Our Guide to Quick & Easy Meals While You’re Out Enjoying Seattle’s Summer Sunshine

Our Guide to Quick & Easy Meals While You’re Out Enjoying Seattle’s Summer Sunshine

It’s summer – or almost, anyways. Are you looking for something quick, but packs a punch? Something that will have you ready when your hit Golden Gardens Park or the Seattle Waterfront? We’re offering our go-to summer guide for drinks and quick eats around Seattle!

Emerald City Smoothie offers a powerful punch in terms of body nourishment – and with a ton of options and flavor.

Created from fresh and nutritious beginnings, Verve Bowls a ton in terms of smoothies and good eats.

NrGize is a self-touted lifestyle café, with a mission to salubriousness and peace of mind in every delicious drink.

Delicious in several ways, Jodee’s Desserts are sure to add color to your day. Drop in for a smooth, coffee, or a sweet treat, you’ll find their organic and local products are made of only the “purest ingredients”.

Another light and local fare is Heart Beet. Juices, smoothies, elixirs, warm and toasty grain bowls, and raw entrees, their menu comprises a ton of nutrients and a whole lotta heart.

Chaco Canyon has a few locations, and two are in the north end of Seattle: one in the University District and the other in Greenwood. Their menu offers a variety of vegetarian, vegan, and raw options all the way from breakfast to dessert! With menu that’s over 95% organic, they strive for community inclusion, including using foraged and seasonal ingredients and frequent menu changes.

Their priorities are simple: high quality ingredients, backed by their dietitian. JujuBeet offers the basic café foods, including soups, salads, sandwiches, and crepes, made with your health in mind.

Love acai bowls? Juice Press offers them, made to order, exactly when you want it. Enjoy their other handcrafted breakfasts, salads, juices, and specialty drink – or even a chocolaty dessert!

100% customizable. 100% the way you want it. Completely Custom Smoothie. Enjoy an energy blast in the morning, before or after your workout, or just while you’re out and about!

Not your usual hang out spot – well, it is for some people. Nestled near Seattle Central off Pine Street, Oasis Tea Zone offers small eats alongside about a billion flavors fruit smoothies, juices, or teas.

Dedicated to “fine” and nutritious foods, the Fit Bar Café offers an array of acai and pitaya, blending traditions with the hubbub of modern life.

Whole foods, cut fresh. Though it started as a salad restaurant, Sprigy diversified their menu to include wraps, quinoa bowls, and baked potatoes – yam, sweet, and many more!

Though just drinks the Pressed Juicery is a great place to get your pack your day with essential vitamins, minerals, and add tons of flavor to your diet.

Located in the Washington State Convention Center, the Juicy Café always has a line out the door – and you’d be hard pressed not to see why! Hyper focused on our local communities and providing heathy foods to the area, this family owned business is great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

Food need to pack a punch in today’s fast-paced world, and Jars Juice definitely delivers. Enjoy avocado everything, or something a little sweeter for breakfast, like a fresh squeezed juice or blended smoothie.

Try, try, TRY their weekend brunch: the Juicebox Seattle! Though their usual menu is a little simpler, and they offer an array of juices and smoothies to fill your veggie needs, their food menu includes favorites like miso oatmeal and a red flannel has bowl!

Enjoy a delightful bagel sandwich at Moondrop Coffee while you’re waiting for the water taxi – and don’t forget your drink! From the morning usual, to juices, smoothies, and even bubble tea (made from fresh tea leaves), you’ll find your 100% dairy free options here!

These aren’t the only places in Seattle to enjoy a bright and sunny day, so if we’ve missed your favorite let it know! Who knows, you might even see it highlighted in a future post!


$3,580,000 • 4603 84th Avenue SE, Mercer Island • MLS# 1288297
6 Bedrooms • 4.75 Bathrooms • 5,680 sq. ft. • 22,180 Lot Size

For more information, please contact Kelly Weisfield.
KellyW@Windermere.com • 206.355.3863 • KellyWeisfield.com

$785,000 • 11809 NE 142nd Street, Kirkland • MLS# 1290670
5 Bedrooms • 2.75 Bathrooms • 3,070 sq. ft. • 7,560 Lot Size

For more information, please contact Jay Agoado.
Jay@JayAgoado.net • 425.260.0715 • JayAgoado.net

$750,000 • 432 W McGraw Place, Seattle • MLS# 1288167
2 Bedrooms • 1.75 Bathrooms • 800 sq. ft. • 2,960 Lot Size

For more information, please contact Emily Roberts.
EmilyR@Windermere.com • 206.225.5490 • EmilyRobertsRealty.com

$699,000 • 13517 95th Avenue NE, Kirkland • MLS# 1289825
3 Bedrooms • 1.75 Bathrooms • 1,590 sq. ft. • 7,696 Lot Size

For more information, please contact Bonnie Sanborn.
BonnieSanborn@Windermere.com • 206.919.3501 • BonnieSanborn.com


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Check Out These Top 9 Mountain Towns to Visit!

Check Out These Top 9 Mountain Towns to Visit!

If you’re planning a day-trip, right now might be the best time to start.

Though summer trips might seem forever away, booking and planning now may relieve some future headaches. These towns are some of our favorites day or weekend trips within a short drive from the Greater Seattle area.

North Bend, Washington has its own sort of historic and small-town charm, plus it was the beautiful backdrop of the 2017 reboot of Twin Peaks! Nestled in the Cascade’s western foothills, the small town of North Bend is only a short and easy 30-minute drive east from Seattle.

North Bend is a quick drive into the neighboring town of Snoqualmie. They are connected by State Route 202, otherwise known as Railroad Avenue – along which they hold the annual Thomas the Tank Engine event.

These close-by areas are great for hiking, day-trips out of the city, and general sightseeing. The Snoqualmie Falls is just north of Snoqualmie and North Bend and is an amazing activity for the entire family, attracting more than 1.5 million visitors annually.

Further into the mountains, you’ll pass Leavenworth, Washington – another small town made for cozy stories. Though you might know of Leavenworth for the annual Winter-time festival and legendary Oktoberfest celebrations, don’t think those are the only times one should visit this cozy mountain retreat.

Other activities include checking out the local breweries, spas and personal retreats, majestic parks and hiking, local wineries, stilling your body with yoga, and Leavenworth tours. If you’re more the outdoorsy type, check out their majestic parks for river rafting, kayaking, river tubing, golfing, hiking, horseback riding, camping, birding, and awesome (and quick!) ziplines! Explore. More.

Elbe, Washington is a small town off State Route 706, at the junction of State Route 7. Though there isn’t much in terms of formal lodging, there are opportunities for camping and RVing, or just a casual day trip.

Enjoy Alder Lake and the Nisqually River or explore the surrounding wilderness on horseback. There’s even a small museum to check out – and the local diners are pretty great too!

If you’re thinking about spending a few days, check out Mineral, Washington – which is only a short, 10-minute drive from Elbe down State Route 7. Not only do they offer a few resorts and lodging options along Mineral Lake and Mineral Hill Road, there are other fishing and boating opportunities.

Cle Elum, Washington is another pretty well-known town in the Eastern Cascades. Though relatively small, the area offers dozens of close-knit communities, including the neighboring towns of Roslyn, Ronald, and Lakedale, Washington. These places are all within about 30-minutes of each other, and all located off State Route 903.

Cle Elum is by far the largest in this string of small mountain towns, and has a decent amount of recreation including the Washington State Horse Park, the Prospector Golf Course, and nearby Suncadia Resort, which offers a wide array of exclusive recreation.

Whether you’re looking for a day away or an entire week, these are amazing options in the Cascades. Small mountain towns can be difficult to pin point but planning in advance helps alleviate some of the foreseeable inconveniences.


$2,698,000 • 7431 W Mercer Way, Mercer Island • MLS# 1286290
4 Bedrooms • 3.25 Bathrooms • 3,900 sq. ft. • 17,000 Lot Size

For more information, please contact Robyn Kimura Hsu and Rachel Schindler.
Robyn@Windermere.com • 206.295.2247 • RobynAndRachel.com
Rachel@Windermere.com • 206.250.5622 • RobynAndRachel.com

$1,785,000 • 8879 SE 47th Street, Mercer Island • MLS# 1285319
5 Bedrooms • 3.25 Bathrooms • 3,867 sq. ft. • 9,525 Lot Size

For more information, please contact Jane Malone.
JaneMalone@Windermere.com • 206.595.6100 • JaneMaloneHomes.com

$1,688,000 • 8245 SE 30th Place, Mercer Island • MLS# 1279750
4 Bedrooms • 3 Bathrooms • 2,946 sq. ft. • 11,322 Lot Size

For more information, please contact Jay Agoado.
Jay@JayAgoado.net • 425.260.0715 • JayAgoado.net

$1,200,000 • 4025 90th Ave SE, Mercer Island • MLS# 1281271
3 Bedrooms • 1.75 Bathrooms • 2,640 sq. ft. • 7,647 Lot Size

For more information, please contact Erin Ewing.
ErinEwing@Windermere.com • 206.354.8228 •  ErinEwing.com

$535,000 • 21268 SE 42nd Lane, Issaquah • MLS# 1286253
2 Bedrooms • 2.25 Bathrooms • 1,216 sq. ft.

For more information, please contact Allen Hovsepian.
Allen@Windermere.com • 206.718.6500 • HouseTip.com


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5 of the Most Beautiful Views of Washington

5 of the Most Beautiful Views of Washington

For many people, Washington is synonymous with the Puget Sound and all its surrounding beauty. The Pacific Northwest has made its stake for brilliant views and recreation, but many locals still find those perfect spots difficult to find. Have you ever searched for a hike you knew, and then went up the backside of the mountain, because that’s where your navigation brought you? Yeah, us too…

And there’s no excuse for it!

These top 5 most beautiful views are great for family-outings, adventures with friends, or individual escapades.

