh ingredients, and a friendly atmosphere. The family-friendly establishments made its mark with their award-winning breakfasts, and are noted as a “great find in a Seattle suburb!”

This family-owned, French-style bakery offers sweet, savory, and everything in between! Aura Bakery delivers a warm and inviting atmosphere for gatherings or meetings. With an expansive pastry and lunch menu, they’ve everything from omelets, sandwiches, and your favorite design of crepe!

The Wild Rover is a relatively new restaurant, established in 2006. Started as a hub for good food, great conversation, and local music, Wild Rover has created a unique bridge between “passion, integrity, and technique.” Their expansive menu offers lunch and dinner options, with a wide array of meat and vegetarian delights.

What are your Kirkland favorites? Where do you enjoy lazy Sundays, last-minute weeknight dinners, or weekend brunch?

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6902 38th Place Northeast, Marysville • MLS# 1195752
$415,000 • 4 Bedrooms • 2.5 Bathrooms • 2,385 Square Feet • 7,405 Lot Size

Move right in to this lovely Wilderun West home, fresh and bright with new carpet, flooring and paint. Its ideal floorplan features elegant, soaring living and dining rooms for your next gathering. The island-style kitchen—with a walk-in pantry, planning desk & dining nook— opens to a large family room with cozy gas fireplace. Retreat upstairs to the luxury master suite, 3 more bedrooms and landing area. Sunny deck and level backyard, too!

For more information, please contact Doug McKiernan. • 206.369.3949 •


4029 91st Avenue Southeast, Mercer Island • MLS# 1195686
$1,300,000 • 4 Bedrooms • 2.75 Bathroom • 3,170 Square Feet • 9,450 Lot Size

Convenient Northend location, quiet street, half-block from Mercer Island High School, close to Pool, tennis courts & library. Wonderful quiet inviting garden, great outdoor entertaining space. Extra finished room with separate entrance could be nanny quarters, or rental opportunity. Oversized Master bedroom with ensuite bath and walkin closet- Glorious hardwoods in many of the living spaces. Enjoy new stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, bright skylight & charming backsplash. Perfect for your next move!

For more information, please contact Nancy LaVallee. • 206.383.9227 •


1401 5th Avenue West #106, Seattle • MLS# 1196247
$575,000 • 1 Bedroom • 1 Bathroom • 1,174 Square Feet

Move right in to this fantastic studio condo in the historic West Queen Anne School. Its spacious layout feels fresh and bright with new paint, tall windows and gleaming hardwoods. Entertaining is a breeze in open living & dining areas—French doors lead out to the private, landscaped patio area. Enjoy easy living with secure garage parking, great storage, an exercise room, and manicured grounds. Stroll to parks, markets, buses, the library, and Seattle icons such as Molly Moon Ice Cream & Top Pot Doughnuts.

For more information, please contact Fred Fox. • 425.785.3147 •

5 Fearless Burger Joints in Redmond, Washington

5 Fearless Burger Joints in Redmond, Washington

Redmond is a bustling place for people searching for local eats and shopping. One popular item in particular, are exceptional burger places. The local area has a few staples when it comes to unique and

This modern phenomenon began in the 19th or early 20th century, with a simple hamburger. As an easy sandwich-like meal, it grew popular as an affordable food that can be eaten while one’s out and about. Today it’s morphed into a staple of many families and is even considered some people’s favorite food.

Since its inception, the burger has become so much more than the word, but a blank canvas to indulge your taste buds on the ride of their life. Have you ever tried adding an egg, battered bacon, or arugula instead of the old-standby, lettuce? Or perhaps chicken, a salmon fillet, black bean or lentil patty, instead of the usual red-meat one?

Regardless your preference, you may consider checking out these fantastic options.

The Lunchbox Laboratory is a local “culinary vision” derived from mixing “nostalgic Americana comfort food with an off-the-wall twist.” And this food-mastermind brought the Lunchbox Laboratory’s full-service, alchemist-inspired, and full-service experience into full force.

Another Redmond favorite for burgers and shakes is Feed Co. Burgers. This modern shop offers a rustic-industrial feel. Open spaces create easy access for you and your friends to converse, while enjoying your meal. Take a friend or go with a group. Either way, enjoy and have fun!

Redmond’s namesake bar & grill aims to bring “great fun and quality food” to the table. They offer a full-tier menu, including burgers, steaks, and sandwiches. Made-fresh daily if their moto, and they uphold their passion at every table!