Quinault River – Pony Bridge & the Enchanted Valley

This super-short, 5-mile roundtrip excursion is plentiful and beautiful. With a relatively small elevation gain, this Olympic Peninsula hike is abundant with wildlife and natural recreation to enjoy. This year-round adventure thrives during the early Fall season, so ensure to check out these old-growth and moss-draped forest!

Though you may not get the entire experience without a follow-up trip in Spring (to see the meadows of wild flowers), you’ll surely enjoy the bird watching, hiking, trail running, and overall nature exposure. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced hiker, you’ll enjoy the trip! Even a photographer searching for a new backdrop will enjoy this habitat!

To access this out and back trail, you’ll need to navigate to the Forest Service’s Quinault Ranger Station, and then continue across the Quinault Rover Bridge. The trailhead is near the end of the road.

Steamboat Rock State Park

800 feet above sea-level and spanning across 600+ acres, Steamboat Rock State Park has impressed the most well-versed travelers and seasoned, local adventurers. Carved by Ice Age floods, Steamboat Rock is almost unreal with its 650-foot vertical gain hike up the columnar basalt butte.

But yes, the views and unique photo-ops are totally worth the adventure and probable need for a massage and heavy nap afterwards.

This beauty across the Cascade Mountains is located in the Okanogan-Wenatchee area, and from the top you can see the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forests. Though the immediate surroundings appear barren to some, don’t let its shyness hide the teeming wildlife, spring flowers, and sagebrush native to the area.

If hiking isn’t your thing, the park also features a 320-foot dock and seven boat ramps on Lake Bans, where anglers, swimmers, paddlers, and other water-sports enthusiasts have enjoyed many-a lazy summer days. Bring your tent, drive your RV, or rent a cabin site to enjoy the space for longer periods of time!

Snoqualmie Pass – Granite Mountain

Located in the hills of the Cascades, this Pacific Northwest staple offers classic views of Crystal Lake, Kaleetan Peak, and Mount Rainier. Though it’s a steep climb, you’re surrounded by beautiful evergreens and the small of wild for the entire 8.6-mile roundtrip.

We don’t suggest exploring these peaks during winter, as avalanche danger is extreme on this rocky mountain, but stunning views is the surrounding cool, mossy forest make it a summer-time staple.

The first (or last if you’re on your way down) 1.2 miles proves the easiest, but the other 7+ miles area of narrow trails, scattered avalanche debris and evidence, and rocky slopes, so watch your step while you’re hiking through the quiet forest. Don’t worry, the trek is difficult and steep, but there are several places to stop and catch your breath.

A Ferry Ride from Seattle to Bremerton

Who knew a ferry ride could be so fulfilling? This easy “trek” – especially when compared to others on this list – has been known as one of the best since 1951 (since the ferry route began!) This one-hour voyage lands you in Bremerton, where you can either wake up the sleepy town or head on the next ride back into Seattle.

If you aren’t familiar, you should also check out other local ferry rides or even the Argosy Cruises, which often show parts of the Pacific Northwest we can rarely see from our urban vantage-point. This most beautiful view is more like fifteen-in-one.

Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument

Surrounded by 110,000 acres of natural meadows and windy ridges, but some areas are open to the public. Yes, there are many areas that aren’t, and this extensive parcel of land is largely set aside for research, recreational, and educational purposes, but, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it. Regardless of the restrictions, millions of people visit the optimal volcano-watching vantage, that is the Mount St. Helens National Park, annually.

Both the Johnston Ridge Observatory and the Forest Learning Center are great mileposts where you and your family and friends can learn the history and decipher the reason more than 1.5 million visitors have experienced Mount St. Helens facilities since 1987.

If you’re interested in more, you can also enjoy a helicopter ride of the National Park, climbing the volcano (permit required with a 100 person-per-day limit), hike the National Park trails, shopping at the gift store, elk viewing, fishing at Coldwater Lake, exploring ancient Ape Caves, dining on blackberry cobbler at 19 Mile House, or a horseback ride on the mudflow from Eco park.

If you’ve indulged in these experiences, let us know in the comments below! We’d love to hear your testimonials and stories!


$1,675,000 • 8455 Southeast 69th Street, Mercer Island • MLS# 1272615
4 Bedrooms • 2.75 Bathrooms • 2,540 sq. ft. • 6,559 Lot Size

For more information, please contact Ina Bahner.
InaBahner@Windermere.com • 206.854.9911 • InaBahner.com

$1,268,000 • 6700 Southeast 32nd Street, Mercer Island • MLS# 1263715
3 Bedrooms • 2.5 Bathrooms • 2,310 sq. ft. • 8,808 lost size

For more information, please contact Cynthia Schoonmaker.
CynthiaS@Windermere.com • 206.683.2725 • CynthiaSchoonmaker.com

$887,750 • 8012 SE 24th Street, Mercer Island • MLS# 1257100
3 Bedrooms • 1.5 Bathrooms • 1,340 sq. ft. • 6,129 Lot Size

For more information, please contact Doug McKiernan.
Doug@Windermere.com • 206.369.3949 • WindermereDoug.com

$700,000 • 644 NW 49th Street, Seattle • MLS# 1275701
3 Bedrooms • 1 Bathroom • 1,353 sq. ft. • 3,569 Lot Size

For more information, please contact Chad Dierickx.
Chad@Windermere.com • 206.854.3931 • ChadDierickx.com

$624,950 • 3028 Western Ave #512, Seattle • MLS# 1264077
2 Bedrooms • 2 Bathrooms • 930 sq. ft.

For more information, please contact Codi Nelson.
NelsonCodi@Windermere.com • 206.498.4148 • CodiNelson.com

$595,000 • 3011 SW Bataan Street, Seattle • MLS# 1274061
3 Bedrooms • 2.5 Bathrooms • 1,580 sq. ft. • 2,790 Lot Size

For more information, please contact Lisa Dong.
LisaDong@Windermere.com • 206.458.3942 • LisaDong.com


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Exploring Downtown Sumner, Washington

Exploring Downtown Sumner, Washington

The Pacific Northwest is riddled with delightful small towns and one of our favorites is Sumner, Washington. Surrounded by Puyallup to the west, Auburn to the north and Bonney Lake to the East, Sumner is a small community nestled in the valley. With an estimated population of less than ten-thousand in 2016, Sumner remains a small town.

Their downtown area comprises approximately three-square-blocks, is “off the beaten path”, even though it remains easily accessible via State Routes 410, State Route 167, and the West Valley Highway. While you’re visiting this year’s Daffodil Parade in Sumner (on one Saturday in April), consider staying to check out a few of their local shops and eateries.

 The Hometown Charm Café is operated “by a couple gals that were raised in Sumner, Washington.” A local favorite for breakfast and lunch, many appraise their “gotta try” cinnamon rolls. With an expansive menu, they offer more than the “standard” American breakfast foods – and with a 4.8-Star rating, there’s no reason not to try it out!

With two locations – one in Sumner and one in Bonney Lake – the Buttered Biscuit is the perfect breakfast, lunch, or dinner place! Comfy and casual, their American comfort foods fill you up with big portions and a homey, “small town” atmosphere.

For mouth-watering Italian fare, try Sorci’s Italian Café & Market, where this quaint spot offers amazing food with a great atmosphere. Complete with West Coast wines and a menu comprised of antipasta, ravioli, pasta, and seafood, their menu offers a wide array of classic Italian delights.

As with other small towns, their walk-up boutiques are fun ways to find hidden treasures.

Recently established in 2017, The Rustic Farmhouse has a variety of country-inspired trinkets and furnishings to fit your every home décor need. Whether it’s for your home or a gift, their trove has countless treasures for you to find and enjoy!

Totally baby-centric, Sugar Babies is a local baby boutique featuring newborn and toddler clothes – and everything else for every “baby” occasion! The upscale and stylish children’s boutique offers trendy styles from head to toe.

A Good Book, an adorable bookstore, features genres of all styles including children’s, adult, mystery, and “books about squirrels.” They aren’t just any run-of-the-mill bookstore – they assure they have “genres yet to be invented.” Whether you’re looking for used or new novels, A Good Book has you covered!

Explore downtown Sumner’s adventures including old favorites like the Old Cannery Furniture Warehouse on Valley Avenue or Loyalty Park in the heart of Sumner’s residential district. Even though it’s small town, there’s big fun and magic to be sought!


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Windermere Living – Spring 2018 Edition

Windermere Living is a fabulous magazine that highlights the best the West Coast has to offer, including breathtaking residences, hot Spring getaways, scrumpous eateries, and other highly-desirable West Coast destinations. Learn about the West Coast’s best places to vacation, eat, play, and live inside the pages of Spring Edition of Windermere Living.

ABOUT WINDERMERE LIVING: Produced exclusively by Windermere Real Estate, Windermere Living magazine features beautiful homes for sale in neighborhoods throughout the Western U.S. It also offers carefully curated editorial that reflects our passion for community, connection, and inspired living.


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7 Gastropubs People Are Falling Over

7 Gastropubs People Are Falling Over

In Seattle’s hip and happening culture, Gastropubs are all the rage. Though the trend started in the 1980s, the term wasn’t coined until the 1990’s and refers to a restaurant that serves and specializes in high-end food – and beer. This new concept, “gastropub”, reinvigorated “both pop culture and British dining.” This upscale experience thrived in the United States around this same time, and still rings true today in the hearts of many foodies.

Unlike many like eateries, gastropubs don’t serve just any adult beverage or simple and basic cold dishes. These places maximize each component to create something truly original, and this compiled list showcases our favorites around the Seattle area.

In the heart of downtown Issaquah, LEVITATE GASTROPUB marches to the beat of a slightly different, modern American food drum. Earnestly made from scratch and locally sourced, this restaurant was built in Spring of 2015, and has proved itself a local favorite ever since. Enjoy a focused and delicious menu and try something new and out-of-the-ordinary.

Not too far down the road, THE BLACK DUCK welcomes you. Though small, their comfortable pub focuses on high-quality food pairings for their extensive beverage menu. Though some of their items might seem basic on the surface, like their hand-made pretzel, their paired smoked salt and gouda ale sauce makes it anything but.