As vibrant as their food, Woodblock offers creative and eclectic food innovations, comprised of the finest ingredients and the friendliest lifestyle Redmond has to offer. Their menu ranges from brunch to dinner, so whatever your palette, they’ve got your favorite!

Welcome to the epicenter of quality and delight. Tipsy Cow Burger Bar combines unique tastes you’ve never even imagined. Best part? They’ve seafood, vegetarian, and non-red-meat burger options, too! My advice, try their truffle fries!

Hungry for a meal? These 5 Redmond burger joints have your back!

What are your favorite places to enjoy a succulent burger?

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7912 170th Avenue Northeast, Redmond • MLS# 1189021
$400,000 • 1 Bedroom • 1 Bathroom • 828 Square Feet

Discover carefree living in this immaculate condo. Set apart in a peaceful location by Anderson Park, it’s still just a stroll away from Redmond Town Center and close to 520 access. Relax or host friends in open living and dining areas alongside the cozy gas fireplace. A sleek kitchen overlooks it all, with slab granite surfaces and stainless appliances. Step out to the private deck, or retreat to your generous master with dream walk-in closet.

For more information, please contact Brian Rosso. • 206.356.9206 •

Print_01 - V2.jpg

4711 Lakehurst Lane Southeast, Bellevue • MLS# 1188275
$2,169,000 • 3 Bedrooms • 2.75 Bathrooms • 3,180 Square Feet • 17,182 Lot Size

Live the lakeside lifestyle in this custom crafted home, poised to enjoy breathtaking vistas from nearly every room. Vaulted ceilings, gallery windows, and a warm brick fireplace invite you to gather in the living room. Accordion French doors open to an atrium dining room, while the island-style kitchen is a delight with quartz surfaces, stainless appliances, and a comfy open family room. Three bedrooms—including a view master suite—plus an office, rec room, workshop, and storage provide flex space. Stroll to the community beach from this ideal cul-desac location near Newport HS and I-405 access!

For more information, please contact Molly Neary or Joanie Ransom. • 206.920.9166 • • 206.409.0521


15401 Southeast 83rd Lane, Newcastle • MLS# 1188518
$1,558,000 • 4 Bedrooms • 4 Bathrooms • 4,170 Square Feet • 8,882 Lot Size

Nestled on a peaceful and private cul-de-sac in the prestigious Reserve neighborhood, this home offers refined living just moments away from the Golf Club at Newcastle. Gather with friends in bright living and dining spaces that are grand, yet open and inviting. The large kitchen is a chef’s delight with its slab granite surfaces, builtin stainless steel appliances, massive center island with cooktop and prep sink, plus a butler’s pantry. Relax in the adjacent, soaring breakfast nook and cozy, fireside family room. Upstairs, your vaulted master suite awaits you with a romantic fireplace, 5-piece bath, and private balcony. Three more bedrooms, a large bonus room with wet bar, and a main floor study complete this remarkable home.

For more information, please contact Lisa Dong. • 206.458.3942 •

12 Mouth-Watering Eateries in East Capitol Hill, Seattle

12 Mouth-Watering Eateries in East Capitol Hill, Seattle

The walkability of Seattle’s Capitol Hill district has never been a secret. Many amenities, including shopping, eateries, grocery stores, and other conveniences are all a few short blocks away. And nestled in between are quaint neighborhoods and gorgeous Seattle homes.

Between the hubbub of Broadway East and East Madison Street, are small, tight-knit neighborhoods that wrestle between the city and Seattle’s “suburb”. Easy streets surrounding 15th Avenue East and 19th Avenue East find an easy compromise in all of Seattle’s conveniences and the quiet lifestyle many enjoy.

These quiet streets are easy to walk and move around and find what you’re searching for. With yoga studios, several grocery stores, a shoe repair shop, beauty boutiques, and flower shop offer many of life’s essentials; while numerous local eateries could keep you sated every day!

These fabulous eateries and cafes are fabulous for any time of day!

Star your morning off right with Victrola Coffee Roasters. They’re in their 17th year of production and enjoy their little, 15th Avenue neighborhood! Seeing a need in their community for a local and unique hub for meetups and gatherings, the Victrola Café was born! Enjoy their premium roasts and home-like comforts.

Another coffee-lover’s favorite: Café Ladro. While their first store opened back in 1994, their intimate vibe and local specials haven’t changed. As a pioneer of sustainable harvesting and ethically produced goods, they’ve always set the bar high. Their newest division, Ladro Roasting, articulates that on a whole new level.

As far as breakfast goes (and lunch and dinner) the Wandering Goose may be one of the best options in the neighborhood! From Veggie Hash to “Aunt Annie’s” favorite, this café boasts the tincture of warmth and invitation. Their Southern inspired menu adds color and community to every meal.

Or perhaps you’re looking for something light? Although Bakery Nouveau usually has a line out the door, I suggest giving them a try (or two!) Their delicately baked daily goods are award winning, and regularly picked as “best in Seattle”.

Another delicious endeavor comes to you through Ada’s Technical Books and Café. Where bookstore meets community, this amazing staple offers a never-ending learning experience. This café is expertly designed to suite the everyday knowledge seeker. Has Ada’s peaked your curiosity yet?

Nuflours Bakery boasts a “BIG” impact on our local, Seattle community. With a methodology including high-quality and locally sourced ingredients, naturally gluten-free recipes, and bakery innovation at its finest, this not-so-small bakery has a lot going for it!

Located on 15th Avenue, Coastal Kitchen is a local go-to for seafood and unique eats. Though their popular for breakfast, they offer a mean dinner menu, too! Their culturally diverse and tasty menu, spans across the sea and land!

Whether you’re searching for dinner of brunch, Contadino has a beautiful menu to choose from. Though traditionally a pizzeria, their brunch menu encompasses family-favorites, such as waffles, egg sandwiches, a their “Farmer’s Breakfast”. If you’re looking for something heartier, their dinner menu comprises pastas, pizzas, vegetable, seafood, and raw/cured items. Don’t forget dessert, with Washington strawberries and shortbread, or their pistachio gelato!

Lunch and dinner prove delightful ways to catch up and enjoy the conversation. Plum Bistro quotes themselves as representing a new turn in food and industry. By making delicious foods and incorporating their belief of preservation and low-footprint business, they’re able to create a locally-sourced and organic eatery for all!

This unique dinner extravaganza, offers modern blends to traditional Vietnamese cuisine. Coupled with Pacific Northwest innovation, Monsoon’s menu includes fresh ingredients, unique styles, original designs. Their menu draws from Chinese and European cooking, in addition to Vietnamese tradition, setting them apart from other eateries.

Another local pizza hub, includes Olympia Pizza III. Run like a family, their guest list includes many first-name-basis regulars and a slew of local curiosity. Hearty fare and delicious foods brought people coming back for more (and more!) and keeping them a Capitol Hill go-to since 1989.

Feeling like a cookie for dessert? Hello Robin has some of the highest-rated cookies in the industry. Her award-winning cookies spurred from a simple text message and have made history in their wake. Since its opening in 2013, this little bakery has become a Capitol Hill destination spot for all things cookies and ice cream sandwiches.

What are you searching for? A hearty meal or light fare to get you through your break, neighborhood jaunt, or cramming session? This area has plenty of options for a friendly conversation for get-together. Which is your favorite?

And when your stuffed full, you’re only a few short blocks away from Volunteer Park or Miller Playfield & Sport Courts.

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712 17th Avenue East, Seattle • MLS# 1187918
4 Bedrooms • 3 Bathrooms • 2,860 Square Feet (+905 Unfinished) • 5,760 Lot Size

A location and property often coveted, but rarely available. This 1901 Craftsman-style Foursquare offers yesteryear grandeur with the space and opportunity for you to add your own modern twist.

A large, covered front porch gracefully welcomes you in to the light-filled foyer with exquisite period staircase. Relax or gather with ease in the circular floorplan featuring airy entertaining spaces flowing intuitively to a sunny kitchen and breakfast nook. Upstairs, light streams through the large master suite with a walkout balcony and territorial views. Three more bedrooms—plus an oversized, finished top-floor garret—provide plenty of flex-space for your lifestyle.

Savor sunny days in the level backyard, or stroll to schools, shops, coffee houses, restaurants, and Volunteer Park from this fantastic locale. This is your canvas to create a masterpiece on one of the best streets in Seattle.

For more information, please contact Emily Roberts. • 206.225.5490 •


6909 93rd Avenue Southeast, Mercer Island • MLS# 1175241
$1,250,000 • 5 Bedrooms • 3 Bathrooms • 3,400 Square Feet • 11,250 Lot Size

Basking in sunlight, this lovely home awaits you in a peaceful Southend neighborhood. Its roomy layout has all the right spaces for relaxing or entertaining—generous living and dining areas, an open island-style kitchen with slab granite surfaces, dual French doors to the back deck, and a huge lower level rec room. Retreat to your main floor master suite plus 4 more bedrooms. Topping it off is a fantastic, fenced yard!