Off the beaten path in Bellevue, LOT NO. 3 offers your favorite comfort foods in a vintage, industrial-chic inspired space. Their lunch, dinner, happy hour, late night, and brunch menus all offer their own style of creativity – so be sure to check out their menus online.

Another Bellevue favorite, BLACK BOTTLE POSTERN, offers satisfying small-plates, including the bacon lemon scallops, pear caramelized onions and gorgonzola, and cheesy Dungeness artichoke bake. Touted as a “gastrotavern” – versus a gastropub – they offer unique creations unlike any other, enjoyed in a both casual and convivial atmosphere.

THE BLUE GLASS restaurant is globally-inspired comfort food, including favorites such as seasonal risotto and what might appear like regular spaghetti (but actually have Dungeness Crab inside!) With professionals that enjoy “playing around the global sandbox,” their dishes are from colors and tastes around the world.

Located in Fremont’s heart, LE PETIT CONCHON uses nose-to-tail cooking practices that both respect the animal and minimizes waste. By using only the freshest ingredients grown, produced, and raised in the Pacific Northwest, they’re able to match innovation with exquisite taste – and put a smile on their patron’s faces!

Pike Brewing hones innovation and creativity in their TANKARD & TUN restaurant, whose culinary team celebrates the natural bounty of Pacific Northwest farms, forests, and oceans with their local sourced plates. Stop in and enjoy a “classic” pretzel, baked daily and paired with a Pike Stout Mustard.

Regardless of where you’re located in the Seattle area, there’s a local and mouthwatering gastropub around. Did we miss one of your favorites? Let us know!


$1,350,000 • 5030 W Mercer Way, Mercer Island • MLS# 1259357
4 Bedrooms • 2.5 Bathrooms • 2,450 sq. ft. • 14,810 Lot Size

For more information, please contact Charlie Sirianni or Erin Sirianni.
SirianniGroup@Windermere.com • 206.992.6151 • SirianniGroup.com
ErinS@Windermere.com • 206.992.5272 • SirianniGroup.com

$1,339,100 • 6245 84th Ave SE, Mercer Island • MLS# 1258221
4 Bedrooms • 2.25 Bathrooms • 2,530 sq. ft. • 9,840 Lot Size

For more information, please contact Erin Ewing.
ErinEwing@Windermere.com • 206.354.8228 •  ErinEwing.com

$1,100,000 •2238 Gilman Drive W, Seattle • MLS# 1260240
2 Units • 2,240 Total Sq. Ft. • Year Built: 1904

For more information, please contact Brian Rosso.
BRosso@Windermere.com • 206.356.9206 • BrianRosso.com

$749,500 • 12126 SE 60th Place, Bellevue • MLS# 1255853
3 Bedrooms • 2.5 Bathrooms • 2,080 sq. ft. • 8,925 Lot Size

For more information, please contact Terry Donovan & Daphne Donovan.
DonovanRealtyGroup@Windermere.com • 206.356.9206 • DonovanRealtyGroup.net

$579,500 •2721 1st Ave #303, Seattle • MLS# 1261505
1 Bedroom • 1 Bathroom • 716 sq. ft.

For more information, please contact Andrew Jackson.
AndrewJ@Windermere.com • 206.650.4939 • AndrewJacksonRealtEstate.com


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4 of Washington’s BEST Root Beer Companies

4 of Washington’s BEST Root Beer Companies

Seattle is known for many things, the Seattle Space Needle, an overabundance of breweries, and a bunch of delicious and as-homemade-as-made-can-be root beer companies. Touted as a North American soft drink, the beverage was originally touted for its medicinal uses, since its main ingredient, sarsaparilla, is known for its anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties.

Today however, the world enjoys root beer as a recreational beverage, with hundreds, if not thousands, of variations and companies that produce their own distinct flavors across the world, and today we’re sharing our favorite and Washington local root beer beverage proprietors!

The Snoqualmie Brewery offers a nonalcoholic root beer to go along with their other adult beverages. Made with “REAL vanilla extract, REAL cane sugar (no High Fructose Corn Syrup), and LOTS of honey,” they offer a delightful refreshment with a rich and zingy taste.

Born in Port Angeles but raised in Seattle, Bedford’s Craft Soda has offered a variety of yummy beverages since 1984, including their Bedford’s Root Beer which boasts a robust and natural flavor. Brownie Caramel Cream Root Beer is another local and lovable beverage from Mukilteo, Washington. As one might suspect, this root beer offers two distinct palettes: one being the natural sarsaparilla and the other being a creamy caramel. As part of Orca Beverages, both root beers are available throughout Washington and the United States.

Though it was sold in 2007 to a Portland, Oregon based company, Adventure Funds, Thomas Kemper Soda Co. originated in Washington in 1990. The brand owns eight flavors, including their root and birch beers, which offer handcrafted flavor, made with honey and Madagascar vanilla.

Now, you might be curious where you might find these, because one can rarely find them on their local grocery shelves. That’s probably because many large grocers don’t carry them, but don’t fret – there are many local places that do, one of which is the Root Beer Store.

Do you have a favorite, local root beer that we overlooked? Share it with us!


$3,649,900 • 6224 NE Princeton Way, Seattle • MLS 1246459
4 Bedrooms • 3.75 Bathrooms • 4,930 Sq. Ft. • 7,131 Lot Size

For more information, please contact Codi Nelson.
NelsonCodi@Windermere.com • 206.498.4148 • CodiNelson.com

$1,998,000 • 8448 SE 40th St., Mercer Island • MLS 1237182
4 Bedrooms • 3.5 Bathrooms • 3,410 Sq. Ft. • 8,818 Lot Size

For more information, please contact Robyn Kimura Hsu and Rachel Schindler.
Robyn@Windermere.com • 206.295.2247 • RobynAndRachel.com
Rachel@Windermere.com • 206.250.5622 • RobynAndRachel.com

$1,100,000 • 754 N 83rd St., Seattle • MLS 1248596
6 Bedrooms • 2.75 Bathrooms • 2,740 Sq. Ft. • 6,960 Lot Size

For more information, please contact Nicole Demers-Changelo.
Andition@Windermere.com • 206.271.1267 • Andition.com

$650,000 • 6305 49th Ave SW, Seattle • MLS 1250542
3 Bedrooms • 1.75 Bathrooms • 1,680 Sq. Ft. • 5,946 Lot Size

For more information, please contact Chad Dierickx.
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The Amazing Adventures at Seattle’s Discovery Park

The Amazing Adventures at Seattle’s Discovery Park

Sprawled across 534-acres of protected forests, beaches, prairies, and bluffs on the northwestern tip of Magnolia. As Seattle’s largest park, “Discovery” contains 11.81 miles of walking trails, a historic lighthouse site, the Discovery Park Visitors Center, and endless beach fun. Perched on Magnolia Bluff, the massive park overlooks Puget Sound and offers amazing views of both the Cascade and Olympic Mountain ranges.

Active preservation projects act as a preventative to damage and overgrowth, but the city of Seattle aims for the park to remain as natural and fresh as possible for local and visitor enjoyment. The Discovery Park Environmental Learning Center offers year-round programs, which are updated on their website and offer hands-on learning experiences that instill and enhance outdoor learning, employing games, props, and team activities.

In 2017, Discovery Park experienced a massive overhaul and renovation to its play area including updated play equipment, improved safety features, and increased accessibility, as well as new picnic tables and view seating.

While not all trails are named, the Discovery Park Loop Trail runs 2.8-miles through the park, intersecting with several other unmarked trails that explore deeper into the woods. Starting – or ending, depending on how you look at it, at the Discovery Park South Parking Lot explore the southern prairies, views from atop the Magnolia Bluff, and into the woods, connecting with Scheuerman Creek. Or, you could always head west on the South Beach Trail and enjoy the West Point Light House and beach.

Situated on the half-rocky, half-sandy shores of the Magnolia Bluff, the West Point Lighthouse is rich with history. Though the function of the lighthouse has been shifted to a modernized version, the lighthouse remains a beacon of the past.

From there, take the North Beach Trail along the shoreline and into the forest groves, where you’ll intersect with other trails after a few serene miles of glistening waterfront and rustling leaves.

Several species thrive within Discovery Park’s borders. Shilshole and Elliot Bays are both homes to harbor seals and California sea lions, and Townsend chipmunks. Birdwatchers enthuse about the park, enjoying the 270 species of birds seen in the park or in the nearby waters in a list compiled by the Seattle Audubon Society.

Open meadows, dramatic seal cliffs, streams, active forestry, and sandy dunes are all alive and well within the parks borders – and within over 530-acres, you can get lost in the parks endless and natural preservation while also never being too far from a street or trail leading back to something recognizable. With overwhelmingly positive notes, the local area thoroughly enjoys Discovery Park and all it offers.

Have you every visited Discovery Park? If you haven’t we highly suggest it, and if you have, what are your favorite parts and experiences?


$9,500,000 • 7010 North Mercer Way, Mercer Island • MLS# 1234250
4 Bedrooms • 5.5 Bathrooms • 7,060 Sq. Ft. • 22,278 Lot Size

Find out more at MILakesideLodge.com

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$799,999 • 2551 154th Ave SE, Bellevue • MLS# 1241992
3 Bedroomd • 1.5 Bathrooms • 1,450 Sq. Ft. • 8,000 Lot Size

For more information, please contact Cherrie Lee.
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7 Of Bellevue’s Most Beloved Parks

7 Of Bellevue’s Most Beloved Parks

Modern Bellevue is known for its forest-forward momentum, and they quite enjoy beautiful green spaces in tandem of their ever-developing city. With over 2,700 acres of park and 80-miles of trails, they indulge over 10,000 happy participants annually.

With the seasons in this state of flux, we’re swiveling between the weather forecast and the clouds in the sky. Washingtonians and Seattleites love the great outdoors, and the number one thing we wait for as the winter thaws is the first few days of warm sunshine – no, not this cold sun we’ve been experiencing, though it’s still pleasant in its own icy-breath way.