For more information, please contact Doug McKiernan. • 206.369.3949 •


13122 113th Place Northeast #41, Kirkland • MLS# 1184361
$400,000 • 2 Bedrooms • 2.5 Bathrooms • 1,220 Square Feet

This very special Juanita town home offers updates, sunny southern exposure and a great location within walking distance to the Park & Ride and new Village at Totem Lake. Designer paint and an upgraded gas fireplace adorn bright living/dining areas. Cook with ease in the open kitchen, step out to the fenced yard & patio, or retreat upstairs to 2 bedroom suites. Don’t miss the attached garage with direct access to the home!

For more information, please contact Allen Hovsepian. • 206.718.6500 •


7850 Southeast 63rd Place, Mercer Island • MLS# 1175858
$1,498,000 • 5 Bedrooms • 2.75 Bathrooms • 3,190 Square Feet • 13,000 Lot Size

Tucked in magical Lake View Highlands, this quintessential Northwest Contemporary awaits you with vaulted ceilings, walls of windows and warm hardwoods. Visit around the fire in the grand-piano sized living room, host a crowd in the adjacent dining room, or cook with delight in the updated kitchen with slate surfaces, stainless Wolf, Bosch & Sub-Zero appliances, and open family room. French doors open to a west-facing wraparound lake view deck. Steal away to the vaulted main-floor master suite plus 4 additional bedrooms. The lower level features a fireside rec room with remodeled kitchenette, plus a wine cellar, workshop, and oodles of storage. Life is good in the friendly Lake View Highlands neighborhood, close to schools, parks, shopping, and Starbucks. Minutes to I-90 and the park & ride.

For more information, please contact Cynthia Schoonmaker. • 206.683.2725 •

3 Cupcakeries to Enjoy in Seattle, Washington

3 Cupcakeries to Enjoy in Seattle, Washington

Cupcakes have spread across the world like a wildfire. Though recipes and style can vary, each cake is made for one person to enjoy, but can be easily shared. This cupcake trend allowed for many cupcakeries to pop up all around the United States, calling for local bakeries and big-box grocery chains adding cupcakes to their roster and small specialized boutique popping up.

Seattle’s set a craze with local shops, many of which are delightfully delicious. If you’re craving a cupcake, you may want to check out some of these. These Seattle-local cupcake bakers are delicious, wholesome, and all-occasion ready!

The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Company notes itself as a small-batch and modern bakery, specializing in cupcakes, but also offering macarons, cakes, pastries, and other desserts. Each cupcake is elaborately designed for its individual theme, some over-the-top and some relatively basic.

Another local favorite, includes Trophy Cupcakes. With location in Wallingford, University Village, and Pacific Place, they offer an array of ever-changing flavors with weekly and monthly specials. They’ve also mini-cupcakes for light eaters!

Cupcake Royale is our last spot on this list, but isn’t last on our taste buds. Colorful and innovative flavors, including Blueberry Brown Better, Peach Cobbler, and Raspberry Lemonade, create an explosion of zest and tang. They also offers gluten-free options!

What are your favorite local cupcakeries? Or what’s your favorite recipe and flavors to make at home?

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819 Virginia Street #2803, Seattle • MLS# 1182786
$730,000 • 1 Bedroom • 1 Bathroom • 818 Square Feet

Stunning, hi-tech, updated, open concept 1 bed + den is steps from Downtown Seattle, South Lake Union and Amazon. Enjoy the stunning views from floor to ceiling windows and added comfort of a Nest and Smart Home lights. The spacious bedroom fits a king bed, has a private balcony and walk-in closet. Guests coming? The den has a custom Murphy double bed! Building amenities include 24-hour concierge, guest suite, clubhouse/party room, gym, sauna, hot tub and roof-deck. No rental cap and strong HOA.

For more information, please contact Rachel Schindler and Robyn Kimura-Hsu. • 206.250.5622 • • 206.295.2247 •

7 Downtown Issaquah Eateries to Check Out!

7 Downtown Issaquah Eateries to Check Out!

Downtown Issaquah is a happening place. Old architecture blends with the new, creating a rich and tree-line atmosphere. Classic Light posts line the streets, while small and local shops and eateries line the sidewalks. Looking to step into history? Or just a new restaurant to try? Issaquah’s downtown area has what you’re searching for.

From cafes to bistros and gastropubs to fine dining, downtown Issaquah offers a unique balance of it all.

Fins Bistro offers a seafood inspired lunch and dinner selection, including crab cakes, mussels, and black and blue ahi. Other options include pancakes, sandwiches, salads, and chicken marsala. This seafood plus steaks restaurant mixes small-town flair with worldly delights!

The Umi Café, pronounced YOU-ME, is another fusion of the young and the old. With an ambiance that appeals to the masses, they’ve created a haven for everyone to feel welcome. With a touch of culture and a dash of serenity, this restaurant whisks you away as a “poignant reminder of our childhood”. Their largely Asian-Fusion inspired menu, offers a blend of Japanese classics and American favorite – but with an extra touch. They’ve even got rice bowls and bubble tea!

A tad more casual, Flying Pie Pizza, offers that classic family-owned jibe. Located in the heart of downtown Issaquah since 1997, this local pizzeria is known for hand and homemade pizza dough (the best kind!), fresh cut vegetables, and that “everybody’s welcome” atmosphere. Gluten-free? Vegan? Or just prefer soy-cheese? They’ve got you covered!

Another local favorite includes Montalcino Ristorante Italiano. Renowned for their fine food and wine, each dish is prepared with passion and tradition, nourishing you with the freshest and most high-quality Italian ingredients. Locally owned, the family imparts the tradition of Italy with their Italian imported wines. Their menu comprises a tasty blend of unique fares with classics!

With a modern flare, Levitate Gastropub bursts onto our list. Their fresh focus serves in proper Seattle fashion, given their locally sourced and “scratch” made fares. Their menu is split between lunch/dinner and brunch, including classics like waffles, biscuits and gravy, and chicken wings, whiles their own flare is added in dishes like Levitate Benny, the Levitate Burger, and Volcano Pork Shank! Sounds fun, huh?

Rounding off lunch and dinner options is Bukhara Bar & Grill. Classic Indian cuisine comes alive with traditional Indian spices. Including dishes from all four regions of India, Bukhara offers a diverse and complete opportunity to taste the differences in region and terrain. Their lunch includes a buffet, allowing you a taste of everything, while another option is picking your known, savory favorite!

You’ll find a real dessert in Yum-e Yogurt. Their first store opened in Maple Valley, not only making it a local restaurant, just over the mountains from downtown Issaquah. This second location, in Issaquah, opened in 2013 – the following year after opening their flagship. This delightful shop boasts a quality espresso and smoothie bar, plus a delicious cold treat alongside 80+ toppings!

Whether you’re shopping, or searching for a nummy new place to eat, Issaquah’s downtown district has variety for all!

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4535 Providence Point Place Southeast #404, Issaquah • MLS# 1177808
$375,000 • 2 Bedrooms • 1.75 Bathrooms • 1,285 Square Feet

Providence Point at its finest! Light, bright & pristine top floor condo at The Lodge. Gaze at the forest from your deck, or head to the clubhouse for fitness, putting, swimming, classes, shuttle service, or a game of tennis. Entertain friends surrounded by luxe-upgraded finishes including granite counters, maple cabinets, gas cooktop, built-ins, ceramic tile, designer lighting and coffered ceilings.

For more information, please contact Emily Roberts. • 206.225.5490 •


2929 76th Avenue Southeast #305, Mercer Island • MLS# 1176525
$350,000 • 1 Bedroom • 1 Bathroom • 800 Square Feet

This immaculate, spacious 1-bedroom is ideally located just blocks to everything in Mercer Island’s growing downtown. New Seasons, farmer’s market, Pagliacci & Mio Posto are all right at your fingertips. Easy commuting from Park & Ride w/ Express buses to downtown & the Eastside (Light Rail now under construction). Unit features 800 SF of living space that flows seamlessly to private deck w/ views of the Cascades & Downtown Bellevue. Strong HOA with low dues, no rental cap, off-street parking & storage.

For more information, please contact Chad Dierickx. • 206.854.3931 •


7228 West Mercer Way, Mercer Island • MLS# 1175502
$1,595,000 • 4 Bedrooms • 4 Bathrooms • 3,380 Square Feet • 16,191 Lot Size

Nestled on over ⅓ acre of sun-drenched privacy, this home offers beautiful upgrades and all the right spaces. Elegant, light-filled gathering areas flow intuitively to the updated kitchen—its slab granite surfaces and stainless appliances make cooking a delight. Kick back in the huge, fireside family room, or spend summer days in the dream backyard with deck, level lawn & play structure. A gracious master suite with travertine bath, 3 more upstairs bedrooms, plus a main-floor den/bonus room with fireplace provide space and privacy for everyone.