The Bellevue Downtown Park was re-imagined into a 21-acre oasis in the heart of downtown Bellevue. Completely rejuvenated in 2017, this monolith of Bellevue culture and recreation. Enjoy a 240-foot wide waterfall as it crashes into a reflecting pond, or a ten-acre designated lawnspace for picnics, reading, or relaxing in the sun against the tremendous Bellevue skyline.

Other amenities include the INSPIRATIONAL PLAYGROUND, where children “explore at their own pace” and their passion for play is encouraged.


Though no dogs are allowed, the Bellevue Botanical Gardens are an amazing place of urban play, encompassing 53-acres of cultivated gardens, restored woodlands, and natural wetlands. Whether you’re looking for a day surrounded by beauty or to expand your knowledge of Pacific Northwest foliage, their live collections “showcase plants that thrive” in the area.


Open 365 days per year, the Kelsey Creek Park of 150-acres of forest, meadows, and wetlands that offer insight into Bellevue’s historic past. But Kelsey Creek Park is just a park in the area. Visit the farm and immerse yourself in Bellevue’s farmhouse roots. A free recreational opportunity, this urban oasis offers hiking, picnic areas, a playground, open grassy area, day camps, and summer volunteer opportunities.

Though pets are allowed at the Kelsey Creek Community Park, they aren’t at the Kelsey Creek Farm – but don’t worry, you’ll have a bunch of farm critters to enjoy!


A mega-community center, Crossroads Park is 34+ acres of activity, including the Crossroads Par-3 Golf Course, Crossroads Community Center, Bellevue Youth Theatre, and Water Spray Playground. Aside from these amazing amenities, the park also offers tennis courts, basketball courts, a horseshoe pit, a skate bowl, play areas, picnic shelters, jogging paths, and tons of open green space for play and relaxation.

Home to Bellevue’s annual Strawberry Festival, Crossroads park is near Crossroads Mall, local restaurants, and plenty of transportation options.


Touted as a community hub, the Lake Hill Greenbelt stretches between Phantom and Larson Lakes via the Lake to Lake Trail, a 3-mile trail through the massive, 150-acre expanse of diverse wildlife habitats, which includes forests, wetlands, streams, and lakes.

The Lake Hills Community Gardens & P-Patches are near the Bellevue Park Ranger Station off SE 16th Street – also near Lake Hill Farm Fresh Produce market and southern Lake to Lake Trailhead.  Though much of the park is greenspace, wetlands, or part of the Blueberry Farms and is only traversable via dedicated trails, the 3-miles of trail can bring you to Phantom Lake and Phantom Lake Park, which offers another 2.4-miles of trail, fishing areas, and a small dock.


With 7+ miles of dedicated trail, Mercer Slough Nature Park is perfect for people looking to get out of the big city. Though the Winters House is currently closed through 2022 for light rail construction, you can still enjoy one of Lake Washington’s remaining freshwater wetlands. Explore over 320 acres of Bellevue’s largest park and a diverse expanse of freshwater wetland ecology and educational purpose. A partnership between the Mercer Slough Environmental Educational Center and the Pacific Science Center instilled such purpose and drive through activities such as free guided ranger walks and guided canoe tours.


Near Bellevue College, Robinswood Community Park is full of recreation, including lighted softball and soccer/lacrosse fields, ten wooded acres of trails, a children’s play area, and lush open spaces and adjoining pond.

Two corrals offer different spaces for off-leash, human-pup recreation – one with a small shelter to escape the Seattle drizzle.


One of Bellevue’s most southern parks, Newcastle Beach Park is a popular place for swimming, sunbathing, and short nature trails. With lifeguards on duty late-June through Labor Day, the area is most bustling during the summer season – when the sun is out, and the air is dry. Plan a picnic or host a barbecue, and enjoy the day away surrounded by family and friends.

We’ve mentioned a few local, Bellevue events during this article…  Are you curious about all the events going on in Bellevue, Washington? We are too – so, check out their calendar of awesome upcoming events!

Do you have a favorite park or place in Bellevue or are you more curious about the area? Tell us about it!


$948,000 • 13257 SE 54th Place, Bellevue • MLS# 1244727
3 Bedrooms • 2.25 Bathrooms • 2,140 Sq. Ft. • 9,090 Lot Size

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5 of Our Favorite West Seattle Restaurants in “The Junction”

5 of Our Favorite West Seattle Restaurants in “The Junction”

The famous California Avenue runs the length of West Seattle, from the tip of Alki Beach, down into White Center. The Junction is along California Avenue, where the street intersects with SW Alaska Street. This bustling area is known for its lively business district, where tons of development, comprising apartment and condominium buildings, restraints, boutique shopping, and specialty stores, has lifted the area into a state of cultural fervor.

The addition of anchor tenants, like QFC, Trader Joe’s, and LA Fitness, and other locally-owned specialty shops have really developed the area as a destination hotspot for locals and has even been defined as some of “Seattle’s best shopping,” for art, toys, and clothing.

But, we’re here about food. Our favorite eats in the California-Alaskan Junction:

I think Easy Street Records easily makes the list every time. Why? Because they offer great comfort foods at affordable prices, alongside some of our favorite vinyl albums, both classic and contemporary. Hearty burritos. Nostalgia-riddled pancakes. Frittata, chorizo, you name it! We love it!

With overwhelming positive reviews, Ma’ono is one of West Seattle’s best Hawaiian eateries. A mix of fried chicken, saimin and other Hawaiian foods, this restaurant demands your attention, some advising to “reserve if you can”. Outstanding service and phenomenal tastes.

Preferring Mediterranean? The Falafel Salam offers a delightful brick and mortar, in addition to their food truck and farmers market presence. Though they started off using what some might consider “processed foods,” they’ve since changed to making fresh foods from scratch and igniting that as their core philosophy. Find convenient and delicious foods, just like you would make at home – but without the mess and hassle!

Though this isn’t the Matador’s only location, their West Seattle presence is awesomely positive, and has become a “Junction” staple for dining. Featuring local, artisan décor and a late-night close, they offer booths to tuck into after a long day of shopping for Alki fun. With passion and care, you’ll enjoy their homemade Mexican cuisine and their unforgettable experience!

With a unique outlook on seafood, the Mashiko Japanese Restaurant makes eating sushi a fun and unregrettable experience. Touted as “fully sustainable”, Mashiko is “Seattle first”, meaning they have solid relationships with “several top seafood sustainability experts” and they indulge in intense and ongoing education on their passion: seafood. Enjoy the food, the atmosphere, the people.

There are hundreds of restaurants on California Avenue and off adjacent streets, that it’s difficult to choose just a handful to share. You might find a full list of excellent choices here for restaurants, cafes, coffeehouses, bars, grills, delis, and all other forms of eatery!

new homes this week from



$5,399,999 • 2259 66th Ave SE, Mercer Island • MLS# 1239737
7 Bedrooms • 6.5 Bathrooms • 7,510 Sq. Ft. • 18,335 Lot Size

Perched in an incredible locale just above Mercer Island’s Lid Park, this stately home enjoys breathtaking views from nearly every room. Lake Washington waters sparkle with sunlight by day and twinkling Seattle lights by night. Rising in the distance, the Olympic mountains form a majestic backdrop.

Beyond the gated drive, an impressive foyer welcomes you home with its double bridal staircase and stunning Swarovski chandelier. Host parties in grand gathering spaces, prepare gourmet meals in the chef’s kitchen, relax in the comfy family room, or steal away to your sumptuous lake view master suite with dual-sided fireplace and soaking tub. Exquisite extras include a guest suite, pre-wired media room, and exercise room. Find out more at NorthendView.com

For more information, please contact Cherrie Lee.
Cherrie@Windermere.com • 206.353.8899 • CherrieLeeGroup.com


$3,788,00 • 5632 E Mercer Way, Mercer Island • MLS# 1236796
5 Bedrooms • 5.75 Bathrooms • 7,380 Sq. Ft. • 88,862 Lot Size

Nestled in a private two-acre setting, this French-inspired chateau awaits you. Its dramatic foyer with dual staircases and lake views beckons you in to gracious gathering spaces—visit with friends by the fireside, or dine beneath the sparkling chandelier. Exquisite mill-work lends a timeless beauty.

Formal spaces flow intuitively into an inviting, fireside great room spanned by French doors. The chef’s kitchen makes cooking a delight with granite surfaces and SubZero, Miele & Bosch appliances. Retreat to the main floor study, enjoy movie nights in the home theater, and discover extra flex space in the private guest quarters. At the end of the day, steal away to your sumptuous master suite with fireplace and jetted tub. Find out more at LakeviewLuxuryEstate.com.

For more information, please contact Kelly Weisfield.
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$875,000 • 4550 Island Crest Way, Mercer Island • MLS# 1236296
3 Bedrooms • 2 Bathrooms • 1,700 Sq. Ft. • 7,213 Lot Size

Set against a backdrop of mature privacy trees, this home enjoys lush scenery through expansive windows. The soaring, updated kitchen and family room flow into open gathering spaces. Step out for summer barbecues on the deck and fenced backyard with paver patio. The light-filled living room offers a cozy new gas fireplace and new hardwood floors. Great I-90 access makes for an easy commute!

  • The light-filled living room offers a cozy new gas fireplace and new hardwood floors
  • Host friends in the open, adjacent dining area with picture windows and a slider to the wrap-around deck
  • Slab granite surfaces, stainless steel appliances and a new professional range with hood make cooking a delight
  • Great flex spaces with a main floor sitting room/dining nook and downstairs family room
  • Top floor master suite with walk-in closet and adjacent loft/office with skylight, plus two more bedrooms downstairs
  • Just minutes away form the library, schools, parks, I-90 access, the Park & Ride, and Downtown Mercer Island

For more information, please contact Jay Agoado.
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Catch a Movie on a Rainy Day at Any of These 6 Local Cinemas

Catch a Movie on a Rainy Day at Any of These 6 Local Cinemas

When was the last time you went to the movies, instead of just waiting for it to come out on Blu-ray? There’s just something about the smell of popcorn and butter, dark surroundings, and blaring surround-sound to make you jump during a frightful scene or tug on your heartstrings during a particularly emotional one.