For more information, please contact Kelly Weisfield. • 206.355.3863 •

9 Gorgeous South Lake Union, Seattle Eateries & Cafes

9 Gorgeous South Lake Union, Seattle Eateries & Cafes

Seattle is known for many things: The Gum Wall, the Space Needle, rocking seafood, and crazy traffic. But, there’s also that niche of excellent eateries brazenly ambushing our city! And if they weren’t so tasty we might have a problem with that. But, alas, they’ve proven themselves a delight.

Curious what these restaurants are? This selection from South Lake Union depicts the semblance between local eats and classic Seattle design. Before the area was bought by developer giants, the area was used for milling, then shifted to manufacturing and warehouses and decreased its residences. Since the technology boom, however, much of the area was bought and built up. Apartments and condominiums, blend with commercial, office, and retail spaces, bringing a new light to the once dusty area.

These restaurants highlight the buildings that once served the area, which have been repurposed from open warehouses to cozier areas meant for retail and restaurants.

Step inside this retro-chic eatery, complete with fairy lights during the holidays, “high-backed booths” and “swiveling captain’s chairs.” Since 1967, 13 Coins has been at the forefront of countless first dates, proposals, family gatherings, and late nights with friends. With food noted as “intoxicating”, with “impeccable” and “spot-on” service, who can’t see why this place is amazing? Their interior is to the nines, with great attention to detail at every level.

Another restraint pulling from the industrial history of South Lake Union is Serious Pie & Biscuit. Don’t let it fool you, this multi-story palace, offers biscuits and gravy (and jam!), sandwiches, and a wide pizza selection, complete with foraged mushrooms, imported cheese, and local goods! Their open ceilings of wood and metal construction, make seating open and informal, while open-shade light fixtures, offer that distinct Edison vibe.

Industrial chic meets Asian fusion. Of metal and wood design, every layer is of fascination. Tables, lit from above with tainted, glass fixtures, rest beside a window wall. Though the inside is small, it’s great for friendly gatherings or a date-night out! Thai Thani Kitchen is praised by locals for delightful and beautifull displayed eats!

Dramatic colors, meets a modern blend. From their seating to their plating, everything is a sight to see. Their front door escorts you under the sea, with bubbles and invites you into this premier Seattle restaurant. Inspired by the season and what’s fresh and local, the Flying Fish remains an excellent choice for seafood lovers.

Lit by fairy lights and Edison-esque fixtures, re:public is the picture of industrial beauty. Concrete floors, dark wood details, and classic bricked wall make this trendy restraint a hit amongst the locals. Their quick and simple menu makes you feel right at home, as you select from traditional American fares, including “Avocado Toast.”

Their tables: picture perfect, heavy wood and stone. Vestal’s food: delicately layered and cooked to perfection. The lighting: ceiling hung and copper embossed. This sleek dining experience, inspires passion and local preservation by provoking the Pacific Northwest in every bite!

Brick walls, ceiling hung LEDs, and a unique sense of open seating, complete this South Lake Union restaurant. Local Seattle is “kind of like your living room” but with passionate food curators, and was designed to be your local hangout.

Industrial-chic, with gears on the ceiling, Zoka Coffee has made another Seattle building home. Nestled in the heart of the South Lake Union Amazon campus, Zoka provides delicious coffee, in a caffeine-infused atmosphere, alongside delicious pastries and fantastic people! With passion, Family Trade Direct, and sustainable living, this Seattle local knows what its doing!

With outdoor seating, you can indulge in the summer sun. But indoor is bright, modern, and full of character and charm. Conveniently located on Westlake Avenue, Mio Sushi offers creativity and inspiration by the bucket load. Asian fusion meets Seattle, creating a family-friendly and fresh experience.

Now that you know them, you can try them! What are some of your favorite places to dine in South Lake Union? Why are your favorite places?

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1017 Minor Avenue #501, Seattle • MLS# 1170851
$450,000 • 2 Bedrooms • 1 Bathrooms • 981 Square Feet

Convenience never felt so easy! This rare 1930 Art Deco high-rise is set in a prime First Hill location—with a Walk Score of 98, its tree-lined street is just a few blocks from the hottest happenings in Downtown & Capitol Hill. Take the elevator from the grand lobby to your own light-filled living spaces. Gather or relax with vintage flair and beautiful updates. A rooftop deck offers sweeping views of Downtown, Lake Union & Puget Sound. Experience the good life!

For more information, please contact Denise Coe. • 206.851.7702 •

back of home.jpg

4152 14th Avenue South, Seattle • MLS# 1174426
$715,000 • 3 Bedrooms • 2 Bathrooms • 2,450 Square Feet • 4,207 Lot Size

Welcome home to this update on a classic bungalow, where vintage charm merges with modern living. Its bright layout is ideal for entertaining or everyday with elegant formal rooms flowing into the open kitchen and breakfast nook. Dine alfresco on the deck, relax by the water feature in the garden, or host parties in the huge rec room with fireplace & bar. Just a short stroll away from schools and parks, and minutes to I-5!