These Seattle-Eastside local theaters are great for experiencing the movie, even if you weren’t able to actually be on-set while filming…

Half-theater, half-museum, the Cinerama in Belltown saw a massive renovation in 1999, catapulting it into the spotlight of Seattle cinemas. After over a decade of staggering success, the Cinerama saw another huge upgrade in 2014, featuring 6P digital laser projection systems and other upgrades to the sound systems, seating, and concessions. Today, it features the original costumes from Star Wars, Star Trek, Blade Runner, and Batman, among others. The classic Cinerama experience remains a peak into Seattle history.

Off Market Street in the heart of Ballard, you’ll find the Majestic Bay Theatres. Completely reimagined in 1998, the theater was at the forefront of the Seattle movie resurgence. Upgraded with graceful and traditional lines and signature movie-style traditions, invite all to the triplex theater. Whether you’re an individual or company event, the Majestic Bay offers meeting facilities and special event hosting for corporate events, birthdays, and private parties.

 In the Columbia City community, you’ll find this charming neighborhood theater: The Ark Lodge Cinemas. Though petite in size, the theater makes up for its size with adorable allure, affordable prices, and the fact that it’s locally owned. They have the standard seating-style theater but also have the Prestige Room, where the standard seating has been replaced with comfy, faux-velvet sofas and side tables for your refreshments! It’s near the downtown area of Columbia City, where you can enjoy a meal at Wabi-Sabi Sushi, The Taproot Café & Bar or the classic, Columbia City Bakery before enjoying your showing!

The destination of many school fieldtrips, the Boeing IMAX Theater at the Pacific Science Center has been a mainstay since it was built. Home to two state-of-the-art theaters, you’ll enjoy your favorite flicks in IMAX 3D. Some have said that if there’s a movie “actually filmed in IMAX 3D”, you “don’t want to see anywhere else in Seattle.” Make your experience and entire day, and visit the Pacific Science Center, the Seattle Armory, or the Museum of Pop culture while you’re there!

The Cinemark Lincoln Square cinema is a local favorite. Their expansive selection makes them the go-to theater on the Eastside, and its proximity to the Bellevue Collection (Bell-Square Mall) makes it great for a night out and the “movie” part of the classic “dinner and a movie” trope. Great for family adventures, friend night outs, or date nights – the Cinemark Lincoln Square offers a centralized location for fun and food.

If you’re looking for a 21+ experience, the Cinebarre in Mountlake Terrace offers dinner and a movie, without leaving the comforts of your chair – or the movie at hand. Watch your latest favorites with a drink in hand (cocktails, soda, milkshakes, and more!) and a sandwich, pizza, salad of burger in front of you! Though you won’t find the same smell of popcorn as prominent you’ll find a different experience on comfy seats, great movies, and fabulous friends. Fun fact: they also have one in Issaquah!


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A New Hobby to Kick Off the New Year! Check Out Any of These Local Meetups!

A New Hobby to Kick Off the New Year! Check Out Any of These Local Meetups!

Are you wanting to get out more in 2018? How about trying your hand at a new hobby or gaining a new skill? Or perhaps you already know what you’ll enjoy, but are looking for amazing people to share it with.

Meetup groups can be an amazing way to get out in our communities, learn new skills, and hone new passions and hobbies. Groups like this allow us to get outside of our comfort zones, and harness the power of face-to-face gatherings as a point of networking between members and organizers.

Meetups can be more than just way to get out of your house, but it can also help you birth, grow and develop friendships, hone your interests, or learn more about business and entrepreneurialism. These groups are excellent resources on many levels, and can offer tons of insight into whatever you’re looking to learn.

The Greater Seattle has tons of meetups to choose from, and you can use websites like MeetUp.com to find the one that sings to you? We’ve compiled a list of the Seattle area’s most favorite:

Sports, Activity, & Adventure:

Writing Groups:

Book Clubs:

Tech Groups:

Pet & Pups:

Regardless if you’re into the tech industry, learning, music or eating (or anything else), there’s a group for you – and, if you don’t see exactly what you’re searching for, that’s okay! Try your hand at your own meetup, and coordinating your own group to your akin preferences.


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4 Chipper Salons on Capitol Hill, Seattle

4 Chipper Salons on Capitol Hill, Seattle

Capitol Hill is one of those neighborhoods where you can find almost anything only a few blocks from your front door. Craving something? Dozens of cuisines are within the surrounding blocks, or can be delivered via local food courier services.

So, what about your body and hair? Taking ritualistic care of your health and body can prove beneficial to your quality of life and while you can always do these things at home, you might on occasion, want to indulge and have someone else pamper you a bit.

These four Capitol Hill salons offer more than the casual or standard cut, but they offer stylings unlike what you might find at other places – or what you might be able to create at home!

With enormous pride and commitment to their work, the Bowie Salon and Spa exceeds expectations with their full range of services, including hair styling, cuts, extensions, and blowouts, plus facials, waxing, and nails. Representing the “very finest in hair and hairstyles”, this salon offers over 25 years of experience and industry influence.

Salon Moxi is an independently owned and operated boutique salon, rested on the crest of Capitol Hill. Fresh and unique, they offer an atmosphere that fosters individual creativity, which translates in their approach to each head of hair and style. Warm and welcoming, you’ll enjoy top-notch stylists and an accumulated 26+ years of experience.

Known as a balanced blend of independent hair designers, the Emerson Salon has created something truly special. Powered by experience and persistence, they stand alongside their quality service and stellar professionalism. Get to know each stylist on their website, and their own unique menu of services.

With a drive for the artists and sometimes eccentric, the Canary Salon offers a variety of services and specialties, from the comforts of Broadway Avenue, Capitol Hill. Whether you enjoy the flare of the dramatic, or soft lived-in styles, their experienced and inspired stylists are sure to offer what you’re looking for.

Everyone, from a five-year old child through any age bracket, can enjoy their hair the way they like it – whether that be natural tones, pastels, or bold colors! And in any style, from short to medium or long! Sometimes we enjoy doing our own creations at home, and other times we want a professional to take the plunge into our hair.


We earn the trust and loyalty of our brokers and clients by doing real estate exceptionally well. The leader in our market, we deliver client-focused service in an authentic, collaborative and transparent manner and with the unmatched knowledge and expertise that comes from decades of experience.

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6 Mouth-Watering Eateries in Bellevue, Washington

6 Mouth-Watering Eateries in Bellevue, Washington

Bellevue is known for many things: lux real estate, unique boutiques, and luxury shops. One thing that goes hand in hand with upscale shops, are amazing restaurants. But, which are the most highly rated? While no restaurant we could find had a distinguished 5-star online review rating, we’ve compiled a list of the top 6 restaurants in Bellevue, and where you can find them!

John Howie Steak Restaurant has proved a long-time, Eastside favorite. Their menus comprise traditional steakhouse fares, but they also offer seafood and vegetarian options. Across the board, people love the experience and friendly faces they encounter, and they’re conveniently located at the Shops at the Bravern in downtown Bellevue.

Another restaurant located in downtown Bellevue, Facing East offers Taiwanese cuisine with a unique twist. With so many options, you’d figure it would be hard to decide – and it totally is! Reviewers note their menu has several “MUST get” options!

Looking for something light and fresh? Try Bellden Café! Located in the heart of Bellevue, their artisanal eats allow just that. Though their menu may seem simple, they offer nutrition with a punch, including avocado-packed toast, nutrient-dense salads, and home-style and basic sandwiches.

When Din Tai Fung was new it gathered crowds around the corner, waiting for their delightfully crafted dumplings. A fledgling company in 1972, they quickly received rave reviews and an extensive following all over the world. There’s another location in Tukwila, if you’re interested in checking it out!

Located off the main strip, El Gaucho rises above many other Bellevue restaurants as a local fan-favorite. Their wall of windows glisten by day and sparkle by night, in their welcoming atmosphere of Eastside eateries. This steakhouse also offers seafoods, poultry, vegetarian, and a wonderful sharable menu!

We’re rounding out this Eastside eating list with a long-time favorite: Lot No. 3. Classic comfort foods, this vintage-inspired eatery offers a mouth-watering brunch, lunch, and dinner menu, including classics such as fish & chips and mac & cheese, but also some unique flavors, including their elk burger and PB&J&B (peanut butter, mixed bery jam, and bacon on sourdough!


We earn the trust and loyalty of our brokers and clients by doing real estate exceptionally well. The leader in our market, we deliver client-focused service in an authentic, collaborative and transparent manner and with the unmatched knowledge and expertise that comes from decades of experience.

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Too Cold? Try These 4 Slurp-Worthy Ramen Houses!

Too Cold? Try These 4 Slurp-Worthy Ramen Houses!

It’s super cold outside – and rainy, too. Now might prove a fabulous time to try that new ramen house you’ve been whispering about. Traditional ramen typically served hot (although there is a chilled option) and comprises a soupy consistency, of broth filled with noodles and toppings. Though the toppings widely vary, some standbys include sliced pork, dried seaweed, green onions, and egg.

Though the history is a bit unclear, ramen has swept Japan and China, and has made its way in to the heart of Americans, too!

Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya is a chain that has experienced tons of growth other the past decade, with locations spanning across Japan, Australia, Taiwan, and the United States, including Indiana, Illinois, Oregon, and Washington. They serve a delicious and diverse menu comprised of Japanese cuisine!

We just went over Ramen Danbo in a previous article, so I won’t rehash the same information, but rest assured it’s delightful!

Located near the Westfield-Southcenter Shopping Mall, Arashi Ramen is a boutique ramen house that packs a lot of punch. They have ten different styles of ramen, plus sides and rice bowls, making their menu available to anyone. Highly-regarded in the area for consistently flavorful and heartwarming bowls, they use their own signature blend of handcrafted ramen, utilizing premium ingredients and simmer their broths over 16 hours.