For more information, please contact Brian Rosso. • 206.356.9206 •

12 Small-Town Eats in Renton, Washington

12 Small-Town Eats in Renton, Washington

Each city has its own gemstones to be found. Renton is one of those settled, yet up and coming places that still holds many unfound treasures. Whether you’re searching for vegetarian, pizza, Japanese, Indian, Mexican, or traditional American, Renton has multiple opportunities.

Organic Juice Bar & Gyros: The OJBG craft 100% organic juices and smoothies, to delight their 100% organic & Halal menu. Backed by the belief that good health comes with a balance between what you eat, work, and play, they aim to provide a little bit of each!

Sushi Today: Located on the south-end of Renton, this sushi bar is full of smiles and a calming atmosphere – and their food is tasty too! As their name suggests, they offer various sushi, as well as other traditional Japanese cuisine.

Smoking Monkey Pizza: A blend of the old and new, this pizza place is about more than just the pizza. Each hand-tossed delight is baked in their brick over, with only the best in mind. Their vegetables and flour is local, and they make their own mozzarella and ricotta! What’s not to love?

El Kiosko: This hole-in-the-wall has long been a local favorite. Described as a “taco truck in a restaurant”, this place serves classic Mexican foods that are both delicious and expansive. Try sitting on their patio to enjoy the sun!

New Zen Japanese Restaurant: This boutique, local, gem is in the heart of Downtown Renton. They handcraft authentic family-style Japanese cuisine. Japanese culture is infused with every meal. Beauty, salubriousness, and delight is thoughtfully provoked in this simply, yet inspiring, design.

The Brick Pub & Grill: Their passion is a combination of the Pacific Northwest and the celebration of quality. Their love of our local vibe and culture seeps into everything they do – from their décor to their menus!

Aloha Grill: Another local favorite, the Aloha Grill expertly executes, Hawaiian favorites, such as Kahlua Pork Loco, Spam Musubi, and Pork & Cabbage! Their laidback, island vibe is prevalent, but their attentive and kind staff warmly welcome you!

Whistle Stop Ale House: The Whistle Stop is your “neighborhood family pub!” Family owned and operated since its inception, this restaurant boasts amazing staff, crazy-delightful foods, and an awesome selection of brunch, lunch, and dinner foods! Similar to Renton, this eatery is jeweled by the diverse selection of foods and drinks!

Vino at the Landing: Vino’s is a bright and vibrant restaurant, and local wine shop & bar. Their convenient Landing location allows you to join them while shopping or before or after your favorite movie! Their menu is delicious and expressive of their wine selection. Curious about what to pair? Ask their attentive and warm staff… Check out their events page, to see their upcoming events!

Pabla Indian Cuisine: This delicious Renton cornerstone offers outstanding Indian cuisine and friendly staff. Their modern interpretation of classic Indian dishes ring true with high quality ingredients and pleasant atmosphere.

Common Ground Coffee & Cupcakes: This Renton hub is a famously delectable hot spot. Crafted daily, their cupcakes are made with real, whole, and local ingredients – and paired with a tasty real-buttercream frosting! They have both staple and seasonal flavors, so each time is a new, exciting experience!

Top Pot Doughnuts: Top Pot Doughnuts is a mouth-watering journey through your taste buds. Their local, handcrafted gourmet doughnuts are a delicious beginning, middle, or end to your day! Top Pot is a local favorite, with locations spanning across the region.

While this list if delicious, it isn’t complete. Check out your local area for new and exciting places to eat out!

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Windermere Mercer Island


408 Windsor Way Northwest, Renton • MLS# 1162177
$464,750 • 3 Bedrooms • 1.5 Bathrooms • 1,530 Square Feet • 7,210 Lot Size

Available on the market for the first time, this classic 1943 home is poised to enjoy panoramic views of the Renton Valley, Lake Washington and the Seattle Skyline. Year-round natural light floods the open living and dining areas. Gather around the cozy fireplace, or head out to the deck for summer barbecues and sparkling sunsets over the lake. Add your own touches to the cheerful kitchen with ample cabinet and counter space.