Our last stop on the Ramen train is Seattle’s Teinei. Located in the South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle, this industrial-chic eatery utilizes the Japanese meaning of its namesake: with care and politeness. They use their name as an emphasis for their upstanding hospitality, premium quality and outstanding service – and their reviewer agree!

After you try these places, you’ll forget about all the cold weather outside! In the comments below, share with us your favorite ramen house!

6 Hot & New Restaurants in the Greater Seattle Region – December 2017 Edition

6 Hot & New Restaurants in the Greater Seattle Region – December 2017 Edition

Hot and new restaurants are always popping up in the Puget Sound area, and we LOVE trying new and exciting things. Some people don’t want to cook when they get home, or they cook the same ten things week after week without sufficient variation.

This is where eating out and trying new things comes into play. Being adventurous and adding variety (dare, I say spice) to your life is a great way to indulge and find new tastes you never knew you enjoyed – and it doesn’t have to be something crazy. Maybe, you’ve just never tried brussels sprouts?

Tiger Bites is taking the area by storm. Located in the Overlake neighborhood of Bellevue, they offer delightful Taiwanese fusion eats, coupled with quality food, excellent service, and a sense of community. As a fast-casual restaurant, they offer quick, filling bites set at the highest quality!

Ramen has taken the area by storm in recent years, and this new Downtown ramen house is making statements with their signature Tonkotsu broth, touted as “unmistakable”. Nonetheless, only weeks old and Ramen Danbo proves a delicious eatery!

Open for two months, the Red Bamboo Bistro offers a fabulous and expansive Chinese menu. Located in the Renton Highlands, this eatery is already touted as “up there with the top places in Renton for Chinese food.

Neko: A Cat Café proves as adorable as it is indulgent in our fierce feline companions. The unique space rests in the heart of Capitol Hill, and offers drinks and nibbles as you pet the totally adoptable cats that slink around your feet. Drink. Eat. Pet cats, and maybe even adopt one while you’re there!

A combination of “new rustic and old, tradiational” Mexican foods, D’ La Santa offers a menu diverse with quality, prime meats, organic vegetables, and community. Their “family approach” to business shines through their unique and delicious menu!

Already garnered the title of “great brisket in Seattle” by the Seattle Times, Barbecue Smith offers a new take on a delicious trend. Alongside their traditional menu or brisket, mac & cheese, ribs, and pulled pork, they also offer unique additions, like kimchi and BBQ ramen.

Eating out can be fun and, while we shouldn’t overdo it, it can be a great way to find new inspirations and ideas for homecooked meals later down the line – or even just trying to figure out how they made what they made so delicious. Maybe you can add it to your New Year’s Resolutions to add to your palette.

New eats are a dime a dozen, but these places are well-rated (4+ stars) and have garnered media attention through their delicious offerings. What are your favorite new eating spaces in the Pacific Northwest?

Polar Bear Plunge – December 2017 Edition

Polar Bear Plunge – December 2017 Edition

The Polar Bear Plunge is a time-honored custom around the globe. People in Canada, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, and the United States all take part in this off-the-wall activity. But, why? Because we love kicking off the year with a cool and refreshing tradition, of course!

Well, sort of – and the fact remains that not all places observe this tradition on January 1st. Some, instead, wait for Spring.

The Polar Bear Plunge(s) are where people jump in or otherwise submerge in the water, despite the chilly winter water temperatures and are usually held to raise money for any number of charitable organizations.

Our proximity to the Puget Sound offers easy access to chilly waters and local volunteers assist with refreshments and much-needed hot beverages. Two local plunges happen in Seattle and Tacoma.

Seattle Polar Bear Plunge
WHEN: Monday, January 1st, 2018
TIME: 11:00am – 01:00pm
WHERE: Matthews Beach Park (4999 NE 93rd Street, Seattle)

Tacoma Polar Bear Plunge
WHEN: Monday, January 1st, 2018
TIME: 11:30am
WHERE: Point Defiance Marina (5912 North Waterfront Drive, Tacoma)

Alongside the Seattle Polar Bear Plunge, is the Resolution Run 5K & Polar Bear Drive. Presented by the Club Northwest, the event is held at Magnuson Park (7400 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle). Check out complete information here!

Regardless of if you’re searching for a New Year’s party, or a themed polar bear after party, the Seattle are has tons of offerings for you and your family! You can even try the Woodland Park Zoo or Tacoma’s Point Defiance Zoo & Aquariam to see polar bears!

3 Top-Rated Mercer Island Salons

3 Top-Rated Mercer Island Salons

Isn’t it about time for some pampering? If your anything like us, you’re busy, busy, busy with decorating, holiday parties, family get-togethers, and cooking, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take some time for yourself. The last few months are always chaotic and brimming with obligations, but remembering to take some for yourself can make the season all the more enjoyable.

Au Courant Salon & The DEN remains a fabulous island staple as both creative designer and specialized consultants. Locally owned, Au Courant is an “of the moment” designer service, specializing in visionaries and industry expertise. Aside from their typical services of hair styling extraordinaire, they offer POSH, a wardrobe & image consulting service.

With knowledge and expertise, the unique team at the Island Salon and Spa offer “no short cuts” on your salon and spa experience. From hair, to spa, tanning or massage, they have you covered for all your pampered needs – and their conveniently located in downtown Mercer Island: a quick stop from either Seattle or the Eastside, and excellent for island residents

Family owned since 2011, Hair Excel offers a value of an experience at an affordable price point. Consistently innovating, they leave “no hair out of place” at their family salon. Clean, efficient and attentive to detail.

Regardless of what you want, these awesome salons can get you what you’re looking for – and they’re conveniently located for Eastsiders, Seattleites and Mercer Islanders alike.

Grab your mother, sister, and best friend and head down for a holiday pampering! Or grab some gift cards for a New Year, and plan a spa day! Do you have a go-to salon on the island?

Feeling the Winter Blues? Try Exercising at Any of These 10 Mercer Island Fitness Centers

Feeling the Winter Blues? Try Exercising at Any of These 10 Mercer Island Fitness Centers

Working out is part of creating a healthy life. Whether you have a home gym, walk around the block, or actively participate at a local establishment, you’re boosting your energy levels, improving muscle strength and increasing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients throughout your system. Working out is great for you in many regards, but whatever your reason, we all tend to lag a bit during the holidays.

Is it the coma-inducing meals? The fact that we’re always a bit busier? Or, perhaps, that it’s been a long year and you’re looking to start fresh in the upcoming one.

Mercer Island is full of opportunities, both free and paid, to get you active and keep you coming back.

The Mercer Island Athletic Club has been touted as “impressive” in reviews and consistently offers the full-body experience in your daily workout. Tons of classes, personal training opportunities, and massage therapy sessions are ripe for the indulging!

Mercer Island Crossfit is a downtown establishment that consistently rates highly among its patrons. This welcoming atmosphere allows you to workout with their coaches, while simultaneously learning from the experience. They’ve got classes for children and adults, so be sure to bring the entire family!

212 Health & Fitness is another 5-Star, downtown establish. A great place to receive “personalized fitness,” they offer a unique vision “reflected through [their] own personal goals and beliefs”. Group fitness or personalized, they work with you to find your unique regimen.

The Island has several Pilates places, including Mercer Island Pilates and 5 Elements Pilates. Both of these options are conveniently located and offer ample support to help you on your path towards a healthier life.

Yoga is another popular form of exercise, and both the Daily Method and Yogabliss are great options to choose from. Both studios offer unique visions and classes to help you through your journey towards inspiration, community, and salubriousness.

A great for of exercise for all is dance, and the Creation Dance Studio on Mercer Island is a fabulous place to learn and get your creative juices flowing.

If you’re looking for something a little more… unique, look no further than Mercer Island’s Martial Arts studios, such as Mercer Island Martial Arts or Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios. Great for all ages and the whole family – try taking the whole family! Make friends in this active art, while learning new skills, gaining discipline and “re-defining family time”!

And, always remember, there are tons of free options around the island. Do you work or live near downtown? Try walking around Mercerdale’s quarter-mile, circular pathway. Four circles and you’ve gone a mile! There are also tons of activity at Luther Burbank Park, Aubrey Davis Park, Island Crest Park and all three of Pioneer Park’s quadrants.

What are your favorite workout places around the island?

A By-Neighborhood Guide to Seattle’s Music Scene

A By-Neighborhood Guide to Seattle’s Music Scene

Seattle is a town known for its music. From Sunny Day Real Estate, Mudhoney, and Soundgarden, to Nevermore, the Postal Service, Classic Crime, and Macklemore, Seattle offers a rich music scene from 90’s grunge to indie rock, progressive metal, and hip hop.

While it’s true that many of the venues are bars and geared towards 21+, some aren’t, allowing people of any age to enjoy their favorite musical varieties. This list goes over some of the many Seattle venues that local, touring, and visiting artists and bands call home.


A 21+ venue, Slim’s Last Change Chili Shack & Watering Hole features music throughout the month, though not every day. Stay up-to-date on their website, by visiting their shows page.

West Seattle

The city that could have been, West Seattle features the “beach life” with a short drive of bustling, downtown Seattle. The peninsula is a bit more laid back, than the busy populace of Seattle’s thriving business district – and has amazing views of the Puget Sound and Olympic Peninsula.

Touted as West Seattle’s premier music venue, the Skylark features music of every variety, including indie rock, pop, electronica, hard rock, metal, and jazz. Note: some of their features are 21+, but there are a ton that are all ages.


Both Showbox venues (the Market and SODO) always bring a crowd. The SODO venue features its original beauty as a converted warehouse and has feature articles such as Heart and Taking Back Sunday.

Studio 7 proves and multi-faceted space, featuring artists throughout the week ranging from metal to hip hop to electronica. Their space includes their main club, dual level showroom, and 16 band rehearsal rooms.

Easily one of the largest venues in the area, the Washington Music Theater (WaMu Theater), has featured bands such as Slayer, Kid Cudi, and various music festivals. Their expansive space offers a variety of options from standing, sitting, and hanging out near refreshments if you need a break.

Columbia City

Over Beacon Hill, you’ll find a neighborhood known as Columbia City – and the Columbia City Theater. With the theater in back and the Bourbon Bar in from, this venue features an eclectic history and a past lineup just as varied.

With music seven days every week, the Royal Room was designed to serve the musicians and artists it hosts, and likewise offers an emphasis on creative programming and development and working collaboratively in a community space.

Pioneer Square

Moving north in Pioneer Square, you’ll want to stop by the Central Saloon. With a history for over 120 years, the Central Saloon not features “the best live rock seven nights a week,” 365 days per year.


Showbox Market is a beautiful art-deco style entertainment spot, with a full bar separate from the floor. Still displaying music for over 75 years, the Showbox Market has proved itself a mainstay in the Seattle music scene.

The HardRock Café near Downtown, Seattle often features live music on their second-floor venue.

The Triple Door is a beautiful music + eating venue. The front offers a delight dining area, while music patrons can sit and eat as they watch a variety of music, featuring artists such as Kaki King and Glockabelle.

The Seattle Theatre Group comprises the Paramount, Moor, and Neptune theaters.

Located under the Alaskan Way Viaduct, the Highway 99 Blues Club features a 21+ venue and combines the feelings of “southern juke joint”, with that of “old timey” architecture and concept.

Belltown and the Denny Triangle

These two areas are wonderful for bustling around town, and proves Seattle’s 4th most walkable and bikeable districts, according to Walkscore.com.

Offering a variety of daily delights, the Crocodile is touted on Paste Magazine’s list of top 40 music venues in the United States. Back in its years in the 1990’s, it was a swift ride to fame, as it featured many emerging and heavily popular bands throughout the grunge scene.

Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley is highly regarded amongst Seattle Jazz venues, featuring nightly shows, largely comprising jazz ensembles, pianists, vocalists, and guitarists.

Another stop along the Jazz train, it Tula’s Jazz Club, featuring jazz seven nights a week, plus “great Northwest and American cuisine.”

The Rendezvous Jewelry Box Theater remains an intimate venue, restored to its original 1932 beauty and offers live music and burlesque. Check out either the Jewelry Box or Grotto for daily entertainment!

Many mega-performers come through the Key Arena at Seattle Center, including bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Explosions in the Sky, Queens of the Stoneage, and many other popular artists.

Capitol Hill & South Lake Union

Amongst the best of Seattle’s urban charm, these two typical “Seattleite” neighborhoods are booming with eateries, bars, cafes, boutiques, and entertainment venues. Regardless of where you live, you’re only a short walk away from fun!

Neumos is another eclectic bar + venue, featuring bands such as the Raconteurs, Cannibal Corpse, Iron & Wine, Mudhoney, and a variety of others. They offer three full bars, a second-floor mezzanine, and a balcony overlooking the mainstage.

Though their bookings trend into metal and punk territory, the Highline has been a longstanding, Broadway venue, featuring a food and drink menu.

Another not-always 21+ venue, is Chop Suey. They offer a variety of tastes in music and cuisine (check out their menu!)

El Corazon and the Funhouse strive to provide the “ultimate concert and social experience,” while their staff focus on “excellent customer service and artist relations.” Enjoy a show. Chat with friends. Have a drink.

While the heart of Seattle hosts the majority of Seattle’s music venues, the northend has its fair share, including the High Dive, Nectar Lounge, The Little Red Hen, Sea Monster Lounge, Café Racer and the Blue Moon Tavern. (https://www.highdiveseattle.com/) (http://www.littleredhen.com/) (http://seamonsterlounge.com/) (http://caferacerseattle.com/) (https://bluemoonseattle.wordpress.com/)

What are your favorite Seattle venues? And where have you seen your favorite shows?

10 Shopping Centers of the Greater Seattle Region

10 Shopping Centers of the Greater Seattle Region

We’re getting into the best (or worst) time for seasonal shopping, and although there is much you can purchase online, stores are creating sales and pre-sales to combat their dwindling retail shop industry. It can also be a good time to verify sale prices and stock up on things that are typically more expensive throughout the year!

These 11-local shopping center are great for getting out of the house, or finding that last wish list item.

In the center of Downtown Seattle, you’d fine the massive shopping district, including Westlake Center, Pacific Place and surrounding buildings, housing retailors, such as Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Nike’s Seattle location. Westlake Center is a 4-story, glass-enclosed shopping center, that includes tons of eateries and retailors, while Pacific Place is a small mall, offering Seattle’s premier boutiques.

Nestled between the University District and Seattle’s Laurelhurst neighborhood, you’ll find the University Village Shopping Center. This largely outdoor shopping area has been beautifully designed to incorporate the experience of shopping with the quaint shops that call this “Village” home. Comprised of dozens of retailors, including glassybaby and Mercer & Co., this mall offers ample parking and is within walking distance to public transportation and various Seattle neighborhoods.

Further north, in the Northgate neighborhood, you’ll find Northgate Mall. A Simon Mall, Northgate offers a variety of retailors and boutiques, including Macy’s and Forever XXI. Though Northgate in and of itself is of substantial size, encompassing over 130 stores, its proximity to the Regal Cinemas at Thorton Place and the Northgate North building only adds to the opportunity.

Moving further north, towards Lynnwood, you’ll find the newly reimagined Alderwood Mall and surrounding shopping centers. Touted as Snohomish County’s largest mall, this mall comprises over 165 stores and 1.5 million square feet of retail space. The space went through major renovations in the early 2000s and it remains a major mall for north end dwellers.

Redmond’s dual-level, outdoor shopping mall offers tons of beauty and opportunity for consumers. Offering more than 110 shops restaurants, lodging and entertainment options, Redmond Town Center comprises six buildings, most of the shopping in the main hub of Center Street Plaza and the Macy’s and REI buildings.

The bustling city of Bellevue, offers three malls, including the Bellevue Collection and Bellevue Square Mall, Crossroads Bellevue, and Factoria Mall. Though technically not the largest in Washington, Bellevue Square Mall does offer 1.3 million square feet of retail space and comprises over 180 stores. It’s adjoining buildings, such as Lincoln Square, offer more opportunity for dining and play. Bell-Square, as local call it, is known for its high-end retailors, including Armani Exchange and Hugo Boss.

Both Crossroads Bellevue and the Marketplace at Factoria are considerably smaller than other local malls, but they both have a lot to offer. Crossroads is a plethora of culture and eating, surrounded by family-friendly fun, exercise facilities, and retailors, including Old Navy, Pier 1 Imports, and Daiso Japan. The Marketplace at Factoria offers retailors such as Target, the Nordstrom Rack, and Old Navy, but they also have a ton of surrounding eateries and shops.

The Marketplace at Factoria is located a block away from Newport High School, Crossroads is approximately 1.5-miles from Bellevue’s Interlake High School, and the Bellevue Collection is less than a mile from Bellevue High School. These close proximities make these malls a go-to for after school activities and gettogethers.

The Westfield-Southcenter Mall, formerly known as Southcenter Mall, is the largest shopping center in Washington State and the Pacific Northwest. Comprising over 215 stores and 1.7 million square feet of retail space, Westfield Mall offers a wide array of shopping opportunities from food and clothing, to beauty and home décor.

Federal Way’s regional shopping mall, offers over 90 stores, full-service restaurant, and arcade, and cineplex! As Federal Way’s only mall, the Commons at Federal Way and its surrounding plazas offer the majority of the area’s shopping.

Down the hill into Auburn, you’ll find another massive shopping center, known as the Outlet Collection Seattle and remains the largest outlet mall in the Pacific Northwest. Comprised of 140 stores and about 945,000 square feet of retail space, the Outlet Collection has gone through major additions and renovations since the early 2000s, including a half-dozen strip malls.

Whether you’re shopping for you mother, father, sister, brother, spouse, child or best friend, you can surely find, make, or bake something that will brighten their day!

new this week from



6730 West Mercer Way, Mercer Island • MLS# 1215905
$1,400,000 • 4 Bedrooms + Den/Office • 3 Bathrooms • 3,140 Square Feet • 19,754 Lot Size

Set on nearly half an acre of beautifully landscaped grounds, this iconic Northwest Contemporary lives in harmony with its serene surroundings. Gather friends around the fireside in the light-filled living room―its dramatic windows rise up to meet a soaring open-beam ceiling. Dinner is served just around the corner in the spacious dining area. Overlooking it all is a comfy office/bonus loft with brick fireplace and slider to the upper deck.

Cooking is a joy alongside wide views in the roomy, open kitchen with double ovens, plenty of cupboard space, and sunny breakfast nook. Step out for summer barbecues on the back deck, or spend winter evenings around the cozy Vermont Castings wood stove in the adjacent family room.

At the end of the day, your master suite is a peaceful retreat with bright white open beam ceilings, mountain views, and an ensuite ¾ bath. Three more bedrooms plus a full hallway bath complete the upstairs.

For more information, please contact Erin Ewing.
ErinEwing@Windermere.com • 206.354.8228 •  ErinEwing.com


2957 142nd Avenue SE, Bellevue • MLS# 1215515
$500,000 • 3 Bedroom • 2.75 Bathrooms • 1,392 Square Feet

This spacious condo is set in an unbeatable location just steps away from Bellevue College and near the Eastgate Park & Ride. Its lightfilled layout lives large with a soaring 2-story living room and dramatic windows overlooking natural scenery and sunsets. Open gathering spaces flow to the bright kitchen. Step out to the deck, or head upstairs to two bedroom suites. A main floor bedroom is great for guests or a den!