Three bedrooms plus a remodeled bath are all together on the main floor, while the basement offers a huge rec room with space for billiards or a home theater. A utility room and updated 3/4 bath complete the lower level. Don’t miss the 2-car garage! Step out to the big backyard; a level, grassy lawn extends back to a beautiful backdrop of privacy trees. You’ll love the convenient location, just a stroll away from Windsor Hills Park and minutes to I-405 access.

For more information, please contact Erin Ewing. • 206.354.8228 •

A Brief History of Mercer Island’s Roanoke Inn

A Brief History of Mercer Island’s Roanoke Inn

So much history in one, little building.

Located on the northern tip of Mercer Island rests a piece of history. In 1914, when the first settlers were boating their way over, there was little to do and little to go. Once roads improved, and more tourists made their way over, George McGuire built the Roanoke Inn. Though he only had it for a short while, and it was sold several times in those early years, it still stands today as a flourishing beacon of Mercer Island.

Over the years it was an inn, tavern, grocery store, ice cream parlor, and “coffee hotspot” during prohibition. Since it was 21+, they sold ice cream out of a window.

The modern-day Roanoke Inn (Tavern)

With a consistent 4+ star rating across Yelp!, Zomato, Trip Advisor, Facebook, and Door Dash, they’ve made a quite the name for themselves. Top rated for their service, food, and ambiance, this place is the epitome of a local staple, and a must-visit whether you grew up on the island or are visiting from out of town.

Known for their “American” cuisine, their menu features chicken strips, sliders, sandwiches, salads, and many other options. They even have homemade desserts, such as the apple crumb and bread pudding. Their theme nights are also a big hit among their patrons.

Antiques and original Mercer Island memorabilia line the walls of the tavern, showing its roots. A jukebox, booth seating, and darts completes that classic pub vibe.

A step back in time.

Open from 11am to midnight Monday through Friday, and 8am to midnight on weekends. Reviews note their “beautiful landscaping,” “great pub grub,” and that classic Seattle divvy-ness. For over 100 years, this hidden gem has operated and served the residents (and visitors) of Mercer Island. Welcome to another historic, Pacific Northwest jewel.


8821 Southeast 61st Street, Mercer Island • MLS# 1146040
$900,000 • 5 Bedrooms • 2.75 Bathrooms • 3,240 Square Feet • 12,840 Lot Size

Set on a spacious, level lot in a sought after mid Mercer Island location, this canvas is ready for your design—bring your architect & ideas! Wonderful spaces for entertaining or everyday with a large living/dining room, open kitchen, brick oven, and big casual dining area with sliders to the back deck. Master suite and two more bedrooms on the main, plus a rec room & two bedrooms down. Newer roof, good bones & close to everything!

For more information, please contact Allen Hovsepian and Doug McKiernan. • 206.718.6500 • • 206.369.3949 •


7525 78th Avenue Southeast, Mercer Island • MLS# 1142115
$1,375,000 • 6 Bedrooms • 3.5 Bathrooms • 4,030 Square Feet • 9,516 Lot Size

This spacious Northwest Contemporary awaits you on a serene and lovely corner lot in the friendly Mercer Terrace neighborhood. Step in to a gracious entry with privacy glass windows and terrazzo flooring. Vaulted clear cedar ceilings flow into the grand and inviting living room with hardwood floors, a stylish gas fireplace and access to the expansive back deck. An adjacent open dining room provides plenty of space and a pretty outlook to the back deck and lush greenery.

At the heart of the home, the open kitchen, casual dining area and family room form a natural gathering hub. Cook with delight in the light, bright kitchen featuring double ovens, stainless appliances, loads of storage and a sweeping slab granite countertop. Vaulted ceilings with skylights keep this area bright and cheerful even on cloudy days, while French doors open to the large deck—perfect for entertaining, dining alfresco or star gazing.

Just steps away from the kitchen and family room, a large and versatile rec room offers newly refinished hardwoods that are ready for action: games, a homework station or project room. Access the two-car garage from here as well.

Retreat to the lower level master suite with its woodburning fireplace, slider to the private backyard patio, and remodeled en suite bath dressed in stone and cherry finishes. Four additional downstairs bedrooms provide plenty of flex-space for an office, gym or playroom. Upstairs, the private tree-top 6th bedroom includes its own ¾ bathroom—ideal for a second master, guest room or nanny’s suite.

This fantastic South End neighborhood is close to the elementary & middle schools, playfield, QFC, Starbucks and parks. I-90 access to Seattle or Bellevue is just minutes away, along with fun restaurants, shops and the Farmers Market in Mercer Island’s vibrant downtown. Top-rated Mercer Island schools make this a great place to call home.

For more information, please contact Cynthia Schoonmaker. • 206.683.2725 •