For more information, please contact Doug McKiernan.
Doug@Windermere.com • 206.369.3949 • WindermereDoug.com

Grab Your Children and Try These 5 Rainy Day, Seattle-centric Activities

Grab Your Children and Try These 5 Rainy Day, Seattle-centric Activities

The clothes are in the dryer? Check. Coffee’s brewing? Check. The kids are dressed. Well, sort of, but that’s about as good as it’s gonna get this morning. Then you look outside, and notice Seattle’s grey season is back in full swing. What are you supposed to do? How are you supposed to keep these kids entertained?

We’ve got you covered!

Seattle is brimming with places to go and things to see. You just have to know where they are – and put that shoe back on your child’s foot…

What are they, you ask? Let’s jump right into it!

Encourage your child’s love of reading and spend the day in the architectural gem otherwise known as the Seattle Public Library. Beautiful from the inside out, this public piece offers a massive children’s center with books, computers, story time and a café cart for snacks (just in case you left the bag by the front door!) And don’t worry, there are tons of Public Libraries throughout the Greater Seattle Region, so there’s bound to be one near your neighborhood!

Does your child love arcade games? Gameworks in Seattle is great for entertaining people for hours on end and although they have a ton of newer games, they still have the classics, just in case your nostalgia is getting the better of you!

The Seattle Center remains the hub of Seattle entertainment, especially considering their stomping ground comprises the Pacific Science Center, the Chihuly Garden and Glass, the Seattle Children’s Theatre, the Seattle Children’s Museum, the Space Needle, the Museum of Pop Culture, the Seattle Center Skatepark and tons of other notable pastimes.

But, even if you don’t want to spend money, the beauty surrounding the Seattle Center Campus is astounding. A half-dozen grassy and lush fields provide hours of fun and their outdoor art pieces are worth the walk in the Seattle rain.

Staying active during the winter season can be difficult, but this difficulty is made easier by indoor gym facilities that cater towards a hearty workout and tons of age-indiscriminate fun! Stone Gardens, the Seattle Bouldering Project and Seattle’s REI are great rock-climbing facilities that offers adult and child-style options. Emerald City Trapeze Arts, the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts, and the Seattle Gymnatics Academy are also places where you can enjoy new experiences. These locations are great places to watch your kids have fun, learn a new skill, participate in exercise (even if they don’t know it!) and pass the day away!

Want to play, but don’t want to pay? Several malls in the surrounding area offer play areas for FREE, including the Kids Cove in Bellevue Square, the Pirate Ship at Bothell’s Country Village, a covered play area at U-Village, and the play center at Westfield Mall (Southcenter).

These places are great for the mind and body, so try them out and find the best places for your child!

What are your favorite places to do on a rainy, Seattle day?

The Ultimate Trail Guide to the Greater Seattle Region

The Ultimate Trail Guide to the Greater Seattle Region

Even through the development and construction, Seattle and the Greater Seattle Area remain an idealistic place for outdoorspeople and our growing population of cyclists. Grabbing your bicycle and hitting a trail can be both exhilarating and allow you to explore a different side of the city.

The local enthusiasm for cycling isn’t misguided, as it serves multiple purposes and provides hours of entertainment and exercise. This ultimate bike guide will help you find the right one in your area – right outside your front door!


  • The Alki Trail. This 5.5-mile trail runs the peninsula of West Seattle along the water. Though patrons suggest you “watch for roots”, this trail is excellent for bicyclists in the city!
  • Though the Burke-Gilman Trail runs from Seattle to Bothell, this trail is a local mainstay. It’s 18.8 miles is not for the faint of heart, but it proves an exhilarating ride!
  • Comprised of asphalt, the Chief Sealth Trail is a 4-mile trail is great for urban-dwellers. If you live in South Seattle, you could probably walk to a trailhead from your home!
  • The I-90 Trail is one that is most frequented by commuters from or to the Bellevue or Seattle. At 8.8-miles, it gets in that morning exercise without setting back your days’ progress. It’s paved and well-maintained and offers wonderful views of Lake Washington.


  • The Cedar River Trail extends from Renton’s Cedar River Park into Hobart. At 15.7-miles, the trail is largely paved, but the last stretch passed the Maple Valley Trailhead comprises packed gravel.
  • This Bellevue trail, otherwise known as the Coal Creek Trail, is great for beginners who want to stay close to home. At 3.7-miles, this Bellevue to Newcastle hike comprises a dirt, grass, and woodchips surface along wide paths and a steep façade.
  • The Cross-Kirkland Corridor is in a forward trajectory, meaning the city of Kirkland sees a bright future in the form of corridor expansion. This trail currently rests at 5.8 miles and stays within the Kirkland limits.
  • The Issaquah-Preston Trail proves an endearing 4.8-mile trek through the urban wilderness. Though on the short side of Pacific Northwest trails, its largely unused and you can often find yourself the only person out!
  • The North Creek Trail is in Snohomish and stands at 7.8-miles. A step through nature, you can often birdwatch and see the abundant wildlife sifting through the underbrush.
  • Redmond is known for many things, including the Redmond Central Connector. At 2.4-miles, it’s a great way to connect the Sammamish River and Bear Creek Trails and enjoy a little loop into downtown Redmond.

North End

  • This 7.25-miles, known as the North Creek Trail, proves a beautiful display of the PNW wetlands. Abundant with nature and wildlife, you’ll be sure to find the natural beauty and feel your pressures whisked away.
  • From Bothell to Redmond, the Sammamish River Trail connects the north end with the Eastside, via this 11-mile trail. It’s a proven love of local, depicted by its heavy weekend use and well-maintained passages.
  • One of the more bolstered trails on this list, the Snohomish County Centennial Trail rests at 30.5-miles. Some segments can be fairly busy, so make sure to keep an eye out for other patrons.

South End

  • This waterside trail offers beautiful Puget Sound views and the aroma of salty water and shoreside pine trees. The Des Moines Creek Trail connects various beachfront parks, where additional challenges and mountainous terrain can be sought.
  • Running from Tukwila to Kent, the Green River Trail runs the entre 19.6-mile span. Touted for it being a “great place for exercise” and “peaceful”, the trail is excellent for cyclists of all types.
  • The Foothills trails span from Puyallup to Enumclaw and comprise roughly 30-miles. It’s clean and great for any type of ride.
  • The Soos Creek Trail run 6-miles from north to south, in Kent, Washington. A well-paved and maintained trail, the Soos Creek offers tons of scenery and numerous trailheads – some very close to you Kent home!

Even Further Out…

  • Though not exactly in our backyard, this destination-bike trail is great for getting out of the city for a day. The Chehalis Western Trail is 21.2-miles and connects every major town in Thurston County, including our capitol, Olympia.
  • The Interurban Trail is one that spans a great distance, approximately 42-miles and from Everett all the way down to Fife, and is distinguished by a “North” and “South” designation. Largely comprised of asphalt paving, this trail is great for beginners, intermediate, and advanced cyclists.
  • The Cushman Trail is great for people looking for a challenge. Although it isn’t entirely challenging, it offers a bit of variety nestled between beautiful backdrops and the smell of northwestern pine.

The Pacific Northwest and the Greater Seattle area is abundant with cyclists, and our cities are further accommodation of a new favorite pastime. Endless more can be found on the local city websites and Washington State Trails Association website.

Think we missed an important trail? Leave the name in the comments below!


10+ Things to Do During Seattle’s Chilly Season

10+ Things to Do During Seattle’s Chilly Season

The snowy season is nearly upon us, and the rain has already started pouring from the skies. The Greater Seattle Area has become a hub for people from across the nation – and the world – to gather and call home, but what are we supposed to do during these seasons?

Beaches and outdoor pools can be chilly, and hiking can be muddy after a hearty, rainy day. What isn’t?

Embrace the high-altitude and snowy conditions at Snoqualmie Pass and although none of the passes aren’t open right now, it’s nearly the season. Check and double-check your gear, buy new or check out used shops for new equipment, and order your tickets and schedule time to get the best deals on the hill!

Don’t know or haven’t ever been? Check out the lessons tab on the Summit at Snoqualmie website! And don’t forget about the tubing options for “pure fun” and excitement.

If you aren’t feeling the outdoors, you should check out the many indoor activities throughout the region, including the Pacific Science Center, the EMP, Seattle or Bellevue Art Museums, the Museum of Flight, or any of the dozens of other indoor and educational activities throughout the region. The Seattle Aquarium is also covered and/or indoors for many of their exhibits!

Staying active during the colder months can prove difficult, but these fun places make it easy for the entire family. Stone Gardens or the Seattle Bouldering Project are great ways to stay active during the climbing off-seasons and learn some new techniques.

Arena Sports is another great place to stay active and out of the rain. Though geared towards soccer fans and participants, they also have the Inflatable FunZone, classic bowling, rock climbing, arcade games, and “lazer” tag! They even have party rental spaces, offer camps and classes!

Tip: The Winter season is when many people indulge in these types of activities. Try to miss the rush by calling and asking for the businesses busiest times. Who knows, they might even offer discounts for off-peak patrons!

Visit the PNW’s very own Bavarian Village in Leavenworth. Including entertainment, crafts and lantern parade, Leavenworth is hosting another day-after Thanksgiving event to the nines! This all weekend event holds tradition in kind, and features delicious and authentic Bavarian foods and homemade delights.

Another favorite, local attraction is the beloved Pike Place Market. Newly renovated, this market is chalk-full of adventure. Lose hours walking down the halls, popping in to different shops, and even indulge at a local restaurant! They have endless events, so check out their calendar!

Take a hike at any of these mostly winter-ready places. Though you’ll need to bundle up and back a backpack, these places are great for enjoying nature and escape the pressures of the season. Be sure to check out its seasonal conditions, as some great summer-hikes are dangerous winter-hikes.

And, of course, don’t forget about the fun in your own backyard! Visit a new neighborhood playground, tube at the park down a grassy or snowy hill, and enjoy a controlled campfire from the comforts of your yard! And from walking distance to the kitchen for smores’ kits and hot chocolate refills!

In Seattle, Winter isn’t a time to recluse into your house and hideaway until Spring comes (unless that’s what you’re into), but enjoy the area in a different way! What are your favorite places on a rainy day